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  1. Suburban dd-17dsi update. I found and replaced the blown inline fuse (thank you Bob). Also found the relay to be defective which possibly blew the fuse. Looking for a replacement for the relay. Thanks All. bruce
  2. Thanks Bob, I'll definitely take a look at that. Did you have to pull the furnace out to get out to it?
  3. Nice offer Fred, thank you! But from what I can tell the replacement board for this unit is the UIB S. I'd like to eliminate the relay switch as the source of the problem before replacing the board but so far unable to find a source for one.
  4. Thanks Maineah I did pull off the thermostat and ran a jumper across the wires. Got nothing.
  5. Excellent. That'll certainly give me something to do for a couple days.. Thanks again Linda
  6. I think I'd have to pull out the furnace to tell if there's power to it. not quite there yet. I'd like to find a relay first. I did bypass the thermostat, it's the old analog type so should have also bypassed the on/off switch if there is one. I was expecting a a click or something from the relay or hopefully get the fan to kick on by doing that??? Thanks Linda
  7. Thanks Fred. I saw the photo of the breaker that I believe you posted. Didn't see anything like that on the DD-17DSI. I'll poke around for the rocker switch though.
  8. Hello, I ran the furnace in our 1992 Itasca Spirit, during the evening. Shut it down for the night, plugged into shore power, the fan would not start in the morning. Swapped out the fuse and jumped the thermostat, still no fan or even a click. I'm not able to find the shutoff switch that some posts and trouble shooting procedures refer to although I can find the part available from a supplier. Is the shutoff switch a reset? I suspect the relay switch could possibly be the problem but I'm unable to find a source for a replacement.. I would want to replace that before I moved on to the motor and board. Any suggestions, help with the location of the shutoff and a source for the relay would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bruce
  9. Mine is on the outside of the couch behind the cover just to the left of the propane detector.
  10. Hello Eric, Can you point me to where you found the carb? I'm having the same gummed up problem with my Kohler 2.5CMZ. Thanks Bruce
  11. It's my observation and it has worked too frequently just to be coincidence or superstition. I also light the fridge in this manner. And It's nothing I figured out on my own. After spending the afternoon trying to light the furnace for the first time using the procedure you describe I called the previous owner. He told me about the green light routine, said something about purging the line. Fired up on the first try. Easy enough to try.
  12. After not being run for awhile the furnace in my 92 Itasca Spirit will not light until the propane sensor is held in the on position until the green "gas on" light comes on.
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