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  1. Idk what happened to the fan. I was just looking and saw there was none. Never heard anything that indicated something broke. Maybe I bought it this way....
  2. Hi all and thank you very much for all the answers. I will look what I can do myself. Regardless great input and I'm learning a ton along the way. Repairing the head gasket myself definitely would be above my skill level so I would never do that myself. I have never worked on an engine before so chances that I will break something are very high (and I'm pretty good at breaking stuff I'm trying to fix). So the car was parked since Friday. I just came back and took another look (as well as a few pictures). Wanted to post them here before I take it to a shop some time this week (given that I find a shop I trust). I am not a mechanic but I have a engineering background so I have a basic understanding and this basic understanding tells me that the fan actually is missing 🙈 Some drops below the driver front of the car. Could be that it is just remaining liquid that slowly dropped down after the overheat had sprayed the liquid everywhere but I would guess it is more a leak. When I look under the hood above the leaking on the floor, I see this oily piece with a yellow hose. IDK what that is but the piece looks quite oily. Also the whole block behind the fan looks very oily. Not sure if this is oil or coolant. Also took a picture from below and again it is very easy to see the significant amount of oil radiator level was low as well as the reservoir. Definitely more coolant missing than is on the ground. I would guess this is the case because the motor now is completely cold. I don't know how the belt tension is supposed to be but it seemed pretty strong. But then again the whole fan seems to be missing so..... Not sure if this indicates anything to anyone of you but still wanted to share. Nico Missing Fan: Drops under car Oily block behind the fan Oily piece above the drops outside oily piece above the drops outside 2: picture from below (upside down) low radiator fluid level
  3. Decided to give it a shot and drove home. Temperature stayed normal downhill and on the highway. In the city went up a little higher, not sure if unnornal. Does this rule out any of the suggested issues or confirm any? It sounds a lot like what Linda says. That being said a couple of weeks ago drove from Oregon to California over grants pass which is pretty significant incline and it was hot but Motor never overheated. Today just after 20 minutes up it was boiling and outside temp was not hot.
  4. Hi all, New problem. Was about to leave for a 4th of July trip. About 1 hour 15 min in and going uphill, I saw that the temperature was getting up and towards the red (outside temp was around 70 degrees). I slowed down and once it hit the red, I pulled over and stopped. Some steam came from under the hood and some yellow coolant was coming out from the overfill Reservoir. Waited a couple of minutes and popped the hood. Coolant was boiling and took about 10 minutes or so until the boiling in the Reservoir stopped. Waited about 20 min and continued to the next town which was 3 minutes uphill. Within that time it again went from a medium temp to hot. Stopped at the gas station and bought some collant and refilled. Saw that it was on the low mark but I assume this was to the amount that was blown out when the car was overheating and the coolant came out of the overfill Reservoir. (BTW collant in the Reservoir was sucked back in the system after I started the motor again after a while. Anyways after refilling the coolant, I drove around for about 5 minutes to see if anything changed. Temp went down while going downhill but went up to almost red when going uphill. Decided to stop and called roadside assistance. Now waiting to be picked up. Wanted to check what you all think it is and how much it'll cost approx. Appreciate any thoughts. OH btw I don't see any leaks under the hood. See a few drops somewhere under the driver seat. Also was driving for about 45 min on the highway and about 30 min uphill before the issue accursed. Thx Nico
  5. Hi all, One problem solved, another coming up. Just took a 1500 mile trip with the sunrader sitting on a 1987 Toyota truck. After coming back, I realized that there was a bunch of oil on the right rear wheel. I saw that before but didn't think much. Something must be leaking. I would like to get some help fixing it (I would like to watch but not do it myself since I haven't done anything like this before). I thought I found a good place that takes care of old Toyota trucks in Portland but they let me know they won't work on cars that old. I would like to get someone I can trust but not sure how to find someone here. Also, the power steering has been making weird noises. It sounds like the gears are grinding on each other while it was still working but last time I moved the RV, the power steering stopped completely. 1. Any idea what the oil issue is? 2. Any recommendation on where to go to get it fixed (here in Portland) 3. What to do about the power steering? Thank you very much as always. Pictures attached. Nico
  6. Ok finally I find the time to answer. First of all huge shout out to linda who has been a tremendous help finding a way to fix this. She basically told me everything I needed to get and do and then I just did it and it worked. My highest respect to your knowledge/skills linda and your dedication and eager to help. Really special!!!! I didn't take a lot of picture during the whole repair but I will try to explain. First of all I bought this Butyl tape for car glass. It is a round, semi sticky roll of black butyl tape. It is not as sticky as the one I used to seal the window once I put it back in. Next, I bought this TRIM-LOK rubber seal. I believe Linda recommended 3 yards but I bought 4 just to be safe. Just as a side note, 3 yards would have been enough (obviously). The idea was now to put the Butyl tape around the inside of the frame for both frame halfs, slide it over the glass, press the glass on the seal and squeeze in the rubber gasket to create compression. Something like this: (yellow butyl tape, blue glass, black gasket) To get this done i did the following: lay the glass on 4 blocks