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  1. how fast does the tack take hold? or how do you get the fiberglass to stay pushed against the wood long enough for it to dry?
  2. could you scan some of the sweet paperwork into the digital world?
  3. Yeah that's crazy they don't come with covers anymore. Most of the time the cover is just plastic and I just switch'em out with the new shocks
  4. I'm diggin the bike storage. I too am removing my couch to make a home for my two wheeled friends.
  5. Reynolds is still good steel as well a anything double and triple butted. my Surly Cross Check is Reynolds 631
  6. Yeah. Every time I've gotten new shocks, none of them have come with washers so I just use the old ones. I would take a wire brush to it and hit it with a little wd40.
  7. Wondering if I have any fellow yotahomies that do any serious cycling or fixed city ridding. I'm an avid cyclist whos making room in my remodeling endeavor to fit some two wheel friends in the house. I have toured over 5,500mi across the US and regularly ride a track bike when I'm in cities. Got plans to do a lot of fixed city rides in major cities around the continent and eventually do an Alaska to Argentina tour. First I have to get a new touring set up and work my way down to only 3 bikes🤔 share some flicks of your steeds and tours cause I'd like to see'em.
  8. this is the thin Luan for for paneling and this is the foam insulation I warn you though, I have never done this before, so I'm just going off of my bit of carpentry experience I have and taking a wack at it. So unless any OG's on here wanna correct me, I think this is the proper course of action.
  9. I have an aluminum frame that gives me a guide to work with and because of that, I just replaced all the paneling inside and out. Since I live in a very humid climate I figured all the water damage needs replacing and not just patching (black mold is no bueno), that goes for the insulation as well. The Styrofoam is your insulation and I suggest getting all new foam board (its gets up to 6R for 1"). As for the wood, I'm just using luan from homedepot and rewrapping the frame. Looks like you gotta replace studs and what not. good luck. This is what I've done
  10. @linda s yah go any vids or how-to's on putting a 12v in its place?
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