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  1. Scrape off all the grout and use fiberglass mat and epoxy. Kit from auto parts store will work. Carefully push into surface to match curves. When it dries you can sand and paint and it will be close to invisible Linda S
  2. How about factory. This certainly doesn't look short 90942-05026 - Toyota Parts Deal Of course not cheap Or you could have whomever puts the tires on source some for you. I don't think Walmart can install your tires. The wheel balancing machines they use can't handle our huge center opening last I heard Linda S
  3. Poopy valve is 3 inches and gray water valve is 1 1/2 inches. Linda S Yours don't look that old. You know they can be repaired rv waste valve seal kit - Google Search It's good to lubricate them from time to time too. At the dump when you can push them in and out spray with wd40 and in and out them a few times. Makes them easier to use and last longer
  4. I can come up with a Keep your Toyota alive manual and a 1988 factory service manual. XSane scanned image (wordpress.com) 88_TOYOTA_TRUCK_Service_Manual.pdf service manual is very big download Linda S
  5. Well AKpirate has a Toyota and in his video you can see the hub protruding and the correct 3 hole wheels so he's fine. Just to add interesting information all 4x4 Sunraders came with fake duallys except for 1. My friend bought it from the mans estate and it came with the paper work of the upgrade while it was being built in 1986. Gardiner-Pacific bought the first 15 inch custom duallys from Custom and Commercial Wheel for this rig and that's how that company got into the Toyota motorhome wheel business. Mike talked to the wife and she said her husband insisted on having the best and that meant the new full floater. Linda S
  6. Ok I get it. I made my girlfriend sell her Land Rover because of all the problems it had. Linda S
  7. What's Lucas Electronics. I only come up with a store in Brooklyn. You mean a Tesla? I would love an electric vehicle with the range and power to use backroading. With global warming I hope they come up with better and better all electrics. Linda S
  8. A few things put your solar dreams out of reach. The air conditioner and an electric refrigerator can and do use lots of power especially in a steamy New York summer. There are lower power options but all of them extremely expensive. Are you getting rid of all the propane? What do you have in mind for cooking and heat. That kind of battery load will require at least 400watts of solar panels to keep it charged . Loots of roof space for a little motorhome. Maybe too big. Of course the Maxx fan is just a fan. runs on 12 volts and not a power hog. 12 volt tv's are also easy to find and there are 12 volt converters for laptops so all of these are not a problem. So we need exact models of the high power appliances to check how much power you need to run them. Linda S
  9. All Nissan 610's and 720's had 6 lugs . You have never seen one with 5 because they don't exist Linda S
  10. Except if you have a Nissan. All of them had 6 lugs in the back, even the early ones with fake duallys. Protruding hub in the rear is a better tell Linda S
  11. Yes that is exactly the tire size your looking for and it's a very good tire. That price is also an extremely good price too. Linda S
  12. Lets face it, it's a Land Rover. If it was a Land Cruiser maybe. Linda S
  13. For some reason the axle facts page can't be reached from this site anymore. There is a long thread still there but lots of posts without the to the point info. The important thing to look for is the hub that sticks out of your rear wheels and the 6 lugs. Lugs are 6x7.5, much larger than most wheels. The original axle page is still on this site but your probably going to have to join to see it. Microsoft Word - Rear axle faq for Toyota motorhomes.doc (groups.io) OK so even though I do love a good project I'm sorry to tell you I don't love you anymore. I do require a seaplane for that Linda S Sorry forgot to add link
  14. Your axle has already been upgraded to a six lug full floater. No death here. If that's the cabin you built I am very impressed. Tell me that's your plane too and I love you. Nice video and this site is very active Linda S
  15. So I checked the Rock Auto site using the Toyota part numbers in the search. There are a few matches but none of those Centric parts fit the bill. We do have a different master cylinder than the others so must be the brake hoses are slightly different too. Anywhere you can match factory part numbers is a plus Linda S
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