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  1. i found on my 84 dolphin the lighting wires are the same as house wiring. black is hot and white is return(neg). i always check with the digital meter for polarity any how.
  2. the small bushings appear to be sway bar end link bushings. there should be 4 more of the larger ones for the springs
  3. was going by the info included with my new unit
  4. also front to back is more important than side to side
  5. the fridge MUST be level any time you use it or it will fail
  6. hey are the little chrome pieces in the corners available? i'm missing one
  7. so meter leads on each side of relay. when cranking, voltage should be less than .2v. more means bad relay. ground side. meter leads on starter case and neg terminal of battery. same readings as before, but higher reading indicates resistance in the ground circuit. usually the neg cable or bad connection to engine block
  8. always use the maintainer. these things are not meant to go from dead to full charge
  9. also beware super good deals. often you will find a whimpy battery in agood case(wally world)
  10. doing it with the calculator is time consuming. using the meter directly is easy
  11. not likely they would do a good job anyhow. their people come and go alot
  12. if you are wondering about voltage drop in a wire, connect your voltmeter to opposite ends of the wire in question. when current flows(something turned on), the meter will read the voltage dropped in the wire directly. if it shows none, go to a lower setting. (autoranging meters excepted)
  13. my fuse box is behind a regular cabinet door next to the bathroom
  14. next time you're in homies or lowes pick up one of these. then you can plug in at home
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