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  2. our sprint car wings would get torn or holes in them. an aluminum cover piece glued down with silicon and pop rivits was stronger than just aluminum, and held up forever.
  3. i think the siding is so thin you'll melt it away before yo can use the rod. also aluminum solder is very sensitive to dirt, etc.
  4. Thanks ya'll. I'm gonna give it a shot doing it myself. The springs have settled a little. My camper is completely gutted right now so hopefully it will lose an inch or so in ride height after I build it out.
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  6. All good ideas thank you. the epoxy seems pretty easy. So does pop riveting another piece if I can find the same. i was also wondering maybe getting a small piece of aluminum and bending it to match the existing siding and using the aluminum filler rods you melt on with a torch. I would of course pull off the panel prior to throwing a flame to it hahaha.
  7. Great! Thank you very much! Thank you very much! I really appreciate your work! I wonder if there is a way for me to get notifications for all posts? I used to get them. Thanks
  8. Maybe something here...https://www.delamrepair.com/rvmotorhomecamperdelaminationrepairkits.html Worst case find the same style of siding and cut a foot long patch and glue/pop rivet it over the crack. Try jacking the corner to make the crack small before repairs. Also see if you can "look" behind the inside paneling and check for broken framing.
  9. Scrape off all the grout and use fiberglass mat and epoxy. Kit from auto parts store will work. Carefully push into surface to match curves. When it dries you can sand and paint and it will be close to invisible Linda S
  10. Anyone got any ideas on how to make this hole/crack look like new or close to without replacing the siding? ive used flex seal in the past (recommended by Linda, thank you again) but I feel this area has so much moment when traveling flex seal won’t hold up in the long run, and it’s a large area on the driver side. The passenger side is not as bad. So I thought I’d ask
  11. WME


    So you need to be styling when you off road, vanquish your foes, crush your enemy. So do ya bubba? Here's your chance. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2012-bae-titan/
  12. Add Zerk valves and give them a bit of grease on occasion.
  13. TR-544, may require bending which can be done with 2 small open end wrenchs.
  14. How about factory. This certainly doesn't look short 90942-05026 - Toyota Parts Deal Of course not cheap Or you could have whomever puts the tires on source some for you. I don't think Walmart can install your tires. The wheel balancing machines they use can't handle our huge center opening last I heard Linda S
  15. Thank you Linda !! Another tires related question: what kind of Tire Valve Stem are you using on the inside tire. ?? Short stems are so hard to get to. Any photo/ dimensions will be helpful.
  16. Poopy valve is 3 inches and gray water valve is 1 1/2 inches. Linda S Yours don't look that old. You know they can be repaired rv waste valve seal kit - Google Search It's good to lubricate them from time to time too. At the dump when you can push them in and out spray with wd40 and in and out them a few times. Makes them easier to use and last longer
  17. My drain valves need to be replaced. Does anyone know off hand what size valves I need. It looks like one is 3 inches. Thank you.
  18. I enjoyed watching this guy's video about his mini split system on his RV. Low power option and this guy makes interesting points regarding them. Problem is the space the inside portion needs and our small campers. Something creative to watch as you consider electric boon dock options.
  19. I can come up with a Keep your Toyota alive manual and a 1988 factory service manual. XSane scanned image (wordpress.com) 88_TOYOTA_TRUCK_Service_Manual.pdf service manual is very big download Linda S
  20. Well AKpirate has a Toyota and in his video you can see the hub protruding and the correct 3 hole wheels so he's fine. Just to add interesting information all 4x4 Sunraders came with fake duallys except for 1. My friend bought it from the mans estate and it came with the paper work of the upgrade while it was being built in 1986. Gardiner-Pacific bought the first 15 inch custom duallys from Custom and Commercial Wheel for this rig and that's how that company got into the Toyota motorhome wheel business. Mike talked to the wife and she said her husband insisted on having the best and that meant the new full floater. Linda S
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  22. Ok I get it. I made my girlfriend sell her Land Rover because of all the problems it had. Linda S
  23. Ok because it has 6 lugs it does not mean it's a full floating axle. The full floaters had the axle protruding from the center of the wheel with several small bolts holding it in place the big difference is the axle on a full floatier has nothing to do with the holding the vehicle up. My Tacoma has a 6 bolt wheel but not a floating axle.
  24. Lucas, AKA the Prince of darkness.
  25. so nissan has always been 6 lug. that doesn't mean you're ok. it needs to have the center come through the wheel. there are some bolts going into the center part. thats where the axle bolts to the hub
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