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  1. I rebuilt them the best I could. I would rather not take any chances. I will make a decision when I get the other side tore apart.
  2. The fsm diagram shows both are the same. The dealership diagram shows 90170-12004 and 90179-12074 with an asterisk* not sure what that means? The larger nut below them is 90170-12025 and is discontinued and not for sale. I was hoping the fsm was correct and I only need to order the 90170-12004 nut from Toyota parts deal. I took this pic when I took them off. Do the nuts look the same size? I will take a look on the other side and try to confirm.
  3. So I lost one of the nuts when I was cleaning it. It slipped out of my hands and the wire wheel tossed it somewhere. Are they both the same bolts? The first pic is what the fsm shows, the second is what the dealer ship shows. The bottom pic is 90170-12004 from Toyota parts deal, is that all I need?
  4. Some of the pics were taken without tightening. I will make sure everything is tightened before it drives. what part are you referring to for the nuts, shocks?
  5. Oh I meant what does the profile name “Maineah” mean? both my parents have “ham” in their last names. So I am a ham kid. Also, ham is an acronym for “Hard as a M.F.er”. If I ever get a radio I will check you out.
  6. The manual says to install this before the shock absorber. It was easier after installing shock absorber. Install stabilizer bar to frame Connect stabilizer bar to lower arm torque 9 ft. lbs. torque bracket set bolts to frame torque 9 ft. lbs.
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