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  1. You should make it clear it was totaled because of the cost to repair the house section. Only vehicle repairs were a brake job Linda S
  2. I think you can get the inspection where you are. Check with Ct DMV and ask if they would accept docs from an approved inspector in New Mexico. People have accidents all the time when out of state and shipping their vehicles home can't be the only option. If Ct won't take an out of state inspection your insurance company should be willing to offer you a temporary binder to get it home. If not there are a few online companies that I think would. Linda S
  3. I have another friend on this site who started looking for an RV 5 years ago. Trouble was he was only interested in a certain type and even when they came on the market they were sold before he could get there. In the mean time prices have gone through the roof and Toyota motorhome have gotten scarcer and he still has nothing. I found the old ad for your 88 that was for sale in Bakersfield. Yes, it is beautiful. Is it more beautiful than the V6 model I found in your home town? Absolutely not and your old 4 banger sold for 6 thousand dollars more than the price on the newer one. You should know that the V6 models have an upgraded chassis and ride much smoother than the 4 cylinder ones. At our age waiting for things is not such a good idea. You have to live life now. Linda S
  4. Unfortunately no. The gas absorption refrigerators are the most efficient ones for RV's. There are some ac/dc fridges that don't use a lot of power but on 12 volt you're going to need some added solar or a small generator to avoid draining your battery's. Replacing your existing one is expensive. Not a lot available in the size we need. How far are you from this RV refrigerator - appliances - by owner - sale (craigslist.org) Looks like the right size. These things plug in too so always tell them to plug it in the day before you get there. They take a long time to cool. Not like a compressor fridge and they don't make noise like a compressor fridge. Linda S
  5. Just checked and those snap rings are available online from a number of places pretty cheap. Not a disaster if one gets damaged pressing off the bearings. At less than 5 bucks a pop I'd get new ones anyway Snap Ring- Toyota OEM Rear Axle Snap Ring (1979-2006) 90520-36045 (yotashop.com) Linda S
  6. No it also has a small transmission cooler in the front of the radiator, about 6x9. Stock from factory, No longer available so I can't get the part number but here it is. Number 3 on this diagram
  7. Switch to larger single wheels and tires like this and your wheel bearings will no longer be an issue Thunderer Ranger R402 215/70R15 109/107R D (8 Ply) AS A/S All Season Tire (prioritytire.com) Linda S
  8. There is silicone wrap tape that is safe for fuel lines. At least fix it for now. Versachem Wrap It Self Fusing Silicone Tape 10 ft. - Ace Hardware You need to remove the hose from the filler tube to wrap it around tightly, then reinstall. Lasts a really long time. I have a similar product sealing the water lines to my water heater in my Sunrader. Never did replace the hoses. It's been there 10 years and no leaks yet. Linda S
  9. Yes no special part needed. Just buy the length and diameter you need at an auto parts store Linda S
  10. Well table I can help with. Table needs to drop down to make rear bed so measure the little ledge at the edge of the dinette and size the table to fit and hold in place. Table hardware. Same size post as mine. I have seats only on each side not in the back so my table is bigger and I have 2 posts I think yours might only require one. This is a very cheap price for the set. Most charge more for each individual piece. RV pedestal 29 ½" TABLE LEG + 2 ABS surface mount base SILVER powder coat pole | eBay Nice piece of A grade plywood sanded and finished would work fine for the table. 3/4 inch, remember you need to put screws in it Linda S Didn't see the shipping price. It's still cheaper than buying separately just not super cheap
  11. Sht. This a huge amount of work. 1) have you driven it any distance since the new tires. Does it drive smoothly or shake. There must be a reason it is uneven. You need a mechanic to look at it. Surprised the tire installers didn't mention it. 2) You know about that couple in Florida who redid their Sunrader. Look at how they did their ceiling. A lot of work though. 3) No propane how are you supposed to run your fridge. Is your propane tank still there. Are the hard lines that run to your fridge and where the old water heater still there. Makes me worry he pulled it all out. Is your furnace gone too. 4) The original table went into a hole in the floor. He covered that all up so putting it back means removing some of that flooring to find the hole. You will need to find new hardware to install the table. I don't have a wrap around dinette so I can't measure table size for you. Linda S
  12. No the tire looks wrong. Also think it's the wrong size tire. I see Discoverer and that would make it a Cooper. They don't make tires in our size that I know of. I also clearly an all terrain tire. Find the date code. Bet they are too old too. Google tire date code for instructions. Looks like the trim came off between the cab and the coach and they grouted it. Do the same thing you would do in your bathroom when grout looks nasty. Brush on straight bleach and let it sit then rinse and scrub. Really black, might take a few tries. Linda S Try to keep your thread together. restoration is really all one subject. Separate titles for every question gets hard to follow
  13. No I have never bought any decals. Just have my old funky ones.
  14. Not brake destroying temps. Ask them if they can check the rear shoes from the sight hole in the back of the wheel. The big cost is those rear brakes because of the work involved. If you can get away with only doing the front it shouldn't be too much. Truth is there no way for us to give you a price. Is there fluid. That you can check. Linda S
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