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  1. Portable generator question

    jjrbus thanks for posting that. 58 amps! I suppose it is for just a fraction of a second, enough to wake up the generator. I think that might be the same A/C unit that is on my trailer but I think the BTU is higher.
  2. Portable generator question

    Anyone ever measure the start current for any of the A/C units? I would like to know as a reference point.
  3. Portable generator question

    Not 100% sure but I think a 2000i is rated at 1600 watts continuous, 2000 surge. This is right from their specs "120v 2000W max. (16.7A) 1600W rated (13.3A). Use ohms law to calc unknown values for powe needs. P devided by E = I, P devided by I = E, I time E = P.
  4. Added some emoticons

    Added some camping emoticons
  5. Looking for TV install location ideas.

    For Android phones without an HDMI there is Google Chromecast https://store.google.com/product/chromecast_2015 I have not tried it though.
  6. The stock V6 engines I believe are built to run on regular gas. Maybe I am incorrect here but my original thinking was Premium should give better performance. So I ran premium for a several long trips knowing that I was going to just fly up that mountain. Gas mileage and performance eventually dropped. I have to say it was kinda like getting old, took awhile before I realized that the rig was loosing some guts. It was the little hills and mountains where I noticed a difference. Somebody here or locally told me that the Toyota V6 needs regular gas. Higher grade gas burns differently. So I went back to regular and everyone (engine too) got happy. When I switched back to reg it took awhile before life was happy though. Maybe the bad combustion burns built some crude and it took awhile to clean out. Other factor are your ignition components in good condition? Depending on what kind of ignition wires you have, factory, bad aftermarket, the wires can break down and not conduct as well. That can reduce the intensity of the spark to ignite the fuel. Ignition coils are another item. They also can break down. No way to really know unless you can read the actual output voltage. Factory vs aftermarket ignition parts, Maybe some can chime in here. As Derek said, tire pressure, what does it say on the side of your tire, mine were around 60 Lbs. Front tires start hopping, could be out of balance tires, bad shocks or both. Good shocks can handle more out of balance than worn out shocks. Ditto WME's advice. I think OD for me worked best when running at around 60 to 65 mph. A bit more rpm and inertia flying down the road. Seemed to give the engine a bit more breathing room for road conditions and just ran really well.
  7. Looking for TV install location ideas.

    The google tv box looks like a cool thing, connects via wifi to the internet https://www.gearbest.com/tv-box-mini-pc/pp_633912.html?currency=USD&vip=759849&gclid=Cj0KCQjwprbPBRCHARIsAF_7gDZqmR7l-Lii5Ig_Hfb_r-JhHFsyUVVm6Etqxe830B3BurVxVqbWFbMaAvQNEALw_wcB
  8. My 91 V6 got 12 - 13 (sometimes higher) on a good day. Overdrive for me did help out on the flat long hauls with no head wind. On the freeways I was zipping at 65 plus MPH. With the V6 I found that my trans ran much cooler in overdrive.
  9. Sunrader Truck Camper side seam leak issue

    I would clean the top edge of the strip then apply a thin bead of this stuff as a sealant "Lexel" http://www.sashco.com/products/lexel/ A little dab on the rivets and screws also. Then replace the molding strip with new. If you get Lexel on your fingers you can remove it with WD40. I have been using Lexel for years and love the stuff. When cutting off the end of the tube just cut a very small piece then you will have more control during the application.
  10. Water pump is a big job, any idea if and when the timing belt was replaced? Not saying the timing belt is the problem just that if you go for the water pump the belt, pulleys etc should also be replaced. Rare though that the impeller on a pump wears down enough, I have seen it though on fords with metal blade impellers. Curious if there is a way to measure flow rate in the cooling system.
  11. Well don't this really suck.

    Wow, definitely take it easy. Let it heal before you start doing stunts again!
  12. What about a thermostat that does not open all the way or a worn water pump impeller?
  13. 3500w inverter generator

    Who actually makes the Harbor Freight generator? And are they Calif legal?
  14. What is this waterline for?

    I second swamp cooler
  15. What is this waterline for?

    To the top of the closet then where from there? Roof?