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  2. Just checked. Looks like they have the full floater too. Linda S
  3. This place has left and right side shaft http://www.maxwellsauto.com/ In BC Linda S I am assuming you have 5 lug wheels. 6 lug is a different matter
  4. No magic, get a VOM and check fuses and voltages. There also fuses or C/Bs in the leads going to the battery
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  6. I think the converter maybe ok because I hear a hum and feel the heat from it. However, I never hear the fan from the charger. I opened it up and thought this may be the issue.
  7. single rear wheel axle is just a toyota pu. wrecking yard
  8. I’m in Victoria BC Canada. I bought an 85 Toyota RV (Okangan) the short one!! got it all fixed up and in great shape. but one rear axle is shot. Mechanic got one on eBay and shipped up and its too short. anyone know where I can source another axle?? I just need one but have no idea where to find it!
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  10. Hey all and of course @linda s. I realized with this job I should also be doing the bearings. I think the only part I need (aside from grease) is the inner bearing seal. Does that sound right to you and do you know the part number for that?
  11. Thank you for sharing this nice post, which includes plenty of valuable information. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
  12. in the pic above you can see the aap(auxiliary accelerator pump) connected to the tvsv (thermal vacuum switching valve) the aap is there to compensate for load increases. it is a diaphragm and can get a hole in it. theres fuel on one side and vacuum on the other. if you put the hose off and there is fuel in it you found the problem in the view below you can see the aap is facing the valve cover . the arrow looks like it's pointing to the float window
  13. I got a set from Rockauto for a reasonable price Toyota sells a head gasket set that has only what is needed for a reasonable price also if you haven’t already bought anything. Also make sure the exhaust manifold flanges are flat.
  14. Ok, got it! Thanks for the heads up on the group. 👍
  15. Actually I have lots more than I thought. All saved here https://groups.io/g/minitruckcampers You have to join but it's my group and I'm kind of trustworthy. You don't get emails or spam crap. Go to photos and search Mirage. Lots come up Linda S
  16. Whoever owned it just dumped a small fortune, sold for half what was spent on it. Nice rig
  17. Hi Linda, do you have any pics of Mirage interiors? We're doing a refurb on one and would like to see more interior pics for ideas. Thanks
  18. not the same. i have a similar diagram. too hard to trace what does what in the pictorial view. need the one like under the hood. schematic
  19. Title. I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. I have a 1978 18ft Sunrader that was gutted when I got it. I'm trying to plan out how to build the walls and cabinets. I don't know the original measurements though. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. I have a few parts trucks that I need to get out of my dooryard. They are not motorhomes but pick up trucks. I’ve been selling parts locally but If anyone is looking for interior parts/ cab parts/ some engine parts- 22RE only. Lots of miscellaneous stuff I’ve been collecting over the years let me know. They would be 89-94 model years.
  21. I don't know why you would think just any ECU unit would work but I assure you eBay has none. All discontinued quite a while ago. Applicable part numbers depending on date of manufacture Linda S Computer, Engine Control 89661-35430 Computer, Engine Control Production Date: 08/1989-08/1990 Part Name Code: 89661 Replaced By: 89661-35430-84 89661-35560 Computer, Engine Control Production Date: 08/1990-08/1991 Part Name Code: 89661 Replaced By: 89661-35560-84 89661-35760 Computer, Engine Control Production Date: 08/1991-08/1993 Part Name Code: 89661
  22. Epay has several, but I would recommend replacing the electrolytic capacitors after three decades. They sell kits for that also, and those aren’t necessarily specifically for each make and model. They can be close to the original values and perform without issue, generally a slightly higher voltage rating is preferable for the smaller capacitors.
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