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  1. Wow There is a lot to see this is a good one though nice campground there too. vermonttourismnetwork.com/quechee-gorge-vermonts-little-grand-canyon/
  2. They are standard plumbing fittings the only difference is the material for the flange seal do not use a standard wax toilet seal there are ones just for RV's they don't melt in hot weather!
  3. Ok here is the deal with RV generators they exhaust out the bottom, both heat and engine exhaust putting a portable generator in a box is not a real good ideal. Good place to store it but run it on the ground out side.
  4. Yeah the Kollers were not real quiet. The Onan's were a bit better. Had a friend with a large MH He bough a new generator because the Onan 5KW didn't run. I swapped it out for him and he gave me the old one, a bit of labor latter and a $4 part I had it running. I think that was the quietest generator I have ever heard bar none. Onan did a little magic the engine only ran at 1800 RPM not 3600 like the others. In order to make 60 CPS (like house wiring) most run 3600 the Onan 5000 had a 4 pole field instead of 2 so it only turned half the speed! The draw back it was some thing close to the size
  5. The only time the quiet generators really are is when they are not working hard. At max load they run just as fast as the cheap ones the difference is lighter loads the inverter ones slow the engine down.
  6. It depend on what it is the little ones were ok and did not need a big axle, but if it is a small one the fake dual's it makes it worse because it increases the leverage on the axle bearings. So if it is a full size you have no other choice that a dual one ton setup to be on the safe side.
  7. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jetronic. Japan was on top of it the US still had their own and it was just shy of worthless they eventually went to ported injection. MB had the for runner of fuel injection based on their diesel system it was mechanical. I taught EFI back in the early days at a community collage. Go big time with a Kinsler system if you want performance.
  8. Toyota was one of the first to use ported electronic injection they were way ahead of the game with a system that was on top of it, the basics are still used today on just about every thing. If it ain't broke don't fix it. The gain will not be worth the effort. You can turbo charge a brick but it will still be a brick. Seriously check out the numbers with RV none of the ones with an over head bunk get decent millage even with modern systems and more efficient engines. Don't forget the coefficient of drag increases with speed "I can't drive 55" remember that?
  9. Well my older ones were constantly in the low 20's maybe 24 on the highway. Pretty much the same as my 2011 Tacoma 4L V6 4X4.(they were all 4X4's) When I tow my camper with the 2011 it is in the low teens.
  10. It's not just Toyotas no RV gets good mileage. It more than any thing else is the frontal drag of the over hang many RV's suffer from this. Even ones with a good bit of power still only get maybe 14 mpg. Just look at the figure for say a Sprinter with no over head bunk it's pretty dramatic.
  11. First gens did not have a factory sway bars and neither do the second and third gens. Yes after market but with a toy home it's not going to accomplish much. Better off with shocks with springs. It is grossly over weight even with duel wheels. Love it for what it is. Wish I still had mine probably could get 20 grand for it.
  12. Looks kind of home made to me. Some had a flange on the end but the interior size still would be 2 or 1 1/4. What does the interior measure? Usually the tube is at least 12 gauge.
  13. $10 says it won't fix it. My old New Horizon had no sway but it also had a 9 leaf spring pack.
  14. Typically vehicles with rear leaf springs don't need them. Check for worn/missing parts loose spring U bolts.
  15. They do make replacement cooling units other wise it looks to be in nice shape. Might be worth fixing.
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