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  1. Several have remounted the sofa closer to the window or taken the sofa out and made a simpler wooden replacement.
  2. Progressive accepted stated value of $8000 for my 91 Warrior with no change to my rate. $400 per year for collision, liability, towing, and a valuables rider. State of TN.
  3. For long range trips I like using the Good Sam trip planning tool as it will show campgrounds along the route, both Good Sam and others. It lets me save a route and make adjustments.
  4. Captain Jack on Yotatech said he bent his bracket and installed a shorter belt. Pictures should be here: http://s1190.photobucket.com/user/Captainjack1748/library/Motorhome v6 Engine Swap?sort=6&page=4
  5. If the oxygen sensor goes bad the ECU no longer advances timing. Any check engine light or code?
  6. The vinyl insert on my 91 Winnie was 1". The 3/4" didn't have a tight seal and tended to come out of the aluminum channel on its own.
  7. I changed the timing belts on my 96 4Runner at 200K miles and then 340 K miles. Everything was running fine. The old belts that looked like new. I changed the original water pump at 340K miles because it came with the kit. On my camper, I changed the belt out at 220K miles because I didn't know when the previous owner had done it. Non-interference engine.
  8. The Exhaust Gas Recirculation system reduces the combustion temperature of the engine and therefore reduces the efficiency and horsepower of the engine. The goal is to produce less NOx gases which can create ozone when reacting with sunlight. Those of us outside an air attainment region don't need NOx reduction. According to Toyota, the EGR is reduced at idle and light engine loads but is increased with higher engine load. If the EGR is not functioning, there is a risk of detonation. The ECU will reduce timing advance if it senses lack of EGR. Being able to retune the ECU to max
  9. Push on the center of the tabs to release. They tend to be brittle and break. Replacements are cheap on Ebay.
  10. If it won't start in Park. Try starting in Neutral. If the starter is marginal, a tap with a tire tool can revive it. If the fuel pump is marginal, whacking the fuel tank with your palm may revive it.
  11. Uhaul has been selling off V-6 Shims - some as cheap as 4 for $11: https://www.uhaul.com/TruckSales/Truck-Trailer-Parts/toyota-shim-for-sale/Results/ I've bought a selection for a future valve adjustment.
  12. The Mercedes Trend Winnie at the Mid-West Toyin did not have a spare tire. The generator was sitting underneath in the normal spare tire area. The 280 horse engine was in a very tight compartment. No access unless one removes the fluid reservoirs. $100K.
  13. When a friend wants to borrow a tool, I lend him a Harbor Freight. If he doesn't return it, I can just buy another.
  14. Mid-West Rally was a lot of fun. 13 Toyhomes (9 Winnie/Itascas, 3 Sea Breezes, 1 Sunrader). The Blackhawk Valley campground was one of the best campgrounds, certainly much better than last year (no trains). The local Winnie dealer brought by a pricey Dodge based camper - $80K on special. 280 horse engine. The people made it a good time - quite the collection of characters.
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