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    My husband and I love camping. I am the Toyota Motorhome Forum researcher, and my husband is the mechanic.

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  1. Maineah! I just sent you a message about manually controlling OD when I need it. Can you walk me through this?
  2. Okay, Robert is under it, now. Will read this to him. Any knowledge of bypassing overdrive?
  3. Yes the fluid is right on. Took it to the toyota house. Still have to let off of gas for it to shift.
  4. We read to disconnect black box on left kick panel. Found it, did it, didn't work. Any other ideas?
  5. Just put in rebuilt 22re. Sounds great, but now the tranny is making a noise when in neutral or park. Any ideas? Fluid and filter were changed on the tranny during engine swap.
  6. I am looking for reliable sites to purchase a rebuilt engine. Has anyone purchased and replaced lately? Any advice would be welcome. Doing the work myself.
  7. We have had great luck with ours on electric and propanr until last week. Will work on electric but not propane. The pilot stays lit. Any ideas?
  8. Greg, We are going to install frp in our bathroom remodel. Can it be glued directly to the rigid foam? We gutted the bathrrom, and that is what is behind the luan.

  9. Our bathroom is a rear bath. We decided to gut it. My husband took out the sink and is recessing it 6 in in the closet. We want to use FRP on all walls. Can it be glued directly to the rigid foam. Also, we would like to scoot toilet over feom showe. Will we have to drop the tank and move it over too, or can we seal that hole in tank and cut a new one and put in new flange?
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