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  1. While your figuring out what you have, think about what you want the system to do. What are your "gotta have" loads?
  2. This is going to be like eating an elephant, lots of small bites. First you need to KNOW exactly what you have. Battery type/size, charge controller, the watt ratings of all 3 panels. The $800 amount is about right for a 100ha LifePo4 battery. LifePo4 batteries are VERY fussy eaters, so the controller is very important. The small panel to usb ports does not make a lot of sense, you couldn't charge your cell phone at night, so look for a small battery. A lawn mower size one would be right. You may end up with writers cramps, so just go slow. You have a very good starting point, i
  3. Naw, the backing plate goes against the skin. Then insulation and paneling. Instant invisible backing plate
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1974-1978-Toyota-Hilux-pair-of-Front-Fenders-F003/113778285524?fits=Year%3A1976|Model%3APickup|Make%3AToyota&hash=item1a7db6dbd4:g:M7kAAOSwX~dWhUw2
  5. $50 in cleaning supplies and rattle can paint, plus 10hr labor = $2000 higher price.
  6. Fiberglass rebops are in the$300 ea range
  7. The right tool always makes it easier. Does the book say that it will unscrew? You can make a red neck wrench out of 1/4" steel plate, a drill press and a couple of grade 8 bolts and nuts. If you have time order the right tool, just measure the distance between the slots so you get a wrench with the right span. Do you have a big vise or are you trying to just hold the steering box?
  8. If your attaching something that's a modest load and you can get to the backside of the roof, you can use a couple of fender washers or a piece of 1/8" steel plate (round all the corners) to spread the load. In just .060 aluminum with out backing the load limit is a pound or so.
  9. For the Sunrader "cargo rack", solar panels and things on the roof, google well nut.
  10. Paranoia vs going broke, been there done that. In one year with a 5 bolt front and a 1 ton rear, I had 2 flats on the rear. After driving over a 100mi with a 3 legged rear axle, the paranoia won out. My first do was one rim and one adapter, change a rear or bolt the adapter on the front and change tire. At that time C&C would sell one adapter. My second do over was after 2 years, with no flats 😝, I was able to locate two more rims and bought another adapter. I drove another 2 years with the adapters installed with no problems, again no flats. It seems that Murphy's part of
  11. Now might be a good time to find a rear end with a more useful ratio. Like a 4.56 for a v-6 or a 4.88 for 4 cylinder
  12. Somewhere in the Toy web sites there is a tire manufacturer weight vs tire pressure chart. It all comes down to ride quality, tire wear, mpg. You get to make your choices. The only thing 65 psi gets you is mpg.
  13. Simple, you don't have enough HP and you must use the transmission to let the engine turn faster to make more HP. Theoretical discussion, say it takes 75 hp to get you up a hill at 45 mph. At 4000 rpm your engine is making 95 HP in 2nd gear, in 3rd gear at 2500 rpm your engine is making 50 hp. Which gets you up the hill? Now if you had 300hp in your Toy then you could just blast up the hill in 3rg gear at 70 mph A side note lugging an engine, a high throttle setting at low rpm, will quickly damage it.
  14. Tire change try a parking lot at a mall, a school on the weekend. Oil change, try Goggle or Yelp for an Independent oil change. We have one here and its busier than the Jiffy Lube. In any case watch carefully Radiator hoses are like every 10 years. Most of the power in an RV is 12v and if some thing stops working, a voltmeter can be a lifesaver when troubleshooting the problem. Harbor Freight has a perfectly good digital meter for $7, its what I carry. You wouldn't believe the number of times I've used it to help out someone else. A tachometer is very very helpful. The 22r
  15. This what was on my Escaper. The Escaper has a metal frame and the ant was bolted through the fiberglass siding to the frame for ground. If you have a wood frame then you need to run a ground wire to the antenna base. The antenna was mounted on the side of the cabover https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Pickup-Truck-Dual-Side-Mount-Two-Post-Classic-AM-FM-Antenna-Ford-Chevy/363338804883?hash=item5498ae2e93:g:T2cAAOSwSVdbwTBn If my fading memory serves me correctly, early VW Beetles use something similar.
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