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  1. I really hope I don't mess this up and have to take it all apart, I'm starting to regret working on the pinion. So too tight and gears grind, what happens when it's too loose? I'm still waiting for the bearing, do I grease it with the same stuff that I used on the front wheel hubs? Oh and what does WAG stand for?
  2. Yup time is the most valuable thing and working on an old rusted truck takes a lot of it. It's one good thing about this pandemic and having been laid off, I wouldn't be able to have worked on the truck this much. I'm gonna go with the part I have and hope that it will stake properly. At this point I'm not really worried about paying a few extra dollars for parts, I just want to know I have the right ones. I'm still waiting on the seal, after I work on the diff it's onto the leaf springs and suspension for the rear. I actually already have the driver side leaf springs removed I'm just waiting
  3. It costs $5.84. It fits. Even though the new one seems lighter, I guess I’m worried about the material being different and not being able to stake it.
  4. are these leaf leaf springs the default choice for rebuilds? You alrady know what I got going on Linda, I need to buy some soon.
  5. is that part used on both type of transmissions? I have a leak that I thought was the gasket, its not. Curious where my leak is coming from.
  6. Didn’t count the turns, it was on too tight. I had to use the impact. I watched some more videos and I think I might be screwed except I have a picture of the pinion that shows how many threads were showing with the nut on. Hopefully it will be alright. I don’t know what the slinger looks like yet, I haven’t got the seal off.
  7. Should I consider replacing the breather plug on the diff? Also, what is the deflector and do I need to order it along with a slinger?
  8. I appreciate it! It seems like it’s a good idea and I probably should. I’m just so cheap haha! If I decide to get them, I will order them from that amayama site u sent me.
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