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  1. When we purchased ours in 2009 the same thing was happening. I put new master cylinder, bled brakes, adjusted the rear drum brakes . Still having problems. Took the proportional valve off and it was rusted tight and wouldn't work. Finally had to remove the rear wheels and brake drums and the brake cylinders were rusted tight. Replaced them with new ones and haven't had any problems since. Good luck with your problem.
  2. Wow! what an experience. Glad it wasn't any worse.Happy you are still motivating around. We only got to camp 2 times this season. Was in a National Forest campground in June and a neighboring family of 9 different campsites was there before we arrived. We were leaving on Saturday and one of the hosts told us they had all left but one site and was informed that all of them had covid. No one knew, because they told no body???? When I woke up on sunday I had sore throat and runny nose . Wife came down with it on monday and daughter said "TEST" we did and was positive.We called doctor he called us PAXLOVID and we got over it partially. A week later our daughter and son n law caught it too.Quarenteed for 14 days. We got to go back in august and enjoyed it. Was told by the camp hosts ,that family gathering, infected 19 people in the campground. Made a total of 21 total because someone didn't care. Please Enjoy your experiences ahead , hope the BAD is all passed and you get to fix the repairs that's needed.
  3. Rachel: Did you get the furnace motor quieted down ? Still happy you are enjoying the motorhome. Have a great time making memories in Lil PUTT.
  4. Rob, I sent you a message , should be in the envelop at top.
  5. I got a big surprise this morn when I took my 1986 Sunland Express to be inspected before the end of month. One day into the next month would incur a penalty of $15. The inspector took all the info and posted it into the computer and told me it didn't have to be inspected anymore. Look on the tag application and it should be in red letters. I left the letter on a table at home and didn't take it with me this time. When I got home and looked at the notice, there it was. We drove to Tag office and paid the taxes and tag fee and got a new sticker to go on the tag. Does any other state do this ?
  6. Whomever is responsible for getting it up and running again.....THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! I really like reading what other owners have going on with their mini motorhome. We all appreciate you.πŸ˜‡
  7. After reading the posts.......when I put one scissor jack under the front frame and start turning the crank I can lift the opposite front wheel completely off the ground as well as the wheel next to the jack. I have to really pay attention when I snug up the jack under the frame when leveling it. Looking below the front doors and behind the wheels is where I place the jacks. Looks like one of the previous owners put a jack under the body and bent it some before realizing it was bending the body. I make sure it is under the main frame.
  8. Both leveling and stabilizing too. Very effective. Think I have been using them for 5+ years, no problems. I use a piece of scrap wood, size approx. 4"X8" X 1/2" under each of them to keep them from sinking in to the ground. I carry them inside and put them on at campsite and remove them before leaving. I was just showing what I did not trying to upset anyone. Hope you figure out a solution that works for you HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the Toy owners πŸ› οΈ
  9. OK. I didn't spend all that $$$$ and needed it quick. Two self-threading bolts and two pieces of flat bar steel.
  10. I made these and put them on end of frame toward the bumper so the stabilizers would just slide upon them to crank up or remove in just a few minutes I just use these on the back and use 2 more placed under the frame close to the front doors for leveling I think they were about 18.00 each from Harbor Freight
  11. I used elastomeric paint after dropping the awning supports under the vehicle so the awning would be straight up and down. I used painters masking tape and taped a straight line across it and used a brush and painted the faded out area plus another 6" in order to be sure it was covered. Sorry I never thought to take pictures of before and after
  12. By not using our MH for 18 mo, the first trip out the spout was leaking from where it fastened to faucet. It wasn't coming from around the handles. When I got home I put new 'O' ring on it and it stopped leaking. I suppose the 'O' ring dried out or shrunk and let water come out. I unscrewed it from the faucet and lifted up and it came right out. After putting new 'O' ring on I coated it sparingly with 300 DEGREE Plumbers Grease (Vaseline will work too but I had this in my tool box) , and it just slipped back into the faucet and works like it supposed too. Be sure to check and see exactly where the water is coming from.
  13. Thank You FRED , there was senior moment that had me wondering for over 20 hrs, Then I went back down to the camper and seen what was going on and was a very simple fix ...just move the lever in the right direction UP and it came on in less than a minute.πŸ˜‚ tears of joy.
  14. was working a yr ago but yesterday I turned gas on lowered the thermostat setting but nothing happens. 13.5v on thermostat screws, 13.5v on the neg and + on the furnace connectors on left side; fan at back of furnace isn't frozen up and turns when compressed air is aimed at it. Am at wits end trying to figure it out without removing it. Any insight on what it might be ....much appreciated. πŸ₯΅NOTE * EMBARRASSED πŸ˜… Well, Problem solved..... When I moved the t-stat down it cuts off. I pushed it UP and it came on. Old age sure works better than anything else. I hadn't used it for over a year and simply forgot...SENIOR MOMENT ! Thanks...Happy Camping 🌞
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