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  1. Like I previously mentioned, the leaf pack on the odyssey is probably the biggest I’ve seen on a toy home as well as 89 Toyota pickup, looks like the RV company did this one right. I also put Bilsteins in the rear and a heavy duty sway bar. If I see need, I’ll add some airbags down the line for comfort and leveling.
  2. 100%, also a member of the top tier AAA RV membership club, luckily ive never had to use it on the RV, but the reassurance is nice knowing the cost of an RV tow. I drive my RVs the same way I drive my motorcycle, calculating every single car that could cut you off or slam their breaks, etc. it’s called the, “everyone on the road wants to kill me” game, I’ve done okay so far!
  3. Hey it’s the duo themselves!! Of course you still creep, the Toyota family is a solid one 😆 thanks for the kind words and sorry to hear about Luna 💕
  4. I agree with Linda, if anything they likely weighed less than when they started. Like she said, it was all about mechanical issues and not knowing their rig themselves. They’ve since moved to a brand new tundra with a 4 wheel pop up camper, I don’t think the work required for the old Toyota was their cup of tea and losing their rear wheel was the final straw (understandable). The odyssey is newer, much heavier duty (not just the v6, but also bigger brakes, a stronger built more modern differential/ rear end, and a massive aftermarket rear leaf pack). Bound for nowhere wanted a r
  5. you mean like this? 😁 I built a hd hitch into the rear bumper build and still managed to be lighter than the original rear bumper that was on this thing!
  6. Agreed, the little weights add up quickly in materials. I’m curious if the build you’re referencing is the sunrader built by “bound for nowhere” that they sold soon after due to mechanical issues they didn’t want to tackle. If so, that was a whole different story with their issues and rear axle swap. The Dometic fridge is great and they have been tested true by the overland community. I’ve only used mine in my house as of now but it kicks butt and my beer is nice and cold. Low power draw, able to handle getting banged around off-road trucks, etc. I also like the idea of the top openi
  7. of course weight is always a consideration! Has it been weighed and loaded? Considering the build Is not complete, no. We shedded weight in multiple areas (the odyssey came with a huge refrigerator OEM that I scrapped, we scrapped multiple heavy doors (closet/ bathroom), multiple heavy old school batteries that will be replaced with significantly lighter lifepo4 batteries, and of course we added some weight in other areas for a stronger build. I’m hoping it should break about even with the weight that it was when purchased. Will I be driving this off-road leaning at 45 degree hardco
  8. Wanting to bring the look of the odyssey to a modern style and higher quality than factory, we opted to give inlay upper cabinet doors a try. This was definitely a challenge since neither my dad nor I have ever really done cabinet work, let alone worked with fine tolerances in cabinetry. Anyways the first door is done (other than hardware and lift pistons), and we learned a lot. The remaining doors should go quicker now that we’ve got the rhythm down. We sketched up what we thought were the best dimensions, and marked our sides. We used a paint can for the rounded edges 😂. We then
  9. I’d change plugs and wires before injectors. Pull plugs one by one to find miss, then see if the missing cylinders plug is firing while out of the cylinder (leave plug wire on and ground side of plug to ground and look for spark, it will shock you if not careful.)
  10. The truck house is certainly a thing of art! I appreciate your very kind price estimate on my Odyssey! We are trying to treat this rare factory 4x4 “right”, and also build a quality product for myself as well as the future owners. As far as what price I would ask for it upon time to sell, I have no idea!
  11. Work is always ongoing on the Odyssey! I wanted some indirect mood lighting for while at camp so I went with a set of Bluetooth rock lights and mounted under frame. They turn any color and are fully dimmable as well. I’m pretty happy with them! They even have a music strobe mode that plays with music off of your phone, and that should make some fun camp parties should they ever happen. They also make off-road night driving or backing into off-road campsite situations much easier. We finished the overcab bed area off with 1/8” radius bending plywood which did what
  12. What a way to ruin a unicorn of a vehicle
  13. I was following the sunrader build on Instagram but it appears he deleted that profile right before releasing the truckhouse brand. If you google image search “yotahome4x4” there are a few more pics sprinkled around the internet.
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