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  1. He put a zip file of the manual on this thread. Some people had a problem extracting the files though but maybe it will work for you. I also posted a manual for a 1985 Dolphin. Not much difference from the 86 except for the chassis. The link for Bryant RV has all the appliance manuals. There is very little in depth information in the manuals and no mechanical info. For that you need a Toyota truck book. Don't buy blind. You need to ask a lot more questions before you buy a 35 year old motorhome Linda S
  2. Oh and Lucas transmission fix in the trannie. Mine did the same when I bought it. Seals dry from lack of use. Used Lucas once and trannie is still fine Linda S
  3. Cool of course the Toyota truck didn't come with high backed seats. Those seats with the glitzy plush seating are from a Sunrader Sunchaser. Person who bought it must have ordered the upgrade since the door panels match. I love this shit. Never seen those in a regular Sunrader before. The Sunchaser was a Chinook sized vehicle available with a camper package or a Limo package. Yeah tiny little limo. Linda S
  4. Well now I looked at the upholstery. Are those tall bucket seats in front? That fabric looks familiar. The dinette and overhead have newer fabric on them but not really well done. Loose and 2 different fabrics. If it was me I'd redo them but I can sew. Chasing a mystery. Tell me about those front seats Linda
  5. You sail so think boat. Make it pretty. Gently curved polished wood beam . The right kind of wood could be very strong. Linda S
  6. Tires near you Shop Tires by Vehicle | Tire Kingdom Even tire places that can't search for a tire without an aspect ratio can search for a 1990 Volkswagen Campmobile. They use a 185R14 tire too. I needed a tire in the middle of nowhere once. A ringy dink tiny tire shop got me a tire in one day. Also a properly patched tire, from the inside with the right kind of plug can last for years. Been there done that too. Linda S Oh and Toyota spares are mounted underneath with a hoist system. Lots of them on eBay or at any junk yard with Toyota trucks. Only difference if your had
  7. First impressions are everything in a sale. Makes the difference between a cared for vehicle or one that's been run to shit. First polish the fiberglass. Many of us use Bar Keepers friend available at any hardware store and some grocery stores. Removes all oxidation and gives a smooth surface or the final finish. Just use with a cloth or sponge on a wet surface. To really add a super shine then use Zep floor wax. Yeah I know it all sounds strange but it's been used by motorhome owners for years. Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser & Polish - 12 Oz - Safeway Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser &
  8. I could only find 79 and up for new fiberglass ones. pretty sure the early ones are slightly different cause they went from 2 headlights each side to one. There's a very cool place in British Columbia that makes them for 195 each. Truck (toyotafiberglass.com) It is fiberglass though so it shouldn't be too hard to make some adjustments as long as the hood curve is a match. I have no clue on this Linda S
  9. Wow. That came out beautiful. What a find. Never heard of a parts place in Kenya and I have sent people to the middle east and Japan lots of times. Why don't you try calling Allied Auto Parts in Winnepeg. A lot closer, much safer and they just might have what you need. Unfortunately countries like Kenya are the center of huge internet scams. Do you really want to give them your credit card number Linda S
  10. As you must already know your build has me somewhat light headed. Mood lighting is perfect. I don't know if you've seen these yet. Builders of the BCT | TruckHouse Fully optioned one comes in at just under $400,000. Yours may not be molded composite but I would guess yours is worth somewhere between $100,000 and $200,000. Of course the value to you is priceless Linda S
  11. I don't know what he kept but the weight of all the appliances, stove, fridge. water heater and furnace all come to less than 200 lbs. Well used weight as far as I'm concerned. Jaysam did you weigh your rig before the redo. I really would like to know the weight now if you get the chance Linda S
  12. In the past 7 years Toyota motorhomes have gotten very hard to find and prices have gone through the roof. A member here posted this not long ago but don't know if it's gone yet. Looks very nice and yes 8 grand is a deal for one now Dolphin for sale - General Discussion - Toyota Motorhome Discussion Board Linda S In Massachusetts but at least it's on the same side of the country
  13. Even if your already level and don't need to adjust it, those stands I showed will stop the bounce when your walking around the camper. Put them in the back on each side. Linda S
  14. Yeah that threw me. You can see the holes for the toilet sink and shower. I'm betting there's another one farther over for the kitchen sink. When you drop the tank you'll know. By the way these drains are all sealed with rubber gaskets that lock into the tank like this Amazon.com: ICON 12483 Holding Tank Fitting - 1-1/2" Rubber Grommet: Automotive This size is for grey water from sinks and such. For the toilet you will need a 3 inch one. Down pipes from fixtures just push into these. Linda S
  15. If you have a freshwater tank plumb the grey water to that. I thought you didn't have one. Linda S
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