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  1. Take a picture of the fill ports in the engine bay with the caps off and I can tell you if it has been converted.
  2. I found and purchased a nice10’ awning at the scrapyard. It is hopefully going onto my Mini Cruiser. I was cleaning stuff up and moving it around and decided to take a closer look at it last night. I have questions.... I will get a model/make off the awning tonight (forget what it was), but it is a nice one that stores in a clamshell kinda case with three latches. I looked for installation videos or instructions but mostly just found ones on replacing the fabric. I have ave a fair idea how to physically install it, mainly looking for guidelines. Just found one set going into
  3. Super cool! Hopefully, LOL! The next couple evenings, the project is to get the AC unit unbolted, roof area cleaned up, new gasket installed, and then put it back together. Hopefully not only still working, but maybe even working better.
  4. The four spare wheels I have are for the Toyota 1 ton axles. They wouldn’t bolt to a GM axle conversion. Your simplest and probably cheapest solution, is finding a whole rv or Toyota Uhaul in the scrapper and getting everything at once. If it has the 6 lug in front, grab those too. The GM conversion is a good idea too, but keep in mind brake bias will be off somewhat. I wouldn’t get one with rear discs, drums are more forgiving. You could also do front adapters with the GM axle conversion to get matching wheels all around. So you have some ideas of solutions and fixes. Ta
  5. I wanted one for probably about as long... Pretty much anyone you find, is going to have something major that needs addressing. If the axle is the only issue and it is the only opportunity you have come across, grab it and then deal with the axle soon as you can. Realistically, only ones at the crazy top end of the price spectrum are going to be get in and take on long trip worthy. I know how hard it is to find ANYTHING up there that isn't rusted out...
  6. If I remember correctly the wheel(s) is offset all the way to one side. It is a steely wheel too. So unlike a proper dually setup where the inside wheel is offset to the inside, and the outside wheel is flipped to the outside perfectly splitting the difference, this one has two wheels stacked to the outside and the joining is on the edge of the rim, and not the center. So hit a bump, and the leverege is compounded against the inside hub attachment, that is already a too weak to begin with. Heaven forbid if you bend a wheel... And they are impossible to balance. Th
  7. Alright I will do that! Looking from underneath at a weird angle, there is crud everywhere and some stuff on the coils in need of cleaning out. Couln't tell if it was the condenser or evaporator... I would imagine the one on the back side is the condenser? Whatever, I am sure if one is dirty, so is the other. I thought that only a 10 degree drop seemed suspect and poor, but I don't know RV AC units. This morning it was 59 inside there, so it is DEFIANTLY working... Prognosis is it is working and nothing is really wrong with it, just not working as efficiently a
  8. Oh and have him park it on a level spot and turn the fridge on several hours before you look at it. But yeah go over things in the house and have him show you everything, how it works, etc. Figuring that stuff out was my biggest struggle. The chassis and engine mechanics parts are pretty simple.
  9. As a mechanic, stop and think about putting tires on a 2 tire single wheel.... About the only one I have dome that was worse in 25yrs, was on a Humvee with the automatic air... And balancing them??? Yeah, good luck. 6k is a bit steep, but prices on all these are through the roof right now too. Take a good look at it. For 6k realize that it needs to be PERFECT inside. No water leaks. Make sure it all works. Don't bother with a generator, go solar instead. Unless you need ac off grid, that is a whole other discussion.
  10. Looks like differential fluid, but pop the hood and make sure your brake fluid level is good. While a little bit of a drive (if you can't find somebody closer), in Springfield Shmunk's Service Center would be able to fix that. Really almost any shop "can," but most will probably try to avoid it. Make sure you tell them you GVW is only 6000lbs, but also make it clear it is a class c RV. I mention this since most regular 4 post lifts (where that would best be lifted) are rated for about 14,000lbs. It could help to know your height and width too. Our little RV's are small, but st
  11. Okay I powered it up at 7pm. It was 86 inside, and 91 outside. By 8pm it was 80 inside and 70 coming out of the vent. By 9pm it was still 80 inside, but now it was oddly 63 coming out the vent... By 10pm it was finally 70 inside, and 60 coming out of the vent. So it took almost 3hrs to drop the temp to a reasonable level. Although 70 was getting a bit too cold. I mean it is defiantly working, just seems to me that it took a really long time to cool down such a small space. It has to come off to replace the gasket and do some repairs to the roof.
  12. I have been looking at a lots of different systems and brands, and am leaning towards going with the Renogy lineup. They seem to have a nice system that can be built up bit by bit. Including goodies like Bluetooth modules. And the prices seem to be decent. Alright the big panel lifted up with minor persuasion. Probably too minor. It looks like it is a 145w or 150w panel. I can see the tags on the smaller ones but can’t read from the side. I will try my borescope shortly.
  13. lol I’m kinda thinking that wouldn’t bolt on too easily.... And the price tag, holy $#!+ Batman!!! And I suspect doing that would drop my mpg to 3-4.. 😂😂😂 Boy has fuel injection come a long way in the past 40yrs! MegaSquirt changed the game for sure. And now Speeduino is doing it all over again! As I have mentioned (probably here and definitely in the other thread) the plan is to get it up and sorted on MS and then to think seriously about trying out a Speeduino ECU. Mainly because I haven’t used it yet. But a Speeduino could be cheap enough to make it a worthwhile exper
  14. Tough call... If it wasn’t already apart in the shop I would say flush the CRAP out of it. Then do it two more times... And see what happens. Mine only had 30k on it. Burnt to hell fluid, shiny specs in fluid, and wouldn’t go into reverse. I have a whole thread on it... I ended up filling and dumping the fluid 3 or 4 times poking and prodding at it. I thought I was going to need a transmission too. End result? It backs up now, fairly well too. I do have to gun it a touch, it isn’t’ “perfect” yet. The last fluid refill, I accidentally put the wrong fluid in it.
  15. That is a super smart repair!!! Did you glue/liquid nail the new plywood to the old?
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