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  2. Bound for Nowhere's Sunrader weighed no where near 10,000 lbs. That's just crazy. No way you can take a camper with an original curb weight of 5200 lbs, remove the bathroom and holding tank for it and half the cabinets and a heavy wheel on each side and double the weight. Unfortunately they were not mechanics. Someone else did all things mechanical and that person forgot to torque down their rear wheel causing the lug nuts to break. What else did they do carelessly. The Front Range full float adapter is more than enough to handle the weight. That's what full floats are for. To handle hi
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  4. Lite weight is readily available all it takes is $$. 2'x4' 1/2" balsa end grain panels are "just" $35 ($30 if you buy 10) Ready to skin with what ever you deem correct. If your feeling frisky you can skin them in carbon fiber for that COOL look and ultimate strength. Of course you could just take a hole saw to the plywood door panel to lighten it up before skinning. AND save a bunch$$
  5. Love that bike rack! yes it was BFN on the other build, but frankly to me it wasnt the axle swap, or the type of truck etc. It was flat out they put too much stuff into it to make it nice and I guarantee that thing weighed in at over 10k. Taking the rear fooly and replacing with a standard single wheel probably was not wise with that weight. I get where you are going here.. that your truck is all factory etc etc. Weight it for us though. weigh it for yourself. I saw other 4x4 remodels in here that the owner sold immediately also and cannot help but wonder what they came in at.
  6. you mean like this? 😁 I built a hd hitch into the rear bumper build and still managed to be lighter than the original rear bumper that was on this thing!
  7. Agreed, the little weights add up quickly in materials. I’m curious if the build you’re referencing is the sunrader built by “bound for nowhere” that they sold soon after due to mechanical issues they didn’t want to tackle. If so, that was a whole different story with their issues and rear axle swap. The Dometic fridge is great and they have been tested true by the overland community. I’ve only used mine in my house as of now but it kicks butt and my beer is nice and cold. Low power draw, able to handle getting banged around off-road trucks, etc. I also like the idea of the top openi
  8. Some interior pics from just a bit ago. The seats and door upholstery are about a 9/10. They are the high back style. The seats are very comfortable at least in my limited time in them. 74K on the odometer.
  9. The cabinet looks great. Hopefully you get the machine on the road soon! Taking your hobby to the next level. Hope you have another motorcycle carrier on board. I'm still using mine derived from your Escaper design.
  10. The build I refereed to in this forum was literally exactly like yours.. same truck everything, except it was a sunrader - and very recently done I might add except they even used lightweight materials. They literally did an amazing job. No complaints from me on how it looked. They even had replaced the lead batteries with LifePO4... for some strange reason they did all that and when they went to drive it it was no bueno. I am hoping to see yours outperform theirs and am fully rooting for you. I respect your choice of road preferences also, similar to my stile also. I can count
  11. of course weight is always a consideration! Has it been weighed and loaded? Considering the build Is not complete, no. We shedded weight in multiple areas (the odyssey came with a huge refrigerator OEM that I scrapped, we scrapped multiple heavy doors (closet/ bathroom), multiple heavy old school batteries that will be replaced with significantly lighter lifepo4 batteries, and of course we added some weight in other areas for a stronger build. I’m hoping it should break about even with the weight that it was when purchased. Will I be driving this off-road leaning at 45 degree hardco
  12. The tank based water heater is next on the chopping block for me. we use one camping that weighs in at 4 lbs and is all you can heat until your propane is gone but only turns on when used and its form factor footprint is literally the size of a box of cereal.. I am stink eyeballing the fridge also but if anything stays that would be it because propane fridges are the way.
