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  1. unless you have a pretty large Lifepo4 battery bank and a high output alternator and DC to DC charger, unfortunately not.
  2. What type of AC would an Rv be running that the generator couldn’t start? A honda 2200 can run a 13,500 no problem with the soft start kit. I just picked up a Renogy 3000 watt inverter / charger for my Odyssey that has an internal transfer switch for when shore/generator power is detected. I could in theory start the ac via generator, or through my inverter/ battery bank, and then transfer over to the other source without issue, all while the ac is running. I believe the transfer switch in the inverter is something like 10 milliseconds. The victron using the DC battery as a power boost sounds similar to a hard start capacitor added to residential units for when compressors start getting old and needing an amp boost on startup.
  3. You can easily bench test it by just running the fuel line into a can, 12v battery hookup, and wiring the 115 into a standard outlet if you’re comfortable with 115 (don’t mess with it if you aren’t). Then you can show it works running a hair dryer or whatever.
  4. I’ve watched his builds for a while, they’re pretty dang sweet!
  5. Awesome information! I appreciate your time. Yes, I always try to round up on power usage and round down on power output haha. This is just my starting setup. I do not plan on actually running the 13500 regularly, but I was curious if it was more or less possible. I roughly assumed I would probably be able to get 30-40 minutes of AC runtime per 100 amp hours of battery bank. I am also using a soft start kit which def helps the surge load. I also have the factory Onan generator which will be wired into the renogy 3000 w inverter / charger in the case that I do need to top my batteries off while boon docking with no solar. My biggest reason for wanting to run the ac off of battery bank is for having my dogs in the rv. This would likely never be for over 2-3 hours, basically the time i’d be in a museum, event, grocery stopping, etc. I’d rather have the ac silently running in a parking lot in comparison to the Onan humming away pissing everyone off! Also, I’d love to have a nice 12V ac unit but I got this Dometic penguin ii new in box on craigslist for $400 bucks! Maybe i’ll consider swapping out later and selling the dometic. I also considered possibly removing the Onan at a later time and sticking another 400 AH in the generator compartment, making a total of 800 ah. Then i’d def need to beef up the alternator and solar setup even more.
  6. Awesome! good stuff. I’m about to put 400 amp hours of LiFePO4 in mine. I’m also putting a 3000 watt pure sine inverter and high output alternator/ 60 amp DC to DC charger/ the same amount of solar as you. I was wondering if the math worked out that I’d be able to run my 13,500 penguin II off of the battery bank while driving or in ideal solar output situations and more or less “break even” on power use.
  7. That Toyota is definitely working hard. Check out the full length awning too! The matching trailer is neat too.
  8. I removed the valve on my build. These campers are always under “full load”, so there should always be as much braking power to the rear axle as possible
  9. neat rig, the shape somewhat reminds me of the badass bmw vixen rv
  10. Are these blackout only? Any chance you could post dimensions? Also, how much are you asking? thanks!
  11. One battery is the “vehicle battery” that powers the headlights and “normal” vehicle functions. That’s the battery that is hooked up. The second battery is the battery for the 12v side of the motor home. This typically powers the lights, water pump, furnace, etc.
  12. that’s sick! someone’s gonna snatch it soon
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