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  1. I have the same problem couple years ago with my motorhome.I install a relay between the starter and ignition key and no more intermitent start.
  2. I put 2 honda civic seats in my1991 winnebago warrior. it's perfect for me. The only one thing you have to check is the height. Maybe increase by 1 inch. Just one hole to drill.
  3. En passant, j ai changé le tensioneur et la timing belt le radiateur (un 3 rangée en aluminium acheté chez rockauto). La pompe a été changée lors du rappel des joints de culasses.
  4. J'ai eu le même problème que toi et j'ai appelé toyota canada et Granby toyota , les deux ne veulent pas payer. Ils disent que la garantie de réparation est de 1 an/ 20000 km. Sur mon véhicule, 11 valves sur 12 étaient brulées 1000$ juste pour les têtes
  5. i bought 6 years ago 7 continetal vanco 2. A lot of chineese : sailun ,hercules, westlake goodride etc. Il y a les continental vanco et peut être nokian qui sont de tres bon pneus le reste est chinois
  6. I remove my heads of my engine and 11 valves was burns. I change idler timing belt, radiator Liland all aluminium 3 row from rock auto. I drove 200 miles today and he run fine no check engine
  7. I sent the shim in machine shop to grind it. The cylinder no 4 raise to 85 psi. Exhaust valve is definitely dead. Cylinder no 1 : .002'' on exhaust valve. all the valve on this engine are out of spec. Toyota dealer don't do a good job on this engine. I take two weeks of vacation todo the job.
  8. I found my problem. The cylinder no 4 is dead, i have a burn exhaust valve. I check the gap with filler gage and 0.001'' don't go under the cam and i do compression test 35 psi. Only 25 k miles after Toyota made a complete rebuilt engine with brand new blocks, crank and pistons.
  9. I think i found my problem. I replace my oxygen sensor 5 year ago with a denso 2344055 but when i look with my vin number on Toyota parts deal .: 89465-39226 on rockauto the denso number 2344051. Do you think the wrong oxygen sensor could be my problem?
  10. Since i buy my motorhome 2012: rough idle , rpm high and low some times, shaky engine. Last month code 25 and 26 at the same time . reset the code after now i have code 25. brad new engine block 25k miles ago. spark plug cap, rotor, wires, oxygen sensor fuel filter replace injectors (reman rockauto).Chek cold start injectors no leak. Clean throtle body no loose every thing look good new gasket of course. No crack on vacuum hose. replace air flow meter whit used one. Always the same problem. the only thing that i have not replace is: tps and temp sensor. Anybody have this problem?
  11. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B000GQA8DC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. https://www.radiatorexpress.com/Product/radiator/toyota/1991/pickup/dlx/30l-v6/222468/1277894
  13. This damper also fit on ford bronco ,ranger and some other car Maybe they send the wrong bolt kit. The length of the shock is ok.
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