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  1. iwould make use of the analyzer while adjusting. if you can go richer without raising co you're good. normal combustion results in hc, co, o2, co2. high co2 results from efficient combustion over 14 is good. high hc means there was incomplete combustion- makes o2 go up- fuel went in and didn't get burned because lean mix is hard to light off high co is the opposite. too much fuel for the available o2 so some instead of co2 you get co . comes with no o2 in exhaust what you want is low hc and co while keeping co2 up and having some o2 in the sample. drill a small hole in the pipe after the manifold to probe. you can put a sheet metel screw in when you are done
  2. so co is way down. far enough to raise hc?if not, try riching it up and see if it helps the stalling
  3. i would leave the main jets alone. more wheels will eventually show up
  4. no. 78 in the diagram is a plug over the idle mixture screw. drill a hole in it and screw in a metal screw. pull it out with a pair of dikes
  5. yes it's the same as a bbq. you should see a flash in the window to the left of the buttons. look straight down at it
  6. after reading this post i went out and checked my frige. after removing the panel in front of the burner,. i noticed i couldn't see the end of the acrylic prism stick? so i pushed it down with a long screwdriver, and low and behold i could see the ignition spark and then the flame in the window from above
  7. you can because it will be constantly moving, however having a flame in going while driving might not be such a good idea.. i added a 12v heater to mine to use while driving
  8. make sure that puppy is level also. running it off level can kill it. $400 for a new cooling unit
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