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  1. running lights are sometimes called parking lights. in the rear when the lights are on (park or headlights) the running lights work. in the front when in park light position, only the small lights in the bumper come on. all are on one circuit, so if the fronts don't work because of a blown fuse for example the rears won't work either
  2. pretty sure they are wired in at the taillights
  3. p.s. you can test the lights by connecting the wires to the battery its self. it's nice to know you are adding something that you know works
  4. no converter needed. led s use 12v dc. the top picture says indiscriminating polarity meaning connect the two wires to the ones coming out of the ceiling. maybe you are not turning the light on after connecting?. the other (lower pic) needs proper polarity to work. connect the wires. if it doesn't work, reverse them
  5. changed my 84 to r134a. needed to drain all oil, replace the reciever drier, add 134 service ports and recharge. works fine
  6. back in the day, toyota knew about the problem and would replace the manifold for free. in the 22r they redesigned the shield and the cracking stopped
  7. my dolphin came to me with the weber. i have used this carb many times on datsun 510's and 620 pick ups. easy to install. the air filter adapter is a must if you need it to smog, but the standard oblong k&n type works better look on ebay as they come up occasionally
  8. your exhaust is factory. unless you do other mods to the engine(cam, intake, carb) i don't think it'll get you much. the o2s is a part of the system, as such removing it can cause some complications. i have a weber 32/36 carb, and i think it's the most bang for the buck
  9. check the coach battery, might be dead or disconnected
  10. behind the handle is a push button. vertical
  11. you could be overpressurizing the system. a pressure regulator on the hose end will eliminate that as a possibility
  12. when lighting my fridge, there is no flash when the fire is already lit. maybe wait a while. the water heater takes a long time to get the gas through the pilot. fingers get tired of holding the pilot button i bet the furnace is the same deal. turn it on and off a bunch of times
  13. anything that needs 120v ac power needs the power from the pole or a generator. the converter (120v ac to 12v dc) uses some energy to do its job, hence the heat. all the 12v stuff always runs off the "boat battery", the converter keeps it charged.' as said, the fridge runs on propane---no electricity needed. the furnace uses 12v from your battery to run the fan
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