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  1. Defrag goofed a bit when he posted this. This is for the right side. This is for the left Toyota 47406-30020 Linda S
  2. Yeah can't open heic files on my phone or computer Linda S
  3. Very cool. We'd love to see some pics. Linda S
  4. I'm guessing it doesn't say Chinook anywhere. Very possible you do have a small camper that looks just like a Chinook. General RV bought the shell molds from Chinook and made them through 1984. Not a lot of them, but they do exist. Oh and General RV is the same company as Odyssey. Linda S
  5. Doesn't look shortened to me. Same as my Tiger just converted to left hand drive Mine looked like this Linda S
  6. Looks almost identical to the Tiger I used to own but in reverse. Linda S
  7. David is on the other side of the country.Can you show me some pics of your damage? Linda S
  8. Love the camper but blue and red interior. Yuck Linda S
  9. My generator has a switch next to it that needs to be on to power the camper. If yours is an Onan it should have a circuit breaker right on the gen set Linda S
  10. I'm pretty sure there's no dirt on his chassis. Linda S
  11. If you're interested here are the original Toyota Docs. The 8 years or 100.000 miles was a Special Policy Adjustment and that did have a limited availability. Mid 1990 to some all the way through 1995 had no such termination date. Toyota V6 Head Gasket SPECIAL SERVICE CAMPAIGN V06.pdf Even though they have ended this program I would be likely to argue it if it was me. No end date on original docs sounds like a legal loophole to me Linda S
  12. The earlier years expired sooner but the mid-nineties to at least 1993 expired 9/2018. I posted this and forgot Document: (nhtsa.gov) Linda S
  13. The existing roofs are stronger than you think. My Nissan spent most of it's life in Alaska and before I got it, it had been abandoned in a field for 2 years in upstate New York. Where I grew up and known for it's massive lake effect snowfall. No beams on it at all and roof doesn't sag. Top heavy can make driving dangerous with our puny suspensions. Just saw your post. Not as much weight as I thought. I go on my roof all the time. Like sitting up there especially for fireworks and of course to clean it. When I bought my Toyota I weighed 220lbs. Never felt like I was doing any harm. Linda S I weigh nowhere near that anymore.
  14. Your clearly doing an excellent job but eleven seems excessive. We are all top heavy and I would worry about the extra weight up there. The later Sunraders came with 2 beams , 1 for the shorties, and I have never seen one fail. Linda S
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