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  2. The OMESB6 is indeed the way. I wish you’d seen my post on this from a year ago. OME does a poor job of explaining what goes with what. If you have the product catalog you can sift through it. Glad you found a solution.
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  4. There used to be occasional rallies but none from this site in a while. Even if someone had wanted to plan one covid stopped that in it's tracks. There is a big rally in Quartzite Arizona every year which is planned by Tika. We have a rally section on the main page and you could message her from post in the past and see if she has anything in the works. Finding members to actually travel with is much more complicated. You have to know someone pretty well to plan something like that. I know we have some members in the Sacramento area. If you would like to see if any are interested in meeting up post in the rally section and ask. All this water means that the lakes and reservoirs are full and beautiful but also means campsites are going to be hard to find for a group. If you want to plan a get-together this summer you had better start now. Linda S
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  6. Greetings. We have an 85 Dolphin and want to roam the West. Based in Sacramento. Thanks, Jim
  7. Those bushings don't come up for me. Looks like these would have been the correct bushings Old Man Emu by ARB, Spring Bushing Kit, OMESB6 - Desert Rat. Guess it doesn't matter now that you found a way. Like I said most of us have air suspension bags in the rear and we can easily adjust the height in the back 57113 Airlift Super Duty Air Spring Kit Toyota Motorhome - Shockwarehouse.com Longer shackles might have been an option but you just got the damn things in and I don't know if a suitable size is available. Most look pretty extreme In the front your limited to torsion bar adjustments Linda S Lots of cheaper options online for those air bags
  8. I forgot to take pics after putting in the new springs, Old Man Emu OMESB43 were the bushings I bought that needed to be turned down and cut to length. Here's a photo of the spring right before it went in.
  9. Well the totally awesome plans for this winter were to add 200w of portable solar, to make parking in the shade doable. Got the panels and made a diy suitcase out of them. Got a new MPPT controller big enough to handle 500w total power. Throw in some high amp connectors and 10 ga wire cables and all was good. THEN WINTER came. It seems I have a phantom power drain somewhere. Normally not a problem as the roof mount solar panels keep everything properly charged. Now there is 2 ft of snow on the solar panels and it's been -40 to +20 for weeks. So now I'm the proud owner of two large popcicles that look suspiciously like GC-2 6v batteries. I'm going Lifepo4 sooner than planned. My battery box won't allow a 200ah battery, but 2 100ah batteries will fit. The new MPPT controller is LI comparable. I will still need a DC to DC charger to keep the old convert working and to protect the alternator from overloading. LifePo4 batteries don't do well in cold weather, so next fall they will come out and live in the heated garage for the winter. The fact that they only weigh 24lbs ea make for an easy removal vs the 65lbs of the GC-2s Well good thing I'm getting a tax refund this year.😁
  10. OK, so I've put everything in, breakdown of what I had to do: The Ubolts were the wrong size, but luckily the ones that were on the RV didn't have to get cut off, so I reused them. The bushings were indeed the wrong ones AGAIN, I had actually purchased the wrong ones the first time, then had to return them and buy https://www.yotamasters.com/shop/suspension/maintenance-replacement/old-man-emu-leaf-spring-bushing-kits-2/, can't remember which one I bought, but that was also wrong, as I had to turn down with my lathe the larger OD of the bushings to fit the frame connection point. I also had to increase the ID of the supplied metal sleeve, as the ID wasn't large enough to fit over the bolt. I also had to trim the bushings to length, as when put on either side of where they belonged, they ended up not fitting where they were supposed to. The front and rear shocks went on without a hassle. Overall, pretty much all of my complaints of poor driving have been remedied by replacing front and rear shocks along with the rear springs. The bushings everywhere were shot, I am unsure if I actually needed to replace the rear springs, as the side by side comparison didn't reveal anything, and the truck is sitting roughly at the same height. The front and rear shock bushings looked basically brand new, I'm unsure if they had gas in them at one time, as when pushed in, they stay in position. They did resist movement however. I do still want to gain some clearance in the rear, any ideas on how to go about that? My departure angle is pretty abysmal at the moment. Attached some photos in case someone can spot anything out of place. Last picture is how she currently sits on level ground
  11. Working awesome. Although I did return my 200 ah battery and got a 300ah smart battery by chins (very happy). So far running all my stuff I've hit mid 70s% on my battery. And I run my fridge my tv/dvd player all night (fall asleep to it on) always have a phone or two charging plus 1 max fan I'm a power hog. Oh and I did upgrade my solar to 500 watts I never run out of power. It's a beautiful thing.
  12. How are things working with your solar and fridge setup? It is similar to what I've been researching. Picking up my 84 Dolphin later this month and planning an interior upgrade/renovation/reworking. Looking to live out of it full time with my dog and cat at the beach or something like that. Anyhow, I was wondering about solar setups and specifically the fridge and also AC systems. Seems you are quite happy with your setup. Any tips?
  13. I've seen 1 Sunrader with that size tire. No lift, no spacers just a regular Toyota model. I told him he needed to change them because it could cause a blow out and he ignored me. Never heard of any tire emergencies from him and he was active on the groups for a while. Linda S Just emailed the man who had those huge tires. He's a member of this group but hasn't been active lately. Be good to hear from the guy who had them.
