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  1. There's a hose on the drivers side kind of behind the alternator that goes from engine to engine. It's a coolant hose. Lots of people don't even know it's there. Might be the leak spot. Linda S
  2. You have a lot of issues going on here. You said it was driving hot. For how long and how hot. The check engine light and brake came on at the same time. Usually means the alternator is bad but your brakes did lock up so ? Did the back up camera ever work. Did you put it in or was it there when you got it. Loose wires on the floor, were they always there. Check your battery and see if it has power, cheap multimeter is the tool Find fuse box diagram online so you know what goes where then change all the fuses. Check brake fluid and coolant Posting pics can help us locate problems. We'll figure this out but it's not just one thing. Linda S
  3. Yeah I saw a really good website that used KBS gas tank sealer for a vintage Chevy truck. Amazing results and seems lots of vintage car restorers use it. Of course I can't find it now but there are a couple of YouTube videos and it's very reasonable at 70 bucks for the whole kit. Totally worth a try. Says up to 25 gallons but site I saw sealed a 22 gallon and had lots left. All Makes All Models Parts | KB53000 | KBS Coatings; Tank Sealer (classicindustries.com) Linda S
  4. Amazon doesn't bring that starter up for me and it's not the same part number as Toyota uses. The internet is telling me that's the starter for a Cressida. Here's the Toyota part 28100-35020 - Toyota Parts Deal or this 28100-34080 - Toyota Parts Deal First one is slightly more powerful Linda S
  5. That might be your best option. That 29 gallon tank is so rare it is worth fixing. Linda S
  6. OK now that you made me get my hands all greasy I get it. I see where they could be a problem. I'm still convinced I could wrangle it out of there some other way but I would have to remove my starter to prove it. Not going there. Carry on Linda S
  7. But your starter is on the passenger side. No coolant lines near mine. should come out passenger side bottom but need to remove wheel that side to access bolts. You tube has lots of videos. Linda S
  8. Too weird. I haven't seen my Chiltons in years but just pulled it out of storage a couple of days ago. It says on some models with automatic transmission you may have to disconnect the throttle rod. Don't know if it applies to us but this book only covers pickups, Land cruisers and 4 runners. You'll know if it does when you get there and something is in the way Linda S
  9. Another thing. That part at Nissan parts deal might not really be available. They do that sometimes. I can't find anyone else who has this tank. Looks to be discontinued. BUT I did find one in Wyoming at this place. Closest one to Colorado and this place does ship. Auto Recyclers - Auto Parts, Auto Repair (autorecyclerswy.com) more info Year Part Model Description Damage Code Part Grade Stock# US Price Dealer Info Dist mile 1987 Fuel Tank Assembly Nissan Truck King Cab, from 8/86, 21.1 gallon (6 cylinder, 4x4) 000 A 0 161914 $85 actual Auto Recyclers USA-WY(Rock-Springs) Request_Quote 307-382-4222 Request_Insurance_Quote 254
  10. I don't know. Your truck has a wheelbase of 110 inches and mine with the larger tank has a wheelbase of 116 inches. Unfortunately my Sunrader is kind of covered with blackberries at the moment and I can't get under it to measure it for you. I did some measurements a long time ago and I know it will fit a Toyota with a wheelbase of 112 inches so only a couple of inches longer than yours. How long is that custom tank. I guessing it is at max length for the size of your rig for maximum fuel. That would give us an idea if it will fit and I will try to put some tarps down and measure my tank. Linda S Yes I know I'm a bad Sunrader owner. Have a clunk in the drive line and guy who was going to work on it closed business apparently. Been sitting since
  11. This is from a guy I trust (a) Park the vehicle on a level surface. (b) Start engine when cold and let idle 5 minutes. With the parking brake applied, shift the selector into all positions from ”P” to ”L”, and then shift into ”P”. (c) Pull out the dipstick and wipe off the fluid with a clean rag. Re–insert the dipstick and pull out again. Check that the fluid level is in between the COLD and HOT ranges. Linda S
  12. Link 6.5x6 flat and convex https://www.millsupply.com/stepvan-parts/mirrors-stepvans/mirror-heads-glass-velvac-dual-style/ Linda S
  13. Computer fan and velcro. Can wire to nearest light fixture with on off switch. They are very thin and quiet. You could easily sleep with it on or you can take it off to store. Love velcro Linda S
  14. There are many other ways to get more ventilation without possibly damaging your RV. Even when done right more holes means weaker roof. Not that much air to displace so if the bathroom vent has a fan leave it on and window cracked. If you want air blowing right at you lots of 12 volt window fans in all sizes to use. Linda S
  15. The mirror arms that hold the individual mirrors are no longer made. Take good care of yours. The mirrors can be bought at Mill Supply and they are made by Velvac.
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