so the glas is elevated Put the butyl tape inside of each half of the frame. I left the sticky protection on so it faces up. Then I pressed it a little down on this side so the butyl tape would get more of an oval shape. This created a gap that was big enough for the glass to fit removed all the sticky protection from the butyl tape slide each half of the frame onto the glass so it does not touch the butyl. Once in place screw both halfs back together. Align the glass and lift up the frame so glass sits now on butyl tape. Remove the blocks and lay down everything. Press the window on the sealant. To create a gap where I would be able to fit in the gasket, I used a plastic putty knife and used it as kind of a lever between frame and glass to press the glass down. This was really tough and actually broke 2 of the putty knifes. There is probably a better way to do it but it worked. This created a gap that was large enough to force the gasket in. I used water and a tiny bit of dish soap to help get the gasket in. It took a few times to figure out the best way to do it but I was able to force the gasket in. This required a lot of elbow grease and caused a blister or two :). But in the end the gasket was forced into place. Trimmed the butyl that was squeezed outside between glass and frame. put the window back in its place using the white sticky butyl tape and screwed in the frame. Put some clear silicone on the cracks where the two frame halfs meet. The first day I poured so that was a good test. The gasket on the top of the window was a little wet so first I thought there might be a leak. This is when I put the clear silicone on the cracks. Gasket was dry moving forward. In retrospect I think it was just the soapy water that I used to force in the gasket that came out. This is what the window/gasket looked like when installed \ And here with the window back in place. Really happy so far with this solution. Again HUGE THANKS to linda.
  7. Attached my highly professional measurement pictures. I hope this helps a little bit. I could see that a little piece is missing where I put the red arrow but it actually doesn't necessary look like something was torn of the rubber piece on the surface. I only have a tiny piece that looks complete. Most of it (and that's also not much) looks like the piece in the picture below that clearly has some parts missing.
  8. I do have a little bit left, most of the gasket is pretty destroyed so not really useful anymore. I will take detailed measurements tonight. Thanks again so much for your help. Really unbelievable!!!
  9. I think I misunderstood something, although it's a bad excuse because now thinking about my logic, it doesn't make any sense. You live an (hopefully) you learn. Anyways the hole in the shell is 30 3/4 wide and 13 1/2 high. I reached out to a few places but I'm not very optimistic I can find anything. A bit bummed out my stupid mistake causes that I have to replace an original part but it is what it is....
  10. So it seems like I went a little too far when removing the window to get it fixed. I not only removed the window but also the glass. Now I have a problem finding the rubber that I need. I guess lesson learned. The frame has two parts. After I removed the screws, I was able to take out the window that was sitting in the rubber gasket. Again, not a good idea to do but too late now. I attached some pictures of the frame as well as the rubber. On one picture you can see how the "lock" gets pressed in. Does anyone have an idea where I could get that rubber part? I found a good glass shop and he said worst case (if u cannot find the right rubber part) he can glue the window in. I really hope I can fix that somehow but worst case I will have to go with the glue solution.
  11. Apologies for the late reply. I just started taking another look at it. I looked inside and outside of the window for where there is rubber around the glass and where not. There seems to be some rubber outside between the glass and the window ( I can see it when I move it with the finger. I marked it with a red arrow). I tried to make a drawing of my understanding how this window works. Since I have absolutely no experience/knowledge on this, this is just a pure guess from my observations. I also found a name on the glass. What I really try to accomplish are two things: Understand how the glass is fixed in the frame Figure out what parts I need to order. I have a very hard time finding the right pieces because I don't know what they are called.
  12. Thanks, that is great information. I will follow your lead. Just curious, why do I want to drive in high RPM when climbing? Sounds counter intuitive for someone without motor knowledge. Downhill saving the live of the breaks makes sense.
  13. WME, Thanks as always for the insight. A lot to take in for someone with little knowledge about RVs and Cars even though I have a background in engineering My main takeaway so far Probably want to change oil closer to 3k than 5k miles To get everything checked, I will have to look for a place that does trucks but also has some clue about RV's (although from what you said, that seems to be hard to find). I'll do some research and see what I can find. I have a tool set but this is quite large so probably want to get one like this and carry it around in the RV Will have to practice changing the tire in the street maybe. Unfortunately I don't have a driveway. I do have a ton of follow up questions (I apologize in advance. I feel like for 99% of people on this forum they are extremly trivial) Where do I go for the oil change. Is it ok to just go to Jiffy Lube or is there a better place (I park on the street so I don't think I can do it myself). How often do I need to replace the hoses you are referencing? What do I need the digital voltmeter for? Why do I need to keep the RPM up? I usually drive pretty slow and drive in the gear that is selected. Do I do this with the Overdrive off button? I'm not sure what gears i can select manually. I would have to check tomorrow. Same question for downhill. How do I select the gear and why do I want it to be the same gear as going up? I think this RV will bring me a lot of lessons but also a lot of fun and stuff to learn...
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