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  1. sounds and looks really nice. I'd like to see it. Problem is the 750 miles one way.
  2. Clever Owl, will that camp stove burn propane in small green cylinders, or white gas (Coleman fuel)?
  3. I have not had this problem, but I might try shutting off the pressure and taking the kitchen fixture apart to clean it. Sounds like some crud got in it. An alternative would be to disconnect the water lines from the fixture, have a big empty pan handy, and BRIEFLY turn on the water. If still no water, it's piping. But if water comes freely, it's the fixture. A new fixture at an RV store should cost far less than a home kitchen fixture.
  4. Utah-Clay, do you have the Airlift part number for that compressor-gauge set? The airlift website gives 10 choices for Toyota micro-mini but none shown have two gauges, although one choice shown has two needles in one gauge.
  5. How are the bushings in the rear leaf springs? Mine are shot. I just bought new bushings but still have to get them in. I expect them to really improve sway and vibration. Will see.
  6. Wow. I have a 94 Warrior and always wished it had a lockup trans but thought it was too old for that. But if a 90 Dolphin has a lockup then I suppose my 94 does too. Sweet. I agree on driving 55 to max fuel economy. If I am in speed limit 75 then I may cheat all the way up to 57.
  7. Another possibility is either a faulty or badly positioned thermocouple. You may need a helper for this, but try holding the button down for a much longer time, say 30 to 45 seconds. This will not damage anything. If it stays lit for as long as you hold the button down, then goes out immediately upon releasing the button, then air is not the problem. The thermocouple has a metal tip which is either right next to the flame or even very slightly in the flame. This tip should glow red for a couple millimeters from the end. If it is not red or only a tiny bit of dull red, let things cool, then push the tip slightly closer to where the flame will be, maybe a millimeter should do it. Try again until you get the tip to glow red. That worked on the fridge in my first Toyota. If that tip glows nicely red but the flame still goes out when you release the button, you probably need to replace the thermocouple.
  8. Different brands of air bags have been used in Toyotas. Mine are the 3T's brand. I have paperwork from 3T's that says to use minimum 20 psi, maximum 100 psi. They don't want you to drive with them completely deflated because of possibly pinching the fabric on a bad bump.
  9. Thanks, Derek. I don't think the difference in weight of lift matters. I've had that Warrior plenty loaded and the 3Ts 2000 lbs has been sufficient. Airlifts are less costly and that always matters. I am just not sure that the airlifts allow as much up and down axle movement on some of the pothole pounding roads I sometimes have to use.
  10. https---www.airliftcompany.com-shop-57113-.url I've been looking at these airlift. My Warrior has the 3T's T9 airlift bags but one side won't stay up. How much vertical motion do these 57113's allow? The airlift page doesn't say.
  11. Or a place that makes awnings for retailers, motels, and other commercial locations.
  12. State DMVs can do unexpected things. My first Toyhouse was licensed and titled in Pennsylvania. When I brought it to Michigan they changed the make from Dolphin to National Recreational Vehicle M900.
  13. On July 8, 2017 ednelson 100 posted a photo of a damper--a skyjacker hydro 7000. I put this on my 94 Warrior at the suggestion of Ken Wery who showed me his at a Toyota rally. It is working well for me. If you order one, that 7000 is a series number, there is a specific part number for our Toyotas. Be sure to order the one WITH brackets because the end on the driver's side clamps to the link with two U-bolts like on a Jeep. And cost was less than half what a genuine Toyota part runs.
  14. Bushings ordered. Local Toyota dealer price for the 12 bushings totaled $76.04 plus tax. Toyotapartsdeal.com (Thank you Linda S.) put the 12 at 44.88 plus 11.75 shipping, so 56.63 plus tax. Local NAPA (Thank you WME) put the 4 upper at 2.79 each but could not find a cross-reference from Toyota-to-NAPA for the 8 eye bushings. He also called their help desk and they could not cross-reference it either. I didn't think to ask for a full set kit, maybe they would have had it. I wanted them ordered today so I used Toyotapartsdeal.
  15. Getting ready to replace all the rubber in the leaf springs and sway bars. I have good sources for aftermarket sway bar parts but want to use real Toyota bushings for the leaf springs because vibration is an issue and rubber instead of poly should help that. Does anybody have an on-line source for genuine Toyota parts that would charge less than the local dealer? How about the part numbers as well? For 94 Warrior. And thanks to WME and Linda S. for info in other posts that has helped me out at times.
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