  14. I have only seen 2 Sunraders with 27x8.5r14 tires on them. One had 1.5" wheel spacers for the duallies and one did not but they both had 3" lifts on them. Considering that the Nissan sits about 2-3" higher I might be good to go but I am not opposed to adding more lift if needed. According to online gear ratio calculators, 4.63 gearing would bring the RPM's back to stock. There is a surprising amount of re-gearing options for the Nissan such as 4.88, 5.13, 5.57 & 5.89. I am not well versed on gearing but am curious if there would be a benefit by going with a different ratio.
  15. Thanks everyone. Great response and advice. I will have a look at the space available. The CSF 3 core would be a nice upgrade - esp'ly on the upgrades. The engine is in such good condition (still has near factory level compression 180 in 2,3,4. 177 in #1) that I want to be proactive on cooling and timing chain issues.
  16. Thanks for the great information. I will be replacing my rad this season - hopefully with a copper/brass 3 core - and I wanted to ensure my fan clutch was doing what it should.
  17. Alright the transfer case fluid is separate from the transmission. Odd that they use Dextron ATF II in the automatic version and a different transfer case oil in the manual one... There is a drain and a fill level on the back side. When I get it back up, I will take pictures.
  18. It's not a suspension issue. The only possible problem is duallies rubbing in the back if they are too wide. Linda S
  19. Thanks,Linda. My Sunrader came with fairly new Yokohama Summer Tires but unfortunately they just are not going to work with the road conditions that I typically find myself in. With the double wheels and the amount of weight in the back I do get very good traction as it is but where I live I need all of the traction that I can get. I don't even know if a 4x4 conversion is possible with the Nissan but I likely would not be able to afford it either way. I plan on having my mechanic measure to see if the General ATX 27x8.5r14 tires will fit without the need to modify the suspension. If I do end up going with the General Tires, I will post the Yokohama's up for sale as I would hate to see them go to waste.
  20. On the A304H transfer case, does it refill via the transmission dipstick? It "seems" like it does as the fluid level dropped down SIGNIFICANTLY after engaging the 4x4... But no point in taking a risk. If not I need to figure out how to check and adjust the level. Probably do a drain and refill. I know it takes the same ATF fluid on on the Auto as does the transmission.
  21. With steel radiator you may be able to fiddle with the wrong size a little, not much in terms of getting the shroud fitted and hood clearance. With aluminum it must be the right size. Aluminum radiators are fragile (to excess in most cases) and will easily be destroyed while struggling to jam the square peg in the round hole.
  22. Well it looks like I was wrong anyway. Parts site I was looking at had the height and width flipped. The CSF 2314 is close but an inch taller. Just need to make sure your hood will still close. Linda S
  23. X10! While not CSF, Roundforge is a very good resource for Toyotas though and all things off-road. A lot of that does translate over to our trucks too. Tough call. Linda points out the discrepancy between the sizes, core widths. Myself, I wouldn't think twice about giving it a shot, but I have lots of experience stuffing things in where they don't go... Most of the time moving interfering parts isn't a big deal. I haven't played with any 83 or earlier trucks though and am not sure about what changes from the 83 to the 84 chassis. To be safe, order from Amazon or a local parts house that will let you return it for free. If I am putting a radiator in, or working with coolers and the like, and don't know how much fitting work is needed, I protect the core. Cut out and tape cardboard to the core so you don't damage the fins or leave marks on them during install. I haven't looked for pre 84 stuff, but there are a lot of other options out there too, cheaper ones than CSF. But if the bolt issue is daunting, chances are pretty high that the cheaper options will have even more fitment issues to work out. A core with change from 14' to 20' is a HUGE UPGRADE, IF you can get it ti fit in there...
  24. FYI - V6 motorhome brake pads from Autozone - Duralast D303 dont trust anything in their computer, these are the correct pads
  25. Hello everyone dreaming of spring and traveling in the RV again. I've been thinking about removing the sofa and replacing with some bunk beds possibly. I know they'll be too short for adults but could work for a few years with the kids. Has anyone seen or done this before? I searched but didn't find very much. 92' warrior
  26. The Nissan duallies are a bit wider apart, deeper dish, than the Toyotas and I can't promise because I haven't tried it but I think the big tires will fit. Unfortunately, the only other company I knew of that made custom rims seems to be out of business. Your stuck with the wheels you've got. You need to realize though that you are getting way more traction with those double wheels. Linda S
  27. Finding aftermarket parts or information on the Nissan EHLGD21 Heavy Duty DRW model that my Sunrader was built on has been significantly more difficult. This is especially more difficult because there a part variations between the standard D21 and Heavy Duty models. I am considering upgrading the gearing for the rear end because I want to go with bigger tires and there are a few aftermarket gearing options for the 31 Spline H233B rear end. I looked into trying to find larger wheels for the odd bolt pattern that is different than the Toyotas but have not had any luck and Custom & Commercial Wheel says that they do not make them. It seems that my options would be to either have some very custom wheel adapters made or try to fit some 27x8.6r14 tires on the current wheels. ARB and Harrop do make Selectable Lockers but they are quite costly.
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