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  1. Is 50 amp shore power use OK on my 1993 Winne motorhome?
  2. I'm looking for an original metal valve stem (or aftermarket metal valve stem) for my spare tire which has a rubber stem. Any recommendations please? I have a 1993 Winne Warrior. Thanks.
  3. Need replacement vent cover for my 1993 Winne Warrior. Any recommenddations?
  4. Can an RV Propane tank manufactured in 1992 be recertified? I recently purchased 1993 Toyota motorhome. Has original propane tank dated 1992. Can it be re-certified here in Los Angeles area? Thanks. Marse.
  5. Looking to install a pullout step at door entry on my 1993 Winne Warrior. Recommendations?
  6. What does all of this mean?

  7. Besides the head-gasket recall, what are some of the other problems with the Toyota 3.0 engine.  I have a 1993 Toyota Motorhome. Thanks.

    1. linda s

      linda s

      Just the head gasket and the valves. Adjusting the valves is difficult and can be very expensive but if not adjusted they can cause more problems. Next time message, the envelope icon, My profile is open to all not private

    2. Marse Hernandez

      Marse Hernandez

      Thank you Linda S.   

  8. I'm not turning sharply. Could it be the shock absorbers bottoming due to suspension dropping down? The torsion bars don't have any moving parts and they look OK. Thanks Linda S.
  9. Noisy when I drive onto or off of my driveway. Suspension makes grinding noise when it drops slightly transitioning to level grade. Any idea on cause & fix? Thank you.
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