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  1. Gulfstream Greg

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    These furnaces have two fans, same motor but a fan on each end of the motor. One fan circulates the air inside the coach. The other fan circulates air inside the combustion chamber, it pulls fresh air in and exhaust gas out. The combustion chamber is supposed to be a sealed system to keep carbon monoxide out of the living space. It is also supposed to be debri free to prevent back pressure. I have no idea if that combustion chamber becomes pressurized or becomes a vacuum when that circulation fan is running. So If that burner gasket has become damaged it is possible for CO to enter the living space. So I say make sure you have a good operating CO detector!
  2. Gulfstream Greg

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    Not sure if this is the correct manual 8516. Is there a window that you can see the spark wire? The porcelain that the spark wire runs through can sometimes crack allowing the spark to short to the chassis. Same with the wire. You will still hear the snap of the spark. Same thing for the high voltage coil on the board, that coil can go bad and you will still hear the snap. Electricity is like water, it takes the path of least resistance. The spark igniter wire probably sparks to the burner. A bad destroyed burner will cause the energy to go elsewhere, the path of least resistance. That said it is possible to kill the high voltage coil in that scenario due to internal arching. If your burner is good then try bending the wire closer to the burner and see if you get spark. Note that the spark wire also senses if the is flame after ignition. Long story but rule out everything before throwing a new board at it. Even check your electrical grounds.
  3. Gulfstream Greg

    Balancing when parked

    The important part is your refrigerator needs to be level when parked or it could be damaged.
  4. Gulfstream Greg

    Am I ready? Looking for any and all tips!

    I have an app called "Army Knife" on my android phone with a level. I put a pencil under one edge to get the 3 degrees, not much on the bubble. App was not calibrated though for my phone case.
  5. Gulfstream Greg

    Am I ready? Looking for any and all tips!

    I like that!
  6. Gulfstream Greg

    Am I ready? Looking for any and all tips!

    That maybe true but how can you determine 3 degrees. Are there any levels that can tell you that, maybe a smart phone app? Some of these refers are as old as the hills and probably been tortured a bit during their lives and as a result have some solidification already. We replaced the refer in our last toy because unless you were dead on level it did not cool. But back to the 3 degrees, how far is the bubble out of the lines for 3 degrees?
  7. Gulfstream Greg

    Am I ready? Looking for any and all tips!

    What I do is start off by getting the freezer tray level with a small 6 inch level. Once that is level then find a surface outside the refer but near that is also level for checking when parking, the sweet spot. Stick on levels are good also. I had some in the cab but found that they were best used to get close then do the final leveling using the the sweet spot inside. When facing the refer left to right is more important than front to back. If possible find a level spot at your house or get the rig level and fire up the refer a day before you are going to leave. Get some empty soda bottles filled with water and freeze them in your home refer and place them in the rv refer when you start it. Cold thermal mass really helps these refers on start up. For easy leveling of your rig when traveling consider the lego style leveling blocks. Another item for that I find useful is a set of $10 floor mats from Walmart. Place a mat under the blocks when on hard surfaces and it will help prevent the blocks sliding when you attempt to pull up onto them. Note that when these refers die because they have been run not level there is no repair. Time for a new refer. Do a test run at home. Once you get it level start it up. Put some drops of water on the freezer tray. After awhile it should start to feel cold to the touch and eventually freeze the water drops. Also note that the older the refer is there is a possibility that the spiral baffle in the chimney degrades, rusts out. The baffle is part of the system that transfers the heat from the flame to the refers tubing. For electric there is a heating element that inserts into a metal tube that is attached to the refers tubing. That array also gets compromised with rust and does not conduct heat as well as it should. So you might find that gas cools better than electric.
  8. Gulfstream Greg

    Am I ready? Looking for any and all tips!

    Welcome aboard! You are spot on about the 4cyl transmissions. They do not have a locking torque converter so when in overdrive the torque converters slip and generate heat. You did not mention what rear axle you have?? And you know about your refrigerator needing to be level? Sounds like you have done some testing and know what the normal sounds should be. I like WME's idea about checking tire temps. Additionally a good pressure gauge is a needed tool. I also like the trucker thump test, a low tire will sound different.
  9. Gulfstream Greg

    First-time owner seeks advice

    Not sure if this was mentioned or not, You should look and ask questions about the floor. That water damage looks like it went all the way. The spring bushings (3 each side), bolts etc would be number one on the list if you don't choose to put in new springs. New springs though as Linda suggests is the best route. I put air bags and air shocks on our last Toy with a pump and remote gauge and switch in the cab for the bags. Usually ran them both at about 80lbs. If the bushings are 3 piece then they are not going to just pop out. It is possible to replace the bushings without pulling the springs. I gut the bushing so that just the outer shell is still in the spring (it's fun!). Then carefully with a hand operated hacksaw cut almost through the bushing shell on two sides then drive a small punch between the spring and shell. New ones can be pressed back in with a just smaller socket, a good clamp and some grease. The shackles are probably shot also. A great modification is to weld a square tube between the shackles, this keeps them from leaning side to side in turns etc. You can buy pre made. If you do it all yourself it is not a job for the faint of heart. A concrete floor. two heavy duty jack stands and a big floor jack, it's not too bad. You just do one side at a time. I am waiting for someone to try this product " Roadmaster Active Suspension ". I installed a pair on my F150, like night and day.
  10. Gulfstream Greg

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    https://pdxrvwholesale.com/products/atwood-hydroflame-furnace-model-8516-ii-tune-up-kit And the manual https://dunesport.com/manuals/atwood-furnace.pdf I don't see a window in the manual for watching to see if you actually get spark.
  11. Gulfstream Greg

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    The motors use oilite bearings. They are factory impregnated with oil and the oil gets used up after some time. Friction heat pulls the oil out of the bearing towards the shaft that's why it gets quiet after a while. You can not replace that oil. Not sure that adding oil will work long term. Usually a motor replacement is in order.
  12. Gulfstream Greg

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    Mine had the same symptoms, had to put it on the bench for testing in order to find out the spark gap was too wide. Electricity will find the shortest path to ground so if it is not sparking at the gap it could be sparking somewhere else outside the fire chamber. If the wire gets a crack in the insulation this could happen. The board senses flame with the spark wire. If the wire is broken somewhere or the coil is shorted on the board the electronics will not see flame and try to relight. Note the gasket died when I pulled the view port hatch off. It took a few tries to get the correct. The gasket is important to keep those bad gasses out of the heated air!
  13. Gulfstream Greg

    My "new" RV 1984 18' Sunrader/ Engine swap poll

    Here is the combo I would like (Dreaming of course) https://phoenixpopup.com/
  14. Gulfstream Greg

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    That is really cool. Where did you get it?
  15. Gulfstream Greg

    Mold in the ceiling

    I think I would get a test kit to verify it is not black mold. Just about everyone sells test kits. Google for some mold images and see what yours resembles. Black mold can come in a variety of colors.