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  1. Well if the solar is charging the battery you really don't need an isolator. Usually the engine charges the coach battery while you are driving. But if the solar is doing that it's not needed. LiPo batteries are a good bit different that lead batteries so probably the PO was using solar and a LiPo system with it's own control system. Here would be a test do the coach lights work? If so with out a standard isolator they are running on the LiPo battery. The truck battery chemistry is a good bit different as is the charging system than a LiPo so they really are not compatible.
  2. There are two methods shotgun or methodical both work eventually, one is a great deal cheaper.
  3. I used drive on plastic ramps. My Nova Star was high in the back on flat ground just drove up on the ramp some times one ramp had to be ahead of the other to level it side to side. Most Asian cars came with scissor jacks I picked up several at a scrap yard. Asked the owner how much and he said just take them we just crush them with the car. Put one each side close to the middle of the frame and just cranked them enough to stop the sway side to side.
  4. There usually are connectors with nothing connected to them. Having a wire connected is trying to tell you something though. My guess would be the AC compressor clutch. I kind of remember a blue striped wire for the AC.
  5. Yep stuck relay. This of course assumes that you have a good battery and connections.
  6. The 22RE engines like to spin they don't even get to max HP until 4800 RPM. Unless you are on pretty much dead flat land with your back to the wind doing 60 you'll want to turn off OD. The poor thing is carrying a house on it's back it needs all the help it can get!
  7. With FI the only thing that is constant is fuel pressure the rest is up to the control systems and it is constantly changing first things first.
  8. Seen some Kohler's in Toyota's but men they were noisy!
  9. Be careful, the fuel pressure is very high and the injection system needs a regulated steady pressure to run properly the pumps move a lot of fuel and the majority is returned to the tank. More that likely the filter has never been changed. You are probably right about dropping the tank the screen on the pump is most likely pretty dirty also if the filter was nasty.
  10. Having had a generator unit is a plus because it will already be vented. But the factory fit units vented out the bottom (Onan for example) Frankly it would be far cheaper to use the space for some thing like a Honda 2200 for storage and set it on the ground and plug your camper cord into it. One issue I have run across with on board generators because of the way they were vented was rodents building nests inside of the generators. Had a friend that had a 5000 Watt Onan (big motor home) he bought a new unit because the old one would not start. He gave me the old unit and the only thing wrong w
  11. Pretty common issue on all older Toyota trucks at one time there was a plastic cap on the steering stop they didn't last real long and the metal end of the steering stop would come up against the lower control arm and make a terrible noise on a turn and even worse on a slight dip. Having the MH and several Toyota pickups I just put grease on the lower control where the stop hit it nice and shiny easy to spot.
  12. Again my Nova Star had 6 bolt steel wheels same as the rear some where in 10,000 pictures is a picture of the production date and I think it was late 86 but titled as 87. Coach builder installed later model parts? Indeed had a 22RE engine there were a lot of strange things about it that didn't match like a 8 leaf rear spring yeah it did ride hard.
  13. My 87 Nova Star had bigger front brakes rotors and pads than stock 86-87. But then again there were some other different things about it too.
  14. Here is a good one to look at if any thing is going to leak it will be a boat window. yachtsurvey.com/WindowRepair.htm
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