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  1. they did have some with a lifetime warranty .because i have one on my 88xtra cab 4wd
  2. should of been a large rubber ring with bolt holes its is flat.
  3. supposed to be a thick rubber gasket in there. did you save the one it should of had. to reuse did you use the same screws . did you eye ball it side to side with the old motor make shure they are the same.big rubber ring with bolt holes put on motor first .
  4. well i sold it today thanks for all   to                  everyone on here. . 

    1. linda s

      linda s

      I'm so glad for you but I know you're going to miss it. Don't be a stranger here. I need all the resident experts I can get

      Always your friend 


    2. 5Toyota


      thanks will missit for shure  but still have xtra cab 4wd.. thanks for  asking  from time to time camp with my son 17 foot hideout drive my old toyota 4wd

  5. maybe that at one time had an old single stage regulator . those can not be installed. now they do not meet safety standreds. but they where much smaller . my old 78 had one the local rv shop told me i needed to get rid of it what he has is the same as i have had .
  6. selling my dolphin 1987 70.000 miles 22re auto model 400 selling because of our health . 509 453 5848
  7. from what i have seen some trailer tires are not fit too put on a trailer when they are brand new.my son bought a brand new 35 foot pull trailer . the tires lterly fell too pices at maybe 5.000 miles.From what i understand D rated tires are 8 ply rated.C rated might be 6 ply rated i dont recall
  8. that looks to be a n aftermarket motor.looks almost new. some of the stuff for sale lacks quality. if the moter does not work with power to it. you could run wires to a battery not the one under the hood for safty sake. and test no work replace moter . tri to not b uy rebuilt ones . i buy from napa. my personal choice . i dont buy autozone or oriley they burned me on stuff. save the blower you need too reinstall on new motor. they do go out time to time .
  9. do to our health 1987 Dolphin auto 22re brand new furnace. new metal frame vents new propane tanks roof air and fridge still work great stove oven all work great water heater great. dash air does not work . less then 75,ooo miles on it . lived many years in the hot dry climate of eastern wa yakima area. bunch of xtras 18 gallon portable smart tote. rear cargo rack newer spare tire on a newer carrier bumper mount. screw jacks . custom made wooden step porch stores in side . bunch of other xtras . 8000 no lower also new rv battery group 27 . picts are now on craegs list seattle and others posted by my son.
  10. make Shure it for fuel injection high pressure use. not common low pressure carb hose. and the clamps can be different to.
  11. i have done two rvs my 78 and current dolphin both had very deteriorated hoses. napa has it . it is indeed sold by the inch for the large hose. i had to use a large jack to lower the tank part of the way down. gas fumes out of the outlet are off the charts . do outside only a breeze is recommend . for got to add the friends shop which is a farm shop had these monster wood ramps or you need a lift .
  12. are you shure the battery is good seen some brand new batteries even that where bad. is the starter stuck bad selnod etc
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