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    1994 Warrior, my third Toyota, I call her "The Charm". Sold both others. 1993 Dolphin purchased July 2011 with 69,000 miles for $11,500. My first one was a 1991 Itasca Sprint purchased in August 2004 on eBay with 54,000 miles for $11,000.
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  1. I think I was mistaken and it is indeed a shortie.
  2. What do you think it is worth Linda?
  3. Now that I see the pics, it does look more like an 18 footer. Gets 24 mpg.
  4. It is in Vermont. I know the owner & the buyer.
  5. I am asking a "what's it worth?" question for a friend. 1981 Sunrader, 4 cyl diesel 5 sp stick, 130K, full floating axle in rear, 5 lug in front, everything works, no leaks, inspected by mechanic. REAR DINETTE. Give me your opinion. Sorry I don't have a photo. Thanks in advance!
  6. It is 33" wide with the back cushions removed. I find it quite comfortable to sleep on.
  7. I can see on my dash panel, to the right of the ECT light, that there is "A/T Light" but it never lights up. What is it for? I have a '94 Warrior.
  8. Has anyone torn off the roof of a Winnebago built Toyota camper. Mine is a Warrior and I would like to know where the wires are up there. My roof sags a bit around the ac and I want to jack it up and "pinch" it together without hitting any wires. "Raising the Roof" here in Vermont
  9. Thank you Derek...you're a gem!!!!!!!!
  10. Anyone know where I can get a copy of the Toyota Service Manual for the 1993 3VZE?
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