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  1. Hi WME, Thank you for the link . All I know is that it goes best by the circuit board . I was going to mount it by the house battery....
  2. Situation that I have right now is trying to open the latch on my spare tire? Also watching the feed on the mount situation too. How do I open latch to remove cover ? Thanks
  3. Hi Linda , Hope you are well 😊. So, in regard to your comment stating there is the possibility of adding cross beams and going behind the cabinets to add lateral support would do the trick? As I know I will be replacing the a/c gasket too.
  4. Ports I am still looking at this eyesore from inside my cab!! I decided to go with stainless steel deck screws. I let you know how that works out.
  5. Hi all, Hope everyone is healthy and staying safe during this pandemic. I am, thank God. I have a rear kitchen Escaper and I want to install the progressive dynamic in a proper location. Also I would be grateful for Information regarding changing old fuse panels and breakers during upgrade.
  6. Hi WME, just saw your cargo strap solution...I have delamination around the top sides and rear. What size cargo straps did you use, I have proflex to seal with . I’ve been grappling with sealing exterior via vises, not to many options. I would prefer tackling wood rot from the interior. The cargo straps sound doable with a little more of your insight. Thanking you in advance.
  7. Maineah I see that you have a ‘87 Toyota and I’m aware they are not all the same . I am trying to figure out how my fresh water tank gets filled. I found the hose attached inside was broken and attached to nothing . Below are the photos of what I found under the split couch. There is no opening to attached the city water hose. I’ve looked and tried to lift it , the only spot I see is the manufacturers sealed opening. All the connections are correct , going to the Shurflo water pump but the rest is not connected to fill fresh water tank ....any suggestions?
  8. I had to replace the intake hose for my fresh water tank and inside I see no place to connect?? Any help would be appreciated 🙏 it a 1987 Escaper 😊 and I have idea what the white bucket connects too.
  9. Inside photos, I glued a piece of wood across where the screws from outside wasn’t grabbing. I need to get a nut set for my drill so, I can attach and close the over cab once and for all ! Inside I can visibly see rot on the aluminum floor of over cab. Photo 2 what should I fill them with before I lay the insulation?
  10. Thank you Linda I needed confirmation. Derek butyl tape and Dicor on screws.
  11. When I cleaned up the cab over there was layers of 1/8 wood over the insulation . That must have been where the screws were grabbing. I have wood that fits under the aluminum frame , should I add that or just replace the insulation and 3/4 marine plywood and see if the screws will catch that wood? open to suggestions/experience and thank you 🙏 Hunkaman, Derek, and Odessey
  12. This is the section from front of cab. I removed this piece and bought new Stainless steel screws. Also I replaced butyl tape too. Then the issue is, that it won’t join ? The 3rd photo is from inside, showing the gap. When the screws go in all they are catching is the floor of the cab over. I don’t think that’s how it goes. Should I place wood on the inside along that seam? Thanks
  13. Hi everyone, I hope that you are staying safe and well. I am still working in the over-cab and trying to get the joint to reattach. I applied new butyl tape between joint and over cab, bought new stainless steel screws. It been impossible to join . Can someone tell me how they did this please ! Thank you
  14. Hi Grime, very nice job by the way and thank you for your response🙏 Attached photo should help with the question I’m asking about. In photo that is the front of cab over and those screws looking at the insulation are no attached to anything. How do I approach this ? I do not know how to get those screws out of the metal frame, it looks as though it was or may need attachment to a piece of wood. Thanking you in advance for your response 🙏 Then what do the screw on the outside over head cab attach to? I think I’m going to glue the wood to to the floor of over cab inside and then to t
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