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    Bible and church, canoeing, trees, rope and knots, geography, history of US wars, aviation, managing IRA accounts. Age 73. Married 21 years.

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    94 Warrior. Previous was 90 Dolphin Micro Mini M-900. Before that was 87 same model.
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  1. Was getting 94 Warrior ready for the road this year. Tried running it through the gears, just to move it a foot or so. It would not go into 1st. Tried a few times. Then back to Park and try again. Would not go into 2nd or 1st. Back to Park. Tried again and the shift handle would move anywhere too easily but the tranny stayed in Park. Checked shifter linkage, looked ok from the top but after crawling under I saw immediately that a pivot had come undone. I found what was left of a rubber bushing and part of a clip. Went to Toyota dealer parts desk next day. I had to give him the VIN
  2. I was attempting to change the light bulb right next to the doorway of the coach when I accidentally shorted the power wire. Now all my interior lights in the camper part are completely out under the 12 volt system but when I plug it into an outlet for 120 volts they work. So whatever it is called that switches it over between 12 volt and 120 volt (probably something like point contacts) are no longer allowing it to switch over to the 12 volt system. Can you tell me where and what I am looking for and is it possible to dismantle and repair said contacts or diode?

    1. Jeff brooks

      Jeff brooks

      By the way it is a 1985 Toyota Dolphin....sorry I forgot to say that.

  3. Mine has a Kohler and I wish it didn't. It does run and it does generate but it uses double the fuel of my Honda 2000 portable, the exhaust will blow sand off the ground that is 3-4 feet from the side of my Warrior. and as Maineah mentioned above, it is very noisy, uncomfortably so. I take my Honda with me whenever I can.
  4. From the wooden boat people, there is a borate powder that I use. It kills dry rot fungus and some bad insects. Mix 2oz with a pint of water or 1lb to a gallon of water. Use brush, sprayer, spritzer bottle, whatever to saturate the wood, keep applying until no more will soak in. Then let it dry. It is available in 1lb from Homedepot.com under the name Board Defense $35.90 ship to store free. Also from systemthree.com under the name Borate Powder 2oz $8.95 or 1lb $23.95 but both plus shipping. Only problem I had with it is on plywood. It doesn't penetrate through glue lines. This stuff
  5. I use the same Honda but just carry it loose right behind the driver. I make sure the gas tank vent is closed. When I stop I put the Honda on the ground 15-20 feet away and hook up. If it rains I put a folding chair on each side of it and put a small tarp over. That way there is lots of room for air to move. Biggest concern is possible theft.
  6. Be happy you found a replacement cover at all. I broke mine (my fault) and could not find a cover so spent hours gluing it back together. Spend the $130.
  7. Sounds like fun but BC is too far. I"m three hours south of Saulte Sainte Marie Ontario. I do know a reefer tech factory certified by both major manufacturers. He is two hours south of the Soo but if you ever drove this far he could take care of you.
  8. In 1973 when I was 25yrs I combined bicycle and trains to go from Oslo Norway in late June to Como Italy to Amsterdam to Vienna to Greece in early December.. I had a Peugot touring bike which had originally come with factory carriers front and back and full fenders front and back. But only the rear carrier was still there when I bought it used. I did about half the miles on the bike, half on trains, and stayed mostly in youth hostels. I learned about Spiro Agnew resigning the vice presidency and Gerald Ford replacing him when I arrived in Dubrovnik Yugoslavia. Bike days are over now--perm
  9. Hi Murph/Ryan, we are in Traverse City so 3-4 hours away, but willing to talk. Not up on things specific to Escaper, but we have had an 87 Dolphin, a 90 Dolphin, and now have a 94 Warrior. Some years we pass thru your area, some years not. I have dealt with most of the things you mentioned. You mentioned water pump. Is that for water in the house or for the engine? I have sent you a personal message with my phone number. At the top of this site click on the envelope to retrieve it.
  10. An 87 Dolphin was our first Toyota motorhome. We encourage you to keep at this until it is well done. Here is some info I learned rebuilding the shower enclosure of a 90 Dolphin that we later owned. First is about rot. After you remove anything that is falling apart or 'pukey' you can kill the fungus with a borate solution. Identical products are available from homedepot.com where is is called Board Defense, 1lb of powder is $35.90 with free shipping to store. And from systemthree.com where it is called EndRot Borate Powder. 1lb is $23.95 but you also pay shipping. Mix wit
  11. My 94 Warrior has the same model furnace. It quit dead this year. I found that there was a blown glass buss fuse 4A in the red feed wire. This was right at the furnace on the left side. Have a look. Good luck.
  12. Back from Michigan's UP. Used the furnace two nights. At first the sail switch would move but stop just short of closing. I took off the front grill and used a stick to wiggle the switch several times and then it would creep closed but the furnace would run. Fan was fairly noisy. After two nights use the sail switch closes quickly and the fan motor is noticeably quieter. I guess it just needed to be used some.
  13. My 94 Warrior also is 17 gal. Part of the bottom of the tank has been pushed up a little which may reduce capacity but I think by less than half a gallon. I did manage to put in 15.7 gal once this year. I drove until the needle was almost below the E mark and then after the needle quit moving another 15 miles or so before filling. I based my driving on knowing my usual mileage times 16 and rounded down just a bit in case I was below average. Got away with it.
  14. Maineah, Thanks for the info on board cost. If I go in there to replace a board I might as well replace or lubricate the (noisy) fan motor with a quiet one. Any Idea on the cost for one of those? I remember pricing a motor for the furnace in my previous 87 Dolphin and the price was over $120 at an RV dealer.
  15. That thin metal under the belly is NOT framing. It does prevent a lot of floor damage from splashing water, thrown mud, and flying stones.
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