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  1. i’ve got my own project to finish up 😂
  2. that sure is a sweet body on that explorer!
  3. she’s in great shape, reminds me of the Scotty RV built on the Dodge chassis.
  4. 85 grand!!! I’m not sure id expect to get much more than half of that for mine! Much nicer and more capable platforms for that type of money. It’s still cool though 😎
  5. i broke a window in my old escaper. It was tempered and broke into a million tiny pieces. An automotive glass place had the ability to do it, but it would take weeks since the glass needed to be sent off for tempering. Being on the road and out of my home state, i wasn’t able to wait. I stopped at a plexiglass specialty shop. He cut me up a new piece and we popped it in within 30 minutes for $50 bucks which I was happy to pay. It worked for the remainder of the road trip!
  6. You can see in this photo where the rear sway bar is attached on my 1990 4x4...
  7. Double Slide outs, big spenders!
  8. Where are you. Your email with this site is no longer good. I can see that you still check in but we really want to hear about your project. Is it done? Guy that bought your original Escaper was trying to find you. Did he?

    Linda S

    1. Odyssey 4x4

      Odyssey 4x4

      Hey Linda! I’m still around and still working on the Odyssey! I’d say it’s about 90% done at this point. I’ve just been too busy to keep up with the youtube and internet stuff documenting the build. And yes, i did hear from him and helped him out, thanks! I’m unsure why my email wouldn’t be good here, it hasn’t changed! i’ll double check on it 

    2. linda s

      linda s

      Just good to hear from you. Certainly don't want to lose one of my best members. 

      Linda S

    3. Odyssey 4x4

      Odyssey 4x4

      thanks Linda, that means a lot! Once i complete the door rebuild and get it installed i’ll get some photos for this site and hopefully a video update for youtube! 

  9. I wanted to try out an LED upgrade on mine since the old schools were almost useless. I find most of the LED upgrades pretty ugly but these weren't too bad. This did require a ground upgrade harness as well as an inline resistor to keep the high beam indication light on the dash functional. They are nice and bright and have a good cutoff line in the light. The high beam is not much brighter than the low, but I will also be putting some auxiliary offroad lights on the bumper. I haven't put a bunch of time on these since the project isn't finished, but the hour drive I did on them was great compared to the originals! IMG_3144.MOV
  10. yayyyyy glad to see the site back up!
  11. You’re gonna need to provide a lot more info. Parts for the vehicle are just for a toyota pickup of your year. Parts for the camper are a different route depending what you need.
  12. Agreed, a cool rig for sure but i don't see him getting more than 25k tops
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