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  1. Finally got it up! Now if only the weather would cooperate long enough for me to get the whole roof back on
  2. apparently it was a good deal, cause that posing is already gone
  3. Thats why I got the wooden beadboard. its looking like its gonna be an issue getting it to fit though 😬
  4. I've only gotten to tour the US, so far, but I do plan on South America soon.
  5. I've only gotten to tour the US, so far, but I do plan on South America soon.
  6. I am currently fixing all the water damage in my 86 sun-land and really wanna put up a beadboard celling. I picked some up today and am not sure its gonna be very flexible and to thick to-boot. Has anyone put up beadbaord and if so, did you use wood or fiberboard? I have never used fiberboard before, so I'm hesitant trying it in my soon to be home. tell me what y'all think/have done/etc.. thanx all
  7. how fast does the tack take hold? or how do you get the fiberglass to stay pushed against the wood long enough for it to dry?
  8. could you scan some of the sweet paperwork into the digital world?
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