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  1. saw a minnie wine toyota  m h  on e bay said new jersey i think . but of course dont know if it is real or not . not enough picts eather might be reason why

    1. linda s

      linda s

      I see some issues. Bottom of overhead is separating from coach. Not good

    2. 5Toyota


      i did not look that close but very few picts of inside red light too me 

  2. my 87 dolphon pict at left is model 400 22rec automatic has been fine for us . had 67000 org miles when i bought it 7000 500 dollors. i dont use the overdrive . and some back country roads i shift manual like a stick. prefere stick have a sr5 4wdxtra cab truck as well same power plant . the moter home is the only auto i have had of 7 toyotas 2 moterhomes . keep the four cyclinder reved up . but not over reved . luging kills the engine and trans by heat . national rv put on xtra trans cooler .never had a 6 and dont want or need one for me . 4 in a row is the way too go. when you buy old use
  3. yes i am sorry i forgot to say yes you will have to raise it . but also need it raised then you nee d a jack to raise and lower the tank. my freands have a farm shoup they had some masiv e heavy wood ramps i was able to put the rear tires on . used a big floor jack too lower and raise the tank i did not unhook it all the way just stuff hoses down from fill hole h ock on tank use new clamps .
  4. i have replaced the filler hose and the small vent hose .on my 87 dolphon . and previous 1978 minmax . in both cases the main filler hose was dry rot and craked . gas fumes inside rv could make a boom boom . shure was at the least sickning . no special tools do not use raderater hose gas will eat it out . that is why this neoprene fuel tank hose sold by the inch . not by foot bought mine at napa auto parts . the modern hose is better made . these tanks have drain plugs on the bottom . you need a good size floor jack .to loor the tank up and down . unhook tank unhook hoses from tank . unscrew
  5. indeed he was a great friend to all of us we will all miss him .
  6. hellow everyone i hope ever.one is staying safe . my son has a metal roof single wide . bought for near nothing .had pinholes in the roof . he bought some white coating from western matirals in a five gallon can . very costly mabe 350 dollors not a latex solvent based stunk to high heven stays very flexable . and after trying many other products is staying dry . the company said they used too sell latex types . this stuff is way mor flexable. high grade .
  7. bad front shocks alone will cause very bad control problems . my dolphin had 67000 miles but the front shocks were totally shot . the prices they gave you sound like for a big class a.
  8. adventur rv made the Toyota slumber queen in Abotsford  Bc on your west coast .

  9. rubber roof many new rv s pull trailers anyway have rubber roofs . they seem to work well . just like anything else some matinence once in a while .I had a 1978 Toyota 18 foot motorhome that someone put a rubber roof on . and covered over the front cabover window and the whole top . was old no matinence but still ok. my son has a 23 foot Jayco late model trailer with that . it is commen ly used to reroof old metal roof full size trailer homes . my nebier said it fixed his metal top double wide good,
  10. the same as i have aubreys rv center union gap yakima wa st 1 800 300 4709 i dont know if they have the gogle eye type anymore.
  11. water pump is that a 22re or 22r when those water pumps squeal my experance has been begin too leack. then they will freze up I mean up solid. I have over the years had 2 lock up solid. also wiggle the fan check for slop . if lose replace very soon.
  12. one thing the v6 has a rubber timing belt . it needs to be replaced at recemend interverls. I cant say what that is I have never had a six.
  13. some folks recommend to never flush the trans. just change the fluid. flushing a old trans can cause it to fail by plugging it up with all the loosened sludge. then you have to rebuild what was a werking trans.
  14. my dauter got a job at one here in wa st 4 am to I am not shure in bakery stock and vegtibeles . after 9 years at a little news paper that finaly folded .up. there got pay for car rent and basics lives buy herself.
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