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  1. p.s. if tapping it with a hammer makes it work, the brushed are worn out. also an easy fix. never try this on your new car with a pm starter. it will crack the magnets cutting their power in half
  2. i've found some you can flip the disc over and use the other side. twice the staying power
  3. i have to say that plastic razor blades rock. a little wd and some elbow. no scratching the paint
  4. usually the bushing is worn since it is a softer material than the yoke. likely you won't be able to swap it out youself. the part it goes into is called the extension housing
  5. mill supply has every mirror you can think of. the ones that fit my 84 dolphin were listed in the truck section, not motor home. hope this helps the next person skip alot of searching
  6. the agm battery is usually not used for starting an engine. are there 2 batterys under the hood? one is for the truck part and the other is for the coach part
  7. yes, pushtruck. no clutch. in gear or no. if you stall it , truck pushes you to go again
  8. our sprint car had no flywheel. rpms changed in a blink of an eye. 10 second quarter mile ---in a circle
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