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  1. Super good for Chinook's' and good for all the other Toys needing A/C. https://velitcamping.com/products/velit-2000u-under-bench-air-conditioner-12v-24v?variant=45191899578605
  2. WME

    Oh, Yes

    Somebody on this forum, just absolutely needs this...https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-toyota-chinook/
  3. Well I guess we got Botted. We get some English as a second language people, just thought that it was book English. Well I guess it was.
  4. What she said. Easy solar, complete system, instillation instruction is available on the net. Starting here...https://www.mobile-solarpower.com/
  5. OK so your bored with "normal" camper vans... So how about an 1955 Alfa Romero Camper. To futher your "different drummer " lifestyle, its powered by a 2 cylinder, supercharged diesel🤩 https://cars.bonhams.com/auction/29216/lot/110/1955-alfa-romeo-t10-autotutto-romeo-campervan-chassis-no-ar-t10-00314-engine-no-ar-1640-00252/#photos
  6. 1 vote for FRP, 15 colors.. 2nd choice would Formica, a lot more colors. Both are basically bullet proof.
  7. Take construction paper and tape it to the old window, mark it and cut to shape. The you can lay the pattern on the flat plexi and adjust the size to your plans.
  8. Welcome to the world of solar powered everything. Lots of folks want/need all the comforts of home all the time in their RV, think Glampers. If you "promise" no a/c, no microwave, no electric heater, there may be an alternative... https://www.licitti.com/product/acbatterybox/ Its a DIY solar generator, it comes with EVERYTHING you need for a LFP powered setup except the battery. Charger, pure sine inverter, 120v outlet, usb ports, 12v auto jack, MPPT solar controller. So with that and a 100ah battery, for a total of $500, you can have a "solar generator" that has 2x the total useable watt hours of the original Sunrader 12v system. Add $90 for a 100w solar panel and your all set to boondock. I have the 1000w unit with a 100ah LFP Redodo 100ah Mini battery, its the backup power for my wifes CPAP during power outages at home. Interesting LFP battery situation, there is a company named LiTime that used to be AmpereTime, they are selling all the NOS AmpereTime labled batteries at a deep discount. They also sell used inspected batteries, cheap. Mostly returns for physical size or capacity problems. Might be worth a look. I don't have one, but recently heard about them.https://www.litime.com/collections/12v-like-new-batteries
  9. Before WE can help you to build a system for your RV, WE need to know what you want to power. Its called an energy audit. Watts used x hours ran. FWIW I have a 1500w Panasonic inverter microwave and power it with a 2000w inverter, a friend has a TT with a 800w traditional microwave, it will NOT run using a 1500w inverter. A very useful cheap tool to use is a Kill a Watt meter. Its great for 120v ac loads.
  10. OK another comment. Top tier equipment AKA "bet your a** on it" is usually considered Victron. There is some good mid grade (tier2) stuff and a whole bunch of bottom tier 3/4 junk. Reading... DIYSolarforum.com UTUBE people Reeway outdoors HOBOTECH Another P.S. Have you thought about one of the all in box "solar generator" units https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlK7lWdyb_I&t=89s
  11. Some random babblings🤪 to go with your random babblings. A 1500w microwave is going to need a 2000w+ pure sine wave inverter. FLA car battery and a LFP house battery SHOULD have a DC2DC charger to protect the alternator. A LFP can draw full power from your alternator and can overheat it. A 100ah LFP can draw 100amps during charging How much space for house batteries?? Some LFP rated RV converters have a bit too high output. FLA batteries love being kept at 100% charged, LFP not so much. An old style converter usually wouldn't harm an LFP battery, but it will only charge it to 80% or so Redodo is making a 100ah mini.. 10.25Lx5.24wx9h, weighs 19lb on sale $227. Three of these fit where 2ea CG-2 6v FLA were LiTime has a 230ah mini just released, 19lx6.7wx9.5h, weighs 45lbs, $630. Choice depends on your willingness to fuss with LARGE wires 2/0 awg Mid quality level 100ah LFP batteries are all around the $225ea. Self heating, waterproof, blu tooth batteries are a bit more. Power panels are all basically the same, 1 20 amp breaker, 2 15 amp breaker and a dozen 12v dc fuses Simplify some things, 3000w pure sine wave inverter AND a LFP rated charger in one box https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09VYRMH7M/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B09VYRMH7M&ref_=sbv_search_btf&qid=&pd_rd_w=W7jRg&content-id=amzn1.sym.4ce7861b-6eb2-4a5c-9f9e-8bdb3caa65db%3Aamzn1.sym.4ce7861b-6eb2-4a5c-9f9e-8bdb3caa65db&pf_rd_p=4ce7861b-6eb2-4a5c-9f9e-8bdb3caa65db&pf_rd_r=ZNNV6A4SS4D3XECPH6B4&pd_rd_wg=XF8Qu&pd_rd_r=37f0880d-720d-4917-a094-91cd2fcb7600&th=1 OOPS forgot is there solar in your future???
  12. An ATS would simplify things greatly. Install things so that the inverter is "the generator" Just cut the shore power cord where you want to mount the ATS. The shore power cord then goes into "power "on the ATS, the inverter to the "generator" and the short bit of the old shore power cord goes to the ATS output. A warning of sorts when the inverter is running the RV the original converter is trying to charge the battery that the inverter is drawing power from, a vicious self defeating circle. Answer.. find the C/B for the converter and remember to turn it off when ever the inverter is running. OR get this ATS that shuts off the converter automatically. Go Power GP-TS 30
  13. We need what model converter/battery you have. Some are 3 or 4 stage units, they are fine for 100% plug in. Some are single stage, AKA battery boilers. IF you keep the water levels up they are only mildly harmful.
  14. Here is the MIL tag-along for the Western Clipper http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1948-spartan-manor-shorty-custom/ P.S. The Clipper sold for $60, 500 as is in 2019
  15. Can't do much for the mechanical issues. But for the future, the solar groups I follow use the tank heaters for their LifePo4 batteries. Short out the built in thermostat, then use one of these to set the desired temp range https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08W2BYG2L/ref=sspa_dk_detail_6?pd_rd_i=B08W2BYG2L&pd_rd_w=BGt2P&content-id=amzn1.sym.eb7c1ac5-7c51-4df5-ba34-ca810f1f119a&pf_rd_p=eb7c1ac5-7c51-4df5-ba34-ca810f1f119a&pf_rd_r=G6DY6CJYA66J7TT9HNES&pd_rd_wg=O9RR3&pd_rd_r=5394c21e-1d68-4d1f-8cdd-db1cf608c2ad&s=home-garden&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9kZXRhaWw&th=1
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