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  1. Hope the winning bidder has been in one of these.
  2. Lucky you with the 26 gallon. In addition to the filler hose check that fuel line. My fuel line was rubber, old, and was cracked not too far from the tank on the rear of the vehicle. Easy fix.
  3. A previous owner of my motorhome had the same latch and padlock installation on mine. I had a spot for a deadbolt I was able to use and ditched the latch padlock system. I did not have a bent door however.
  4. I have not heard of staying away from the automatic transmission; definitely not a consensus on this.
  5. Now is a challenging time to shop for motorhomes as they are very popular. Toyota motorhomes in particular have become very desirable. I agree with the others who posted here. You have to see the machine in person; a must. Pictures just do not do any motorhome justice. I apologize to the group but I would contend most listings for these machines are inflated right now. Be very careful when considering one because supply is low and quality is often also low. You will be paying for repairs (I sound like a broken record) or working on it yourself once you purchase. It is inevitable d
  6. Plan on working on all aspects of your truck regardless of what maintenance schedule you are provided. The newest toyota motorhome is 28 years old. The machines are reliable and well built but do not defy age. You will be working on it (or paying someone).
  7. I recommend finding a grease gun with a flexible hose. Easier to bend the tip into the different tight spaces. A few more bucks but worth it in my opinion.
  8. "The Dog House." The dogs love it and our main use of the camper is taking our dogs to parks all over the state for walks.
  9. I used Odyssey4x4's idea and made it my own. I use the rack for a 400cc motorcycle but also carry stuff on it like my grill, kayak, bicycles, and other miscellaneous stuff when the motorcycle isn't on it. Odyssey4x4 is an active user here.
  10. The AC has done a great job for us over this past Summer. Of course, Wisconsin Summer. We've had some hot 90+ degree days and it managed to keep the camper comfortable. 5200btu. I've seen mixed reviews on the internet when in the West desert country and Texas 100+ degree days. I wanted an AC I could run along with occasional microwave on a 2000w peak inverter generator. My rear rack hangs off the back farther than yours. Concerning movement I had to address with my rack was lateral movement; side to side. Very solid up and down but had to weld additional support between frame exte
  11. Here are a couple pictures of my AC. Won't win any beauty contests but is functional and I'm happy with where I fit it. It protrudes from the side of the camper approximately 6"; enough to get good air flow so it functions properly. Original fridge was shot. Took it out flipped it upside down and tried all the tricks before giving up and hitting craigslist for the dorm fridge. I run the fridge with solar and inverter.
  12. Mine has a cabinet above the fridge with some unused space between. I mounted a window ac unit in that space.
  13. Nice work. Cool looking additions like the solar panel mount. And a large full size bike on the rack. I lightened a 400cc to get it to around 300# for my rack.
  14. That is a very clean looking camper. I have an 87 Escaper and am generally happy with it. Escapers have an aluminum frame which is nice for those hidden leaks as it won't rot the whole structure anyway. Price doesn't seem terrible considering the appearance (mine was less than half that price with less miles though it was not in the condition that one appears to be in). Know the machine is old and will likely need quite a bit of maintenance. Your purchase price is just the start of your expenses if you don't want to run it into the ground.
  15. Don't see why they would feel a need to replace the pulleys unless they felt movement in the bearings. Even then the bearings in the pulleys can be replaced though not the easiest job. I took one of my pulleys with a set of new bearings to a machine shop and the worker pressed them in for free.
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