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  1. all i do is boondock but i never go alone. aways with one or 2 outher outfits. i might go on ahead with others coming along on the same route . behind me. yes in one of our larger groups 3 rigs had flat tires.
  2. buy a brand new battery cleaning brush. they work well to clean rust dirt etc out of the bulb scokets. but make there is no power on .
  3. yes you are very right there .that thing would be over kill in weight for shure . but is a nice unit . in my case he can carry it and i can carry a 100 foot cord LOL. and yes it is heavy need 2 men to mount and dismount.
  4. my son has the big champion inverter type generater duel fuel . i think it is 5 ,ooo5 oo watts starting load . cost like 1,000 dollors new. resonably quit on moderate loads. this is on the back of a 35 foot pull trailer. he has 4 group 24 deep cycle batteries on the front . we went out this spring in the desert of eastern wash st .wind was 40 miles an hour very cold nights. after 3 nights the batteries were dead flat . he also has a full computer office in the back of it . this genny also has its own starting battery . great unit but big some what and a little heavy.run on propane is the way to go . no bad gas no carb gunk up.
  5. and glad to still have you on here Linda. and yes i still have my dolphin and still camping on LOL .
  6. my son has restored 2 small scamp pull trailers . this looks to have been a some what rare scamp minnie 5TH wheel. would be worth a lot more in its orignal form. pulled by a toyota pickup. then this mess.
  7. i did not think you where a clutch abuser. sorry i live on the other si de of the us north west. yea i am shure i would find a different shop. i would be burned up with them no pun intended.
  8. one thing that happened to me . this was on a datsen but could happen on a toyota . in my case the clutch fork was out of place on the pivet . and this job was done in a shop. so it did not release all the way. it worked for a while but started slipping. i was thinking i had a 1977 toyota with a stepped flywheel i know i do remember having one of that type machined and it gave me no trouble.and was not on a datsun.
  9. did you resurface the flywhell. if anything is shaved off the center the rest of the surface has to be done to a spec to set the pressure plate down to its clerance spec. did you do the install yourself . one adjustment is under the dash on the pedal cleves. there is a locknut there pedal slack needs to be at spec .if you did the job did you use a pilot shaft dummy trans shaft to center the disc before tightning down the pressure plate. oil leaking out of the trans or rear main seal can soack the clutch. it will slip then.i hope you forgive me the clutch pedal is not a foot rest . that will for shure ruin a clutch. check both master clutch cylinder and slave for leakage.
  10. odie one thanks for the quote
  11. some of the old nissan trucks and they where aways 6 lug as far back as 1962. i had a 1962 L320 was very old when i had it . was told the 6 lug rims for a chevy LUV would fit it . and they did on the back anyway as i had a pair with snow tires on them .so the Japan made chevy Luv truck rims 6 lug fit some of those nissan Datsun trucks what all year i am not shure sorry i ment the standred truck . maybe those luv rims would fit the front. maybe not.
  12. you got some safte.y things seat belts saftey colasiping stearing coluim.the old time rigs had a solid steel stearing set i dont need to tell what happened to the driver in a frontal hit. padded dash safty nobs they work . my third total was in the back seat in a toyota wagon teen age son rolled it going 50. can still rember the detachable safty rear view mirrer coming off. the used to be made of solid metal and with no seat belt you get the picture.i lived through that because i had on my lap belt.there was not a straight pice on that car. and lock all doors at all times . door locked door stayed shut i stayed in 5 loop roolover. Came to rest upside down.
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