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  1. Thank you Linda and WME. I will go down the uhaul route since I don't have the space at home to store the trailer in case I buy one. It will just be a hazzle. Will check with uhaul if they would rent me the 5x9 trailer. If so I'll do that. If not I'll come back with a different car in a week. Thanks again for all your help. FYI they don't have the motorcycle trailer here at the moment so unfortunately that's not an option.
  2. Hi everyone. I just bought a used motorcycle and I'm debating different options to get it from Bend, Oregon to Portland. I'm currently in Bend with my 21ft 1987 sunrader that has a hitch installed on the back. I'm wondering if it would work to rent a 8x4 uhaul trailer, put the bike in and tow it back to Portland. There are different routes I could take. Either over the mountain range or all the way up to the Columbia River and along the gorge. The second one would have less of a climb and downhill but either way, there will be hills. The alternative is to come back next week with the other car and pick up the bike. Any thoughts on getting the smallest possible trailer and towing it back to Portland with the sunrader? Thanks a lot. Nico
  3. Haha OK. I'll drive it around the block soon to be able to describe it a little better. I'll open another threat once I have more info.
  4. I ended up hand sanding a few spots, then cleaning again with BKF and then I put 5 thin coats of the ZEP. Looks real nice and shiny. Still can see the difference in color a little bit but I'm quite happy. Eventually this thing probably needs a new paint job but I feel like I just bought myself a year or two time to do that. Thanks again for all the input. It was a lot of work but worth the effort. Now ready for the season. I guess beside the weird noises the car makes so I have to bring it to a shop to check.... Haha always something to do
  5. Thanks Linda. I'll grab a hand sand block and some 500 grit sand paper tonight and hopefully i find some time tomorrow to work on it and then put on the Zep on Saturday. A lot of folks say the nice shine does not really show until the 4th layer so I still might do the overkill to get the nice look
  6. Unfortunately it looks like the jitterbug sanders need A LOT of air and I won't have a compressor to keep up with that. Any other ideas?
  7. Looks like the ZEP stripper didn't do much. I probably will get a cheap jitterbug sander from harbor freight for 30 bucks and do the one side where I have the issues. Then rinse with BKF (only have the one in the bottle premixed after I used all of the powder cleaning the entire rig last weekend) and then apply 5 coats of ZEP this weekend. Anything speaking against this process? Thanks, Nico
  8. Thanks, I'll try that this week and then will try to go for 5 layers of zep this weekend.
  9. It might not look like this in the pictures but I'm pretty sure the shinier patches are something on the gel coat so my best guess currently is, that it is in fact remainder of the last ZEP coat. I will take a look tonight. If it ends up being something on the gel coat, I probably just buy the zep stripper and clean the side again that shows this issue.
  10. Oh another question. Where would I get replacements for these bumper clips?
  11. Dang, already has been a lot of work. The only good thing is it is only on one side. Should I try the zep remover?
  12. Thanks everyone. Got it to work. Only problem now is that the screws that hold the headlight on the driver side in place are completely rusty and the Philipps part is broken. Tried to get them out with one of these grabit speed out bits but I was not successful. Any idea how to get these out so I can put the window new headlight in?
  13. Thanks for the explanation. Please disregard what I said about self explanatory. Might help to look at wiring colors. I won't say more but I'll try again and let you know 😂 🤦‍♂️
  14. I think this is the one you recommended. https://www.ebay.com/itm/373542811783?hash=item56f8e2f887:g:7PQAAOSwHstgeUhi
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