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  1. Thank You FRED , there was senior moment that had me wondering for over 20 hrs, Then I went back down to the camper and seen what was going on and was a very simple fix ...just move the lever in the right direction UP and it came on in less than a minute.πŸ˜‚ tears of joy.
  2. was working a yr ago but yesterday I turned gas on lowered the thermostat setting but nothing happens. 13.5v on thermostat screws, 13.5v on the neg and + on the furnace connectors on left side; fan at back of furnace isn't frozen up and turns when compressed air is aimed at it. Am at wits end trying to figure it out without removing it. Any insight on what it might be ....much appreciated. πŸ₯΅NOTE * EMBARRASSED πŸ˜… Well, Problem solved..... When I moved the t-stat down it cuts off. I pushed it UP and it came on. Old age sure works better than anything else. I hadn't used i
  3. Maineah: I didn't use the adapter 3/8 24, I took it off and made the hole bigger in order for the antenna base to go through it...1st pict. The second pict shows the ham antenna on opposite side and I had to use 2 big washers to hold it. Since then I found a mount that had fitting for PL 259 to fit but not ordered it yet, it was on ebay (after the fact) . Sorry I didn't specify this earlier but it's been 4 yrs ago and I simply forgot. The Am antenna goes to the MP3 and CD and AM, FM radio I installed in the coach and ran the coax down the refrigerator vent into cabinets over to the radio.
  4. I also put a piece of rubber in behind the antenna where it goes through the bracket that holds it to the cabover and that stopped it from bouncing around. I put it between the antenna and bracket wedging it in. The bracket was on the TH when we got it. You could thread a doubled up rubber band through the hole also. Your may not have the antenna bracket on yours ?
  5. I am an amateur radio operator ( Ham) and I found a CB antenna mount at a truck stop that mounts to a mirror frame and bought it then I think I went to auto parts and found the stubby antenna and mounted it on the cargo rail on top and ran the wire through one of the roof vents so I wouldn't have a hole to leak in rain. I don't think it is but about 12" high. The reason was that my camper shed wasn't built for this camper (Toyohome) and I wanted better reception , its for AM & FM stations. This is all the picts I have of it now, maybe can take a close up of the installation later. yo
  6. The 2 drain valves have a "T" handle on them that pulls (LIFTS) up to let the water out. The pipes that aren't connected, I have no idea as to where they go. You will just have to follow them out and see what they hook to. When you pull the handle up about 1/4" to 1/2" the water will drain out the pipes going underneath the floor to ground.
  7. April: I wouldn't use any silicon anywhere on it. I cleaned my seams out and took caulk in a tube and caulk gun and ran a bead of PROFLEX RV sealer in it and took a bottle cap and put a small amount of mineral spirits in it and after running the bead I stuck the tip end of my finger in the spirits and rubbed the bead. It smoothed up the caulk and sealed the seam. Your leak may be coming in from the clearance lights and running down the overcab bed and dripping down into the seat????? If its coming in around the top vent and dripping ...there needs to be butyl rubber tape under the flange in or
  8. If you have someone in your town that has a camper (MH or pull behind) and you kindly ask them if they might could help you figure out some of the problems, they might help you and not charge (FREE) and not what a professionally technician would want. But the people on here are very helpful and can solve most of the problems that arise.
  9. Dolphin 79: Look inside your top cabinets on the back of the door and look for a paper with all your appliances etc and see if it tells the name and model of the toilet. Look on the internet for a diagram of the parts list and see what it says about your valve.
  10. Looks as if you are a professional at rebuilding πŸ˜ƒ The sunland express has the aluminum frame work also. Another 2-3 manufacturers use aluminum framework. Wood rots fairly fast when exposed to water. That way they can sell you a new one. Lots of us have done some replacing but so far ours has been minimal , only had 27K on it 11 yrs ago.Good luck with your endeavors.
  11. I decided to replace the drain plug with a short nipple with a water valve cut-off . That way I can just turn the handle 1/4" turn to cut it on or off.It sure saves a little labor and time when you need to drain the water heater tank. Be sure to put Teflon tape on the threads of the nipple before you attach it to the tank. Be sure to get same size of nipple as the drain plug. Then a water valve to attach to the nipple. I can't remember if I got a BRASS nipple, seems like I did so it wouldn't rust.
  12. Here is the one I used and fastened it with stainless steel screws.
  13. The correct way would be take the window out and put BUTYL RUBBER between the fiberglass and window gasket. They make BUTYL in Black, Almond and white, I think. It comes in rolls about 1" wide and ?? feet long. Has been 10 yrs since I bought any. Best of luck on fixing the leak.
  14. Michael: Water might be coming in around your clearance lights and running down. I would check them also.
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