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  1. i was in past have the 1987 and 88 now dolphon and 4WDXTRA cab only choice there gear starter . have a reman napa gear starter on the truck . the other one was to burned out to repair. tes i agree the old 4 speed and the 5 speed are 2 different tranies.for shure .i still miss that wagon put way over 200.000 miles on it . my young driver so n rolled it over one night whith us in it . seat belts saved us.
  2. all i can say is it worked for 14 years on my 1977 20 r corona wagen that was a w50 5 speed never had a problem . 1978 motor home also l43 4 speed. a re you talking auto trans . used bosh reman. i also had the factuery toyota green cover book showed both. asked the parts guy he said no problem and i never had any. last for way over 100.000 miles no problem.
  3. if you have an older 1970s 20r you could get rid of that gear starter . and put on a convential larger simpal strait starter . the 20r used eather starter . both where interchangeable.
  4. most often i have found cleanup the disc end of the solened plunger and those 2 copper contacts will be pitted or even worn down replace those most often its fixed . the old dead key syndrome.
  5. thanks for that info i did not think that angle of it but have had the ends come lose . and they will pass a ohms test but fail a real load test .
  6. if you have those old type glass fuses i would take them all out and replace with new . even if they look good that type can still be bad. somtimes they even fall apart inside but still look fine. make shure to replace with the correct size . i have had this happen too me. took advice from old time toyota mecinec he new what he was about .
  7. for shure loose is better than tight. a little ticking is fine . i thought maybe i should incress the clerance a little . was not shure thank you .
  8. what would use for the setings i have 2 22rec xtra cab and mh. can you give the settings please.
  9. is it possable to adjust the 22rec cold instead of hot . the only problem i have on those a misery too do blasing hot . was wondering if it could be done cold by increasing the clearence settings .from .o8 intake and .012 ext.
  10. going to mtns with out that blue flame propane . is a pain . saved by my kids bbq tank i stole off his grill at midnite when my fridge was out . his dog just let me do it . wa st june 29 2021 was a pain tues day temp was 113. i live in the desert of eastern wa not seattle.
  11. i had a rear blowout on my 1977 toyota corona station wagen 50 miles east of missiola montana . it ripped the gas filler hose off of the gas tank and dumped 14 gallons of gas on the road . one spark parents and 3 children would of likely blown up. i new i should of changed that tire at home .big timber montana 2 more new tires . cody whyoming 2 more tires . all 5 tires . did not want old moldy spare . car very loaded.
  12. yes its much the same seams to have improved water flow. only one lever now but 2 postion 1 for water 2 for dump.somtimes i turn off the pump then it back on.
  13. i just a few weeks ago solved this same problem on my dolphon 1987 i left a post on here about . i installed 2 11 pound short tanks propane tanks these are about 2 1/2 gallons each . cost a little over 100 dollors plus new pigtails and a tee both together is 22 pounds of propane works great made 2 trips already 9 days total.. you can buy a tee and hose extend a flow i think its called hook a standup bbq tank on the ground tee in the onboard tanks . those 2/1/2 are working great for me . the china made horazontal tank is 150 dollors . the manchester is 450 dollors . i replaced a 1973 lay down tank.
  14. replaced the 4 in my dolphon with the 5 no mods in my case .hand flush was a little cheaper . at local dealer. water flow is improved in the newer model.
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