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  1. I don't have a fleet. Just 2 Sunraders. They are little and don't take much space to store. Linda S
  2. I think a 14 year old. Kept talking about having to buy a gun to be safe driving anywhere. Yeah all those campgrounds are full of gangbangers. Weird though they look 70 and they need walkers Linda S
  3. 7 months later? Everybody take a chill pill. Linda S
  4. When you first light it the flame is orange and yellow and you can see that. After it warms up, ideally it is supposed to be a tiny blue flame. That is not easy to see. If your worried that it may have gone out, try hitting the pezio a couple times. The spark will make the flame flare up orange again. If you just see a spark the flame went out. Unfortunately, laying on the floor is always going to be your best viewpoint Linda S
  5. Please start new topic here Engines - Transmissions - Drive Train - Suspension - Chassis - Steering - Exhaust - Tires - Etc. - Toyota Motorhome Discussion Board and tell us about your brake problems. Maybe we can help. Welcome to the group Linda S
  6. Wire from isolator goes directly to battery, not the converter. The diagrams I posted should show a ground somewhere. I think all electrical systems need to be grounded somewhere but Iike I said electric is not my forte. If you take out all the drawers from your closet you can kind of see the back of the converter. Well you need a small head to get in there, your wife maybe. Or maybe good lighting and a mirror. Stick your arm in and take phone pics? Anything to see if somethings loose back there. That link I posted shows lots of ways to test the power. Go through it carefully. Doesn't matter if it's not the exact same as yours. They all work the same Linda
  7. Well you should have a 110 volt for shore power. Can't run that through your battery so it has to run directly to your converter. That's what converters do, they convert the 110 to 12 volt for the appliances lights and to charge your battery. Linda S
  8. Way to complicated for me but maybe it will help. RV Binder1.pdf (hayseed.net) It does show a relay Linda S
  9. Well I don't quite understand. That is the Sunrader Jetalkington just posted of his rehab. He didn't mention that he was selling it. All that work only to let it go even if it is for a pretty high price. Money isn't everything. I would be way too attached to my baby after that Linda S
  10. Showoff. It looks fantastic Linda S
  11. Yes the search engine works. Helps to narrow down your search and have it show all of your search terms, not any. Better yet just ask us. Linda S
  12. It really doesn't look too bad. Seal the bolt with some waterproof caulk. Clean up the mold with one of the many available mold treatments, I use Oxyclean but I don't know if that's available where you are. Peroxide will work. The windows are going to need to be removed and resealed with butyl tape. Like this Amazon.com: LLPT Butyl Seal Putty Tape White 1 Inch x 33 Feet for Leak Proof RV Repair Window Glass Boat Sealing Roof Pipe Patching(WST233) : Industrial & Scientific I always use white because the Sunrader is white. Then paint the walls with some semi-gloss paint in a color you like to hide the stains. Ask if the current owner has ever changed the head gasket. There was a recall a long time ago but lots of motorhomes never got done. Above all have a mechanic look at it and check that all the appliances work, they are very expensive. Hope it all works out Linda S
  13. OK so this is kind of out there but I think it would work for you. I need a roof on my house bad. Water poured in where the enclosed patio meets the house. I tried a ton of products but nothing worked until I tried this stuff. Place that leaked was dry as a bone last winter when it rains constantly here. Available in several different widths but it doesn't say here they are all 33ft long. Just figure what will fit your needs. Sticks like crazy. Make sure you've got it lined up right cause it's not going to come up again to realign. Looks great too. Absolutely no need to paint over it and it comes in white. Oh and no extensive cleaning before. I didn't prepare my roof first, I just swept off the loose gravely stuff from the old roofing MFM Peel & Seal Self Stick Roll Roofing (buymbs.com) Remember to buy enough for some overlap. Not alot for an RV, couple of inches at the most. If you want to see it first I have a little left, I can send you a sample. PM me with address Linda S
  14. To get rid of him I have to flag him as a spammer. That automatically hides all of his posts. His posts just didn't add up to a responsible adult. If your concerned about your safety, especially living in a high crime rate city like Fresno he would already have a gun and know the laws involving that. Also an adult would have at least driven somewhere in 50 years. The road isn't suddenly more dangerous because you're in a motorhome. It just didn't add up. I gave him plenty of chances Linda S 50 years of traveling and I have never had a single bad encounter on the road. Many, many times people have gone out of their way to help me though.
  15. Sunraders had a 26 gallon tank option. They were custom made for Sunrader by transfer flow which used to be in southern Cal but moved to Chico some years ago. They do not still make this tank. Linda S
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