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  1. Interesting. Has to be one of the highest risk DIY contraptions I've seen on here for a motorhome.
  2. In the event of a blow out with one tire, the other will leak air through the valve until you pull over and remove it?
  3. I have the same awning rail as you. It appears to have been installed correct and the circular channel on the top accommodates a bag type awning like those found on a pop up. I have one installed on mine. A plastic cable on top of the bag awning slides through the channel.
  4. I've been using the 6v batteries at Batteries Plus for years. Duracell and have not had an issue yet.
  5. My motorhome is my hobby my friend. Travel and camping are what I like. I keep it tuned in the sense that it runs reliably and gets me to and from my planned destinations within the 12-15mpg limitation it currently possesses. Nothing too fancy or mind blowing mechanically here.
  6. I believe somewhere in this forum someone was able to fit a lexus 6cyl motor into their camper. I believe the person was suggesting significant bump up in performance and gas mileage. All different ideas and investments in time and money on this site. Some of us just settle into a finely tuned 22re with 12-15mpg.
  7. Tires have a definite expiration date. Rubber loses its pliability and cracks. The cracking and tread separation can occur in an instant. Tell your husband to inspect the tires within the treads. Often, even if no cracking is visible on the sidewalls, there will be visible cracks between the treads. Blowouts are scary and dangerous. I've had one on a rear dully on a prior motorhome and it did damage to the wheel well of the vehicle. Had a blow out on a motorcycle to and feel very lucky to be here. Let your husband know you posted your awareness of your vehicle's maintenance issue
  8. I apologize to the group for my troll like comments. The topic struck a nerve.
  9. A large mast and main sail. Wash machine motor install for homemade Hybrid. Superior aerodynamic rebuild.
  10. Please share the modification that improved your fuel economy by 5-10mpg.
  11. I bet it's a km/h speedo and calculated as km/h. Otherwise, the funny math.
  12. Nice work replacing the valve stems. Motorcyclists like myself make a point of routinely replacing all potential fail spots on their vehicles to minimize mechanical failure. Valve stems do not last forever and have rubber on the inside of the rim that will eventually rot with age. It is not unusual for the valve within the stem to fail as well. Who knows how old the stems are on some of these machines as it is yet another expense when getting tires replaced.
  13. Something to be said about driver awareness owning one of these motorhomes. Awareness of the mechanical shortcomings including small brake system considering the weight of the machine, notorious lack of power, and an ability to expect the unexpected considering the age of the machine. AAA and very large space cushions between vehicles is how I roll. Hope for the best but plan for ... We get there, have fun, and do get decent gas mileage along the way.
  14. The cabinet looks great. Hopefully you get the machine on the road soon! Taking your hobby to the next level. Hope you have another motorcycle carrier on board. I'm still using mine derived from your Escaper design.
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