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  1. Well with all of them out it's a supply issue. I'm going to guess that they have their own fused circuit. The logic would be the truck lights were all ready wired before they put a house in it's back.
  2. Testing my memory, I believe there is a fuse for the alt. exciter. Does the big alt. terminal show matching battery voltage?
  3. That is a very popular transmission variant used in every rear wheel drive Toyota. If they can't find it it's only because they are not looking. Lookup ATRA transmission in your neighbor hood they are independent shops and have nation wide members to stand behind their rebuilds. Switching to a manual would be quite a task. They had some issues with governor bores but that was reparable.
  4. I believe they are both the same. Those are pretty tough transmissions rebuilder near by?
  5. The isolator is just that, it's purpose it to isolate the coach battery from truck battery the ideal is to not end with a dead truck battery, the next morning. So with the key off the batteries are separated once the truck is started the isolator turns on and charges both batteries. The small wire gets a signal from the truck turning the isolator on as soon as it is running. If you asked for an isolator relay that is most likely what you got not some they sell every day. Several heaver wires is not unusual on the truck side, the isolator it is a convenient spot to hook them up.
  6. Some are 4 terminal you will need a ground wire if so, but the relay frame will do as a ground provided it is.
  7. If the GFI is tripping the GFI is a AC issue. Nothing battery powered light's, fans etc. If you have things plugged in unplug them all of them, plug the camper back in and what happens. If the GFI doesn't trip plug them in one at a time. The AC is line powered and fridge possibly is too make sure they are off. It is possible your converter can cause tripping but only on the AC side. Older GFI were finicky and had a lot off tripping issues if all else fails replace it they are cheap. Coach wiring color is not industry standard you might find any thing. Usually white is ground black is + it's more common but you can't count on it. My Nova Star + was blue and ground was green.
  8. 200 pound block of ice and a DC fan. A 2200 watt Honda would run a small RV AC but not much more.
  9. I doubt the unit would even run! The AC wiring is a #12 wire good for 20 amp AC or DC fine for 120 volt unit! Running a #6 times 2 inside a MH is going to be a real treat. Any thing 120 volts to 12 volts the current factor is times 10, so 5 amps becomes be comes 50 at the lower voltage.
  10. The 48 volt supply is a dead giveaway that thing is going to draw a lot of current! At 12 volts the cable would be 4 times the size! You could use 4 batteries to make 48 volts but you are still looking at around 85amps. Golf carts typically use 48 volt chargers that could help deal with the charging system with 4 series wired batteries. How do you intend to deal with this on the road?
  11. Like your big pup. Looks like a Dane to me yes? We just ended up with a 110lb female not long ago, Great Dane #5! One used to sleep with me in the cab over bed when we went camping! You will enjoy the MH all of them are getting long in the tooth but it sounds like you get a pretty nice one. The inner wood frame of the door rots, very common on all MH, I have rebuilt several and use pressure treated ripped to size as long as the metal is good it really is an easy rebuild.
  12. Not all T100 were one ton, they had some frame rot issuers too. 3.4L was a step up, my 4L Tacoma was even better with a 6500 LB towing capacity. You can probably pick up a older used one for 15-16K with only 200,000 miles on it
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