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  1. i dont know about that make there . but national rv Dolphin and sea breeze toyota models are not too be used at all for towing anything. right in the factory books not made for towing .
  2. i did not know they made RVS . that company had shops all over . they made all kinds of stuff. FMC fire engines farm sprayers . they had fmc fire trucks where i live. at some of the fire companys. some time ago i looked them up was surprised that they had gone out of busness.
  3. oya had a rat crap rust on my lawn mower. little blue cubes did him in no more before or since. moved in from the next door peoples junkie living. the guy quit paying on his bank loan. moved out all gone now good ridence.
  4. if it blows the fuse that fast. as soon as you put the fuse in YOU HAVE A DEAD SHORT. but where is the big question. take down the light checkit out out or take the bulb out . try that if the fan works and the fuse works then the line too the light or the light itself is bad . is this a new problem. or does the fan blow the fuse . worst case run whole new wire from panel too fixtures. dis connect old line at both ends.
  5. iused to have big saws like that macs and sears cheap but very good cut mtns of wood to heat the house never had the money for a stiel   back then you could buy a good cheap big saw. the old sears called for 8 ounces oil one gallon of gas  run year after year  3.7 cube was made by roper you could not blow one up. 

    1. Maineah


      Well I burn a lot of wood here in Maine And learned that there are to types of saws the ones that didn't start and the Stihl"s person opinion!


    2. 5Toyota


      those that dont start are no good to me or youwhat is your most common type of fire wood. out here red firs  mtn fire wood. i never did that. i cut down old over age large old apple pear cherry orcherd apple wood burns good and hot hard wood split all with sledge hammer and wedges aways had 10 or 15 cord  can get 25 mines in eastern washington st in winter . but i live a little double wid e now in towen but those days when i was young

  6. i dont buy that premade i live near a place that sells no ethanol gas bought a gallon today 6bucks but last me maybe near a year. put twice the called for amount of stabill. in it i use echo oil which has some stabill in it . i have never had a gas line or carb problem. i dont leve gas in the 2 cycle stuff. put same gas in my 11 year old flat head briggs mower no oil in it but heavy dose of stabill in that gas can. end of season put a little more stabill in the gas tank of mow er never had the carb open never had gas line ate up on anything. change mower oil clean air filter use ngk plugs in everthing. my neyebors stuff spits drives me crazey whey it runs but they said that gas cost too much.
  7. except a comparable echo chainsaw. and i do have a little stihl 170 . but my trimmer and blower are Echo. the 170 was a used gift from a freand. so light for an old guy . a great yard and camp saw . echo has a line of battery tools also dont know if they are as good as the gas stuff . still using that gasstuff. and my old metal illegal eagle gas can. with a home made spout. LOL ya i am a redneck. ant no city boy here.
  8. S and K tools very good work for me . i did an older head job on a 20 r carb eng . wife hold timing chain me and a freand to lift head off manifolds on . admit i never done efi. if they overheated it very easy too blo.w head gasket. also seen heads ruined ate up from never changing antifreeze .
  9. . extreme bearing failure i would say probley an understatement for shure. from what i know the 6 lug must have the bearings removed and repacked at intervals. an unusual design the gear oil does not lube them. those look like new brakes has someone worked on this in correct reassembly maybe.
  10. as i changed my dolphon to this kind of set up from the same type of single type of horzontal tank. i can tell you i love it . those tanks are so much easer to lift and install. also i removed my pol and installed a tee and two short kwick conect conecters. new out fit one year old loving it.at 11 pounds each you get two pounds more.i just turn both on and run sam as one tank just got back from a week trip remote camping back country. you wont regrt it so easy to carry easy too put in. i am very close to 70 have pain in hips and bad hands.plus my son was getting upset because my old tank was older then the camper 1972.
  11. my local rv dealer has them new i mean the shades or light unit but if was replacing the whole thing i would go LED . aubreys rv in yakima wa . phone number 1 800 300 4709 or 509 453 4709 in bussnes since the 1960s. have bought several new ones myself
  12. and it is required to be a TWO 2 stage regulater. some old single stage regulaters were used . you must use a 2 stage for safty codes. my local rv repair place told me this . makes sense if the single diafram type goes bad 100 percent of tank pressure goes in the applances can blow up your camper.
  13. or a large plastic knob i have replaced 2 of those in my camper
  14. very nice looking slumber Queen as i recall built in abotsford B C.
  15. my 87 dolphon had that problem . i finely pulled up the plate in the drain myn had a plate in the schower drain it is round with a bunch of holes in it . underneath i found a regular drain with a cross haier guard . the four courner holes were pluged with hard soap reasadue . i punched those out and now all works well.
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