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  1. How many miles do you have on the engine? if it's approaching 100K it will need a chain, tensioner and guides. That's about the life span on an RE if left alone the chain will eventually beat a hole in the case and fill the sump with coolant. A dead give away is rattling noise at idle. The head should be planed if the head gasket is leaking. Don't mean to scare you but in the day I have done 60 or more of the dang things. The 22r's would go until the wheels fell off because they had double roller chains.
  2. Battery stuff sure has its place, all of my hand use stuff is battery powered however when you are in the middle of 80 acres cutting firewood nothing beats a Stihl, I would need a backpack full of batteries. That being said my wife's chain saw is a battery handheld Stihl oh that's a slick little tool.
  3. Hill's mostly, lower gears definitely! Won't help your MPG but it will get you up the hills. Under the best conditions these things are not blazing performers! The 22RE is a outstanding little engine but the key word is"little" the 22RE engine like to spin so the higher rev's won't bother it.
  4. Has the converter/charger been tampered with? Reversed wiring will cause a noise like you described.
  5. 50 amp camper outlets were designed for the big stuff. What they are is two 25 amp circuits both are standard 120 volt outlets that is why the have 4 pins it just gives them more amps to run things like 2 AC's so it's really no magic and adapters are available to plug your 3 pin plug into the 50 amp outlets. Usually they is a 30 and a 50 on the same post.
  6. The plug is a standard 30 amp T30R plug ment for a # 10 wire.
  7. My head is spinning, the voltage sense is at the alt (or at least one with out and external regulator) . It relies on the voltage if it's high the field current is reduced doing so reduces the current output. High voltage reduces the field current. What am I missing here? This is a AC generator it relies on the diodes to rectify the AC to usable DC.
  8. I agree the Onan 2800 is a very capable unit don't give it away people with the Kohlers would love it!
  9. They are kind of vague on things like current draw.
  10. Hold on to you wallet though they run about 9 grand!
  11. Dude you got a mess there well butchered over the years. Once upon a time it had a dam the AC unit fit over higher than the roof. In a mess like that I have used nylon cord to cut loose the sealant people have added. Many people have thrown away the rectangular piece that comes with the AC gasket that actually is a support for the rear of the AC unit. Good luck best of wishes.
  12. Try your very best to get the old pieces out without destroying them you will need them as a pattern. I'll assume it's not your first rodeo it's not exactly and easy project.
  13. Well it's hard to judge. 1/4" is out there in 4X4 and 4X8 you will have a lot of waste no matter what you do. Just take an overall measurement and go for it you can always go back and get more as needed.
  14. Good, dime stores are not you best source of quality equipment. 13.8 is a good charge voltage, a battery is a resistance load, A fully charged resting battery voltage is 12.8.
  15. Ok get a spray bomb of deoxit and blast the connectors plug them back in and out a few times. The system relies on a battery reading or it will go full smoke no matter what you do. I can't remember what year they stopped using external regulators but they were what controlled the charge current not the alternator. With no sensing they will charge as tight as the alternator will produce it. The voltage is applied to the F terminal if it is way above battery voltage it thinks the battery is dead.
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