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  1. My 94 Warrior has the 3T airbags shown at the bottom of Linda's post. When I raise the air pressure in them from 10 to 85 lbs the rig lifts between 3/4 inch to an inch at the rear axle, which would be at the rear bumper an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half.
  2. BobBeery

    Driver cab heating

    Also check for cold air blasting in from a vent on the right wall of the cab just ahead of the passenger door and below the dash--about shin high. This vent will always be open to the outside and is NOT connected to the cab heat. I taped scrap cardboard over it. Also the inside door release handles usually blast outside air into the cab. I jammed facial tissue in, but every time I open the door from inside the tissue falls out. There was enough cold air to make it worth my while to replace it every time.
  3. This info is two years old. D&D Salvage & Surplus, 15629 Heise Rd., Charlevoix Michigan 49720. (231) 547-0229. Open mid-May to early October. One barn full of new and used parts and accessories. Must be 10 acres of junk RVs you can pick and pull. They can cut down used awnings to your size. Nothing specifically Toyota. Most RVs have leaking or collapsed roofs. Operated by husband and wife aged mid 70"s who were hoping somebody would buy them out.
  4. BobBeery

    Converter/inverter idea

    Picky point: Decades ago when studying for a ham radio license, I was taught that a transformer can pass DC IF the voltage is not constant, such as cycling between +3v and +15v. It is true that if the voltage is CONSTANT which is usual for DC then a transformer cannot work.
  5. Q1, Yes you should be able to use all the tire valves when the tires are properly mounted. Q2, I don't know, but before you try it check the clearance at the top of the wheel cutout. Warriors have enough clearance there, Dolphins don't, (you have to jack up the frame NOT the axle, let the axle hang down) and I don't know about Sunraders. Also dually lug nuts are tighter that car/pickup lug nuts. Can you get them loose? Can you get them tight enough when you put them back on? Best of luck to you and use that Sunrader a lot.
  6. CitizenX, sorry we seem to have hijacked your post. Is there anything you are needing that we might help with? Derek, pardon my ignorance, but what does DRW stand for? Is it draw weight?
  7. I do not recall any mention of cab & chassis in the 94 manual, nor could I find any when looking just now. Only thing that was there was some info about slide-in campers which does not apply. I too was surprised to see 1994 on the manual. I am third or fourth owner so it may be possible the manual was picked up some time later. Notice the date on the second photo below.
  8. Owner's manual is 1994. I found more specs in a different section on trailer towing. 3VZ-E (V-6) and either trans GCWR with Toyota's towing package is 6900 lbs. Without the towing package GCWR stays at 6900 for manual tranny but drops to 5400 for the automatic. Sounds like the Toyota towing package has to do with cooling the auto tranny. There is also a note saying that if the trailer weight is 1000 lbs or more then trailer brakes are required.
  9. Here's pics of the axle, the Winnebago sheet (VIN matches) and the Toyota owner's manual. In case it is useful I also have original spec sheets for TTT airbags that Winnebago put on this rig.
  10. BobBeery

    Brand new Toyota owner with questions!

    On mine a previous owner had replaced that battery isolator and when he did he added a fuse in the wire from the alternator. That fuse had blown so I got no charging. I replaced the fuse with a self-resetting circuit breaker and all is well.
  11. I have the specs from Winnebago for my 94 Warrior. it is very similar to a 90 Dolphin that I used to own. Gross vehicle weight rating 6000 lbs. Gross combined weight rating (carried load plus pulled load) 6000 lbs. Gross axle weight rating front 2300 lbs. rear 4400 lbs. Unloaded vehicle weight with full gas tank but empty water and waste and propane tanks 5352 lbs. Net carrying capacity 648 lbs. Weight of people, water, food, bedding, clothes, cooking utensils, TVs and antennas, and propane (but not the empty tank) all count against the 648 lbs. net. I believe my Toy has been officially overloaded every time I drove it, and so are almost all the others on the road. The Toyota owners manual says GVWR is 4600 lbs, Front axle 2150 lbs. Rear 2650 lbs. The higher weight ratings from Winnebago can be accounted for by changes made by Winnebago, mostly the added air bags on the rear leaf springs. Hope this helps.
  12. BobBeery

    ACU-Gage Monitor

    This site https://www.facebook.com/groups/ToyotaMotorhomeClub/ has a man parting out an 86 Dolphin. Maybe you can get one from him. Look for post by Summer Moon Marie and find the comment by James Kubas.
  13. You might consider a new steering damper, new bushings in the leaf springs, and sway bar bushings and the rubber in the sway bar ends.
  14. BobBeery

    What to check out on 85 Nissan Sunrader?

    Have now seen the rig. Spare tire underneath fits front only. No spare for the rear. Has Yokohama LT195/75 R14 load range D mounted. Do Nissans usually have this size or was it a previous owner type thing? This is different than the usual Toyota tire of 185R14.