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  1. Maybe useful for someone https://sellout.woot.com/offers/acopower-42-quart-solar-freezer-solar-panel-kit?ref=w_cnt_wp_0_2 Other versions are Woot
  2. Ask your sandblaster if they know of anyone local who does powder coating. It will last longer than ANY paint.
  3. It "should" be a standard 14"x14". Should be in the $25 or later range
  4. The KYB and Bilstein shocks for a Toy House have a compressed length of about 14".
  5. AGM batteries are fine for starting batteries. Think of the Optima Red, Blue and Yellow batteries. Each has a purpose.
  6. Is the window broken, leaking or just gross? If it's the latter then there is Meguiar's plastic cleaner/polish
  7. Yes, running the truck is an excellent idea. It will show if the extra voltage fixes the problem. The problem can also be caused by a funked up fan motor. FWIW the thermostat is used as a milli volt switch, it never sees 120v. Your furance is 12v only, again it never sees 120v. Possible MAJOR weirdness Surburban does make a "Park" model that is 120v. A replacement by P/O? But it is not an NT model
  8. Its very pratical, IF you have a Sprint car and want to win races. For a Toy House not so much😆
  9. This maybe totally unrelated to your thermostat. The RV heaters are designed to run the fan blower to purge the chamber of propane and it opens the valve and makes a spark to get things going. A safety switch is involved. The switch has a sail on it and the fan has to blow a certain amount of air to trip the switch. A fan motor may not have enough umph to trip the switch if the house battery is weak. Things work if your plugged into shore power, because the converter makes a higher voltage than a weak battery. It's voltmeter time
  10. Rock crawlers use a heavier flywheel to help when they lug the engine, the added inertia prevents stalling the engine and makes things a bit smoother. Racers use the lightest possible flywheel to REDUCE inertia and let the engine build RPM quicker. On an underpowered, overweight pickup (thats what a Toy House really is) the stock one is OK. Steady state speed the flywheel is a moot point.
  11. The 3VZE is an OLD engine, check that your mech has experience and shims before starting. Even factory Toy dealers don't keep a bunch of shims in stock for a 25 year old engine.
  12. Start here, NAPA should be able to cross part numbers. If not then maybe the photos should help some. https://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/11249-toyota-part-numbers-for-brakes-axles-suspension-etc/&_fromLogin=1
  13. Well those are interesting pics. Random thoughts, blown front crank seal, easy fix, if you have a big breaker bar. The fan is plastic, if it lost a blade then a big imbalance and the water pump seal is gone. Then the fan comes apart. Lucky no damage to radiator. Result new fan and water pump.
  14. I did this on my RV. I used a scrap of FRP that I cut to fit tightly in the vent stack. Then cut 2 circles that were fan size and bolted the fans to the FRP. I installed a thermo switch on the top heat exchanger. The switch trips when the fridge is working. You can hear the fans cycle on when the temp in the back gets to hot. The fans usually don't run below 70 degrees. Above 100 they run constantly. I have a 280w solar setup so the fan power use is taken care of. They make a difference when in high temps and your parked You can also seal the inlet grill and force the air through the cooling duct. Here is a source of things...https://www.ebay.com/str/applianceandair?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
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