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  1. I think some horsepower under the hood, maybe even a Diesel, king or crew cab, a solid front axle, 5 speed manual, manual transfer case, manual locking hubs, full floating rear axle (bad deal when you break an axle in the boonies), 1 or 2 inch lift, 31 or 32 inch tires and gear ratio to accommodate the bigger tires, bigger fuel tank, dual batteries. Don't be stuck on Toyota!
  2. Gulfstream Greg

    New to group and......

    I like that picture. A common mistake done. Keep renewing the sealant instead of fixing the problem. Gasket sealing also has another similar effect. The thought is it will never leak when I am done. You only need a thin coat of sealant for gaskets, make it thin enough to see through on both sides of the gasket. I knew a guy who bought a long block hot rodded engine. He used so much extra sealant for gaskets it got into the oil and pan. It blew up within a few miles after first start. And not all gaskets need sealant. Engine builder would not warrantee it.
  3. Gulfstream Greg

    Locked bathroom door Toyota Sunrader

    Is there a small hole in the knob? If so then push a paper clip into the hole.
  4. Bobby's Pit Stop in Santa Cruz replaced our starter (89 V6) using their lift. They have done other work also, always great service. I tried doing the starter myself crawling under. Gave up, took it to them!
  5. Gulfstream Greg

    Maxxair install

    What most do is just change the existing wiring that was originally for AC at the breaker panel, moving the wiring from the 120vac side to the 12vdc. Usually because changing out the wiring is impossible. As for a fan I just recently installed a Maxxair plus. It has a remote control which is really great. Found it on sale at eTrailer a few months back. http://www.maxxair.com/products/maxxfan/maxxfan_standard_remote.php
  6. Gulfstream Greg

    Seals and roof

    Someone mentioned Dicor Lap Sealant, Great stuff highly recommended. For small cracks in the original seam sealant I first use a small wire brush to clean the crack or area where I want to seal then blow it out with compressed air. I then work Dicor into the crack and surrounding sides with a small putty knife made from a stick then run a bead of dicor on top of that making sure to lap on each side of the crack etc.. Working it in with the putty stick assures a good bond. Another sealant I use sometimes is Lexel. It will stick even to wet surfaces. It is a bit more difficult to work with. If you get it on your hands soap and water will not take it off. I found that WD40 will dissolve it then use soap and water. Nore: If someone has previously used silicone sealant you may have to do some serious cleaning removal of the silicon before applying dicor or lexel. NEVER, I SAY NEVER use silicone to seal up your roof.
  7. Gulfstream Greg

    Maxxair install

    The new air conditioners are and use 120 Volts A/C (shore power). Most likely if you just have a vent that cranks open the wiring is probably there for 120VAC. You will have to pull out the interior shroud of the vent and look for the wiring. If the wiring is there it may or may not be connected at the breaker panel. The wires were sometimes left disconnected if no AC unit was installed.
  8. Gulfstream Greg

    1995 3.4L 5sp 4x4 Bajarader (Put the sawzall down)

    Your welcome and glad to see your still kickin"!
  9. Gulfstream Greg

    towing limits 92 warrior

    My concern would be the strength of the extended frame where it is connected to the truck frame. 1500 lbs yanking around is really going to amplify at the ext to truck connection. How many feet from the truck frame to the hitch? Another factor is how much does your rig weigh when you have it loaded for a trip?
  10. Gulfstream Greg


    If you have already replaced the sensor and not fixed the issue you need to build an adapter and read the pressure where the sensor is. I do not know if there is another port on the V6 where you can also tap into. Anyone know what min oil press is supposed to be? I agree with everyone else on what it could be. If you have excessive bearing clearance then that rebuild was done wrong or broke in wrong. Here is another question for the V6 guru's. Does the V6 oil pump have a bypass valve?
  11. Gulfstream Greg

    Missing Part on Propane Tank?

    The valve may leak at the shaft of the knob. The packing there can get bad. You really need to get some leak detector solution and verify where and if there are any leaks. I do not believe you actually need a cap where the old one came off. If it is leaking there you need a new valve. I had to replace the valve on our 1990 tank as it was leaking at the shaft and could not be repaired. The eye opener was that the valve was no longer available. I luckily found one, and I say again - ONE. There should be a name and model on yours. If you cannot locate a valve perhaps a propane company or RV shop can suggest the correct replacement or parts that will be safe. Anyhow the valve should never have gas hissing out of it in any knob position!
  12. Gulfstream Greg

    Maxxair install

    When we owned a 18ft sunrader it had A/C on the roof. We removed it, installed a fan vent by rewiring / moving the 120VAC in the breaker panel to a 12vdc source.
  13. Gulfstream Greg

    Essential accessories

    A bullseye level will be used to get your rig level for operating the refrigerator. Initially place it in the center of your refrigerator freezer tray and get it level by using leveling blocks under your wheels. Once you have it level find a spot on a counter that matches the same as the freezer tray. That way you don't have to keep opening the refer door to get level.
  14. Gulfstream Greg

    Sunland Express gas tank slow filling

    Nice! A note for everyone - make sure if you use replacement hoses that the rubber is rated for gasoline.
  15. Gulfstream Greg

    Maxxair install

    You can buy surface wire channel molding from home depot and lowes https://www.lowes.com/search?searchTerm=wire+chase