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  1. Especially THIS spring, apparently....
  2. I just watched a 1993 Winnebago Warrior on eBay go for $21,100.
  3. To finish this up, the Cardone 53-2776 booster fit well. I only had to fab a 3/8 spacer to hold it off the steering shaft a bit and adjust the pedal rod clevis accordingly. The Dorman M3996 master cylinder bolted right in. I had to slightly bend both brake lines because of the new position caused by the new booster. And the float switch connector didn't match my harness so I swapped ends with the old one. All in all it was a pretty easy job and I'm happy with the results.
  4. Linda, I bought a Cardone 53-2776. According to Summit Racing (https://www.summitracing.com/parts/aaz-53-2776) and some other places I checked, it is a dual diaphragm booster. It's supposed to fit 89-95 4wd truck and 4runner. So far, with the addition of a 5/16 spacer, it fits my 87 Escaper. I'll update as I progress... I think Yotamasters sells one like it, too, but they're pretty spendy - like twice as much. Forgot to mention that Yoramasters lists two boosters that cover 79-95 if you're looking for one that will fit the older models. In the notes, however, they say
  5. The new booster arrived today so I started test fitting it. The old one had a 3/8 spacer built in and is smaller in diameter. The new one wouldn't quite seat without touching the steering shaft. So I fabricated a spacer out of 5/16 flat aluminum stock and made the appropriate adjustment to the pedal clevis. That seems to have done the trick - I'll know for sure once I get it bolted in, hopefully tomorrow.
  6. Linda, Here are the parts. The jury is still out on how they fit - delivery scheduled for tomorrow, so I should know This or Fri. I'll let you know how it goes. Booster Cardone reman 53-2776 MC Dorman new M39996 I got both numbers from https://www.roundforge.com/articles/toyota-4x4-brake-master-cylinder-and-brake-booster-specs/ It looks like I have room for the larger booster. Fingers crossed.
  7. Check valve tested and seems fine. Flow in one direction and not the other. It even held vacuum for several hours after I turned off the engine. Which begs the question maybe the diaphragm is still intact?
  8. Check valve tested and seems fine. Flow in one direction and not the other. It even held vacuum for several hours after I turned off the engine. Which begs the question maybe the diaphragm is still intact?
  9. WME, That's my thinking too. They're both getting replaced tomorrow or Friday. I'll let you know how it goes.
  10. Maineh, That's really interesting. I thought brake fluid in the booster was a death knell for the diaphragm. It's an old, rusty Bendix, not sure how old. Symptoms are press brakes slowly, get assist, pedal may or may not reach floor. Press fast, no boost, rock hard pedal, brakes that work if I stand on em, pedal stays high. Seems to me that intermittent boost with good vacuum (18 inHG at idle) points to booster. Maybe I'm totally wrong?
  11. For what it's worth I pulled the booster a few days ago. It was full of brake fluid. Now I'm just waiting for new dual diaphragm one I ordered to arrive so I can see if it will fit. I also have a new 1" bore master cylinder to replace the leaking one. Hopefully these take care of my issue.
  12. Ctgriffi, I haven't tried Gmaps in bicycle mode - great idea! I already use Maps, anyway, but never thought about using bicycle mode. I'll mess around with it and see how it fits. Thanks for the tip. And Google already knows all about me - been using Gmail since early in the "invitation only" phase, and I have a Pixel phone. Ah, well.
  13. For a spendy alternative, check out the Hella Marine 2 speed 12vdc fan. 6.5 watts.
  14. Greg, I'm red green color "challenged". Is there any way I can change the topic title link color in the message list? When I look at a list of topics on my phone, I see the subject and the text in the same color. When I click on the subject, it turns "http link light blue" and I can see it. Otherwise, no. Oh. I just remembered that I have color accessibility turned on on my phone - I'll go try that and see if it makes a difference. Edit - nope, no difference. I'm pretty much used to it all now, so it's only a minor annoyance, anyway.
  15. My wife and I prefer to avoid the interstates and travel at a more leisurely pace whenever possible. Years ago we discovered a pretty neat feature on our old TomTom GPS - by setting "maximum planning speed" for 45 mph, we discovered a wealth of back roads and small towns we would have otherwise missed. Unfortunately, TomTom quit supporting our unit so we started looking for a replacement that had the same feature. Around that time, TomTom decided to remove maximum speed from their entry-level units and now only has it on their RV and truck units (read more $$). Ga
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