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  1. Well I dint weld it but drilled and tapped a new hole to the side of it and so far... seems good?
  2. Well its stick and some obvious cover up and the rot is wores then i thought. so i'll be winging it!
  3. well more in the front in the sleaper above below the door, behind the drivers side and both back corners. its a '77/78 Royal Holiday?
  4. So I of cores have some rot and I'm wanting to go in and gut the inside of my toyhome, only thing is I dunno whats under the surface boards. More over which ones are holding the thing up and together...Is it ok to do this from the inside and strip it down to the bones or am I gonna be shooting myself in the foot? I pland on just taking everything out and filling the leaks and replacing everything?
  5. Thanks to everyone so far answering questions and helping out! Here's a recap and the low down. Found my kinda unknown motore home on Craig's list in Austin Texas. This is what I know it''s around a 1977/78 Toyota Hilux, 20r w 87k. The faded logo and modle tag says its manufactured by Royal Holiday, So. El Monte CA, Nov '77. Only 500$, doesn't run, no title. Any one out there know about the manufacturer? So I'm in Texas, in order to get a title I need a lien. After 30yr it's an automatic valu setting around 4k, and bonded at 1.5 mark up making it 6k at 10% bond 600$ for 3yrs then it's mine and since I'm from out of state I don't get the money back. The guy I got it from bought it from some one who got it back in '08. Some papers I found in the glove box had a name and through sadly Face Book I find the last registered owner. Now back to the engine, I turn the key lights and all come on but it click! So I get the starter out, and of cores it's bad, so I order a new one. As I'm waiting I think hey it's probably good to check things out and change the thermostat. Spray some PB spray first bolt comes out smooth, the second closest to the head a little sticky. Back and forth, slowly a pop and SNAP!!! I work at it and talk to some friends and we conclude to try and drill and extract it, and retap it. So away i go drilled out the old bolt, got the bolt extractor of hardended steal and POP!!! At this point I have no title to a none starting truck, with a broken bolt now reinforced with hardened steal. I get back on it, contact the last owner and the last registered owner. Track em down and get two titles in the mail. Reach my buddy for some advice, it's too short to weld and try and extract the bolt. So we drill next to it, tap and dye it just a lil off center. Works fine. The starter comes or I should say the first one is, and the solenoid is bunk but so are my terminals and cable... So replace everything. Today title comes in the mail, new starter to the shop, thermostats re tapped and secure... Everything on and ready to go... Sit be hind the wheel, turn the key, lights come on... Click! Bervrrrooom! Thing runs like a top! One little puff of smoke. And just running like a dream... So now to remodel the inside, and tons of question will come, this place is amazing!!! The only thing now is what should I watch for to avoid another reinforced bolt?!? And as soon as I figure out how to post photos and videos on here I'll post. Thanks again y'all! Bound for adventure!
  6. Ya I think it's my best bet but yesterday someone said I had to becarefull and not melt the aluminum?
  7. Wow thanks alot guys, I'm going to see if my buddy has a welder. It's just a tiny bit above the housing, the top of the thermostat cover came off easy as it wasn't threaded. I tried the PB and vise grips way, and then came the drilling and extractor. But I haven't lost hope yet, and hopefully I can get a welder soon. Also it is the bolt closest to the head!
  8. Hey guys I'll try and get photos on here soon. Here's the deal I've been setting up to fix up my 1977 Toyota Royal holiday! Changing out the thermostat for good measure, first bolt a little sticky but out it come second same sticky and then my world "SNAPS"! So I regroup and well start to drill it out and get a bolt/screw remover. Hardened steal you know good stuff and here we go... "SNAP"! Now I have a broken bolt with a hardened steal tip in the center and as I'm um hm stubborn I'm going to attempt to hamer and ice pick it out?!? Any thoughts?!?
  9. lilviking

    1977-78? Royal Holiday

    My first Toyota of any kind ever! 87k miles, 1977-78? Royal Holiday... It's not starting right now, and the insides kinda a shell and so the project begins. I'll be asking a lot of questions here for sure.
  10. Thanks everyone, so far I haven't gotten together with my friend to tow it so still no real idea. The guy says its been sitting about 6 months so ya think I gotta drain it. Other wise I'll get some pic's and more derect questions on here ASAP! Totally stoked on this project other wise!!!
  11. Hey everyone! Ive been lurking and daydreaming over this site for a while now. In my adventures through Texas I've come apon my treasure a 1977/78? Toyota Royal Holiday. The insides mostly gutted the body is pretty alright though. I got it for 500$ and with only 87k! The problem, first lost title, buy not a biggie, second not starting... New battery, but you turn the key lights come on and click nothing!?! Well I'm gonna tow it to a friends and as we do it I'm gonna pop the clutch and see if I can compression start it... Any who this is my first Toyota and motore home but I'm overly stoked on it. I'll be asking all sorts of questions in the months to come, but as they say the only stupid question is the one not asked...
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