  13. I'll be the guy that says this looks awesome but asks - has it been weighed>? A trip to the scales fully loaded with your entire crew in, gear and full resources is in order. I have been asking this more and more as my family grows (in weight and age) and I watch the GVWR start to look like the national debt. It all makes sense till the minute the guy in the merge lane decides "yeah I am gonna make you brake hard" as your rig is so loaded its incapable of revving past the jerk in oncoming combat maneuvers. I have also been asking it as we have seen amazing 4x4 builds in
  14. Wanting to bring the look of the odyssey to a modern style and higher quality than factory, we opted to give inlay upper cabinet doors a try. This was definitely a challenge since neither my dad nor I have ever really done cabinet work, let alone worked with fine tolerances in cabinetry. Anyways the first door is done (other than hardware and lift pistons), and we learned a lot. The remaining doors should go quicker now that we’ve got the rhythm down. We sketched up what we thought were the best dimensions, and marked our sides. We used a paint can for the rounded edges 😂. We then
  15. Hello ToyoLovers & Welcome LMCG, Sorry for the very slow response... I had disappeared into the job market since I recently got laid-off... Please let know if there's any Project Manager or Project Analyst jobs out there... preferrably here in San Diego. Well, I am attaching the .zip (262mb) File I created in my DROPBOX I hope you can all access it as needed. I hope you find the manuals that can work for your needs. If you're not able to open the link, then send me me an e-mail and I'll reply with this .zip attached. Best Wishes to All, Ozzy 1469075
  16. I need the year and the specific engine . Some in the 90's actually had a Chevy 5.7 vortex engine and parts would be easy. In fact on further looking it doesn't look like the NPR was even offered with a gas engine except for here. Let me know what it really has Linda S
  17. Does anyone have any info on basic maintenance parts/supplies for the Isuzu Elf 150 4x4 5 speed manual? Looking for anthing that might be compatible that we are ok to use from the states (USA). We have the NPR versions but the closest thing is a 3.9 diesel engine. Isuzu dealers are not very helpful unfortunately.
  18. Thanks, I saw the fiberglass fenders they need body work, not as bad as mine but I'm hoping for new ones. Regarding the Kenyan company, I've sent them an email and I'm awaiting their response. If they respond intelligently, I will risk it. I work in IT by trade so I understand how the scams work, I've even been scammed myself! lol This looks pretty legit, check out their facebook page. None of the other scammers I've dealt with have had this much "front end" so to speak. They have been around since 1988. Anyway, things are progressing on the interior work, bought some plywood (pr
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  20. He put a zip file of the manual on this thread. Some people had a problem extracting the files though but maybe it will work for you. I also posted a manual for a 1985 Dolphin. Not much difference from the 86 except for the chassis. The link for Bryant RV has all the appliance manuals. There is very little in depth information in the manuals and no mechanical info. For that you need a Toyota truck book. Don't buy blind. You need to ask a lot more questions before you buy a 35 year old motorhome Linda S
  21. HI Ozzy! any chance I could get a copy of the manual? I found a 1986 dolphin 22' on sale and I'd like to look at the manual before purchasing! This would be my first motorhome - any advise or reviews of your Dolphin would be greatly appreciated, too! Best, LMCG
  22. Oh and Lucas transmission fix in the trannie. Mine did the same when I bought it. Seals dry from lack of use. Used Lucas once and trannie is still fine Linda S
  23. Cool of course the Toyota truck didn't come with high backed seats. Those seats with the glitzy plush seating are from a Sunrader Sunchaser. Person who bought it must have ordered the upgrade since the door panels match. I love this shit. Never seen those in a regular Sunrader before. The Sunchaser was a Chinook sized vehicle available with a camper package or a Limo package. Yeah tiny little limo. Linda S
  24. While your figuring out what you have, think about what you want the system to do. What are your "gotta have" loads?
  25. Was fiddling with the Toyota today so didn’t see the updates. I’ll get some better interior shots tomorrow and post them. They are high backed seats and quite comfortable I think it’s been mentioned in other thread but there is a much more leg room in the Nissan. I’m 6’1” and a bit cramped in the Toyota Cab. As mentioned, I’ve gotten the 22R to start and run pretty well but it seems to “race” when shifting, the rpms stay high for a second or two and then drop off. A friend recommended that it could be a bad vacuum line or lines. Didn’t see anything obvious today but did an inventory and w
  26. Well now I looked at the upholstery. Are those tall bucket seats in front? That fabric looks familiar. The dinette and overhead have newer fabric on them but not really well done. Loose and 2 different fabrics. If it was me I'd redo them but I can sew. Chasing a mystery. Tell me about those front seats Linda
  27. wow, I really thought it WAS mold looking at the cab pics...LOL .. glad for you it isn't.
  28. I have heard anecdotal statements of increased mpg with over inflated tires. I have not seen one controlled study showing anything other than insignificant increases in mpg. Had new tires put on and they filled them to 65 psi, thought I was going to jar my teeth out on the ride home.
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