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  1. You know what, your right, I got them mixed up with the gulfstream.
  2. Used good sam for years. They will cover all your cars but if the vehicle has commercial plates your SOL. I canceled them after they would not tow my F350. Now with AAA for all my rides and RV.
  3. Take a look at these I installed them in our 86 sunrader. Just had to change the blinker relay.
  4. Mine valve leaked at the valve stem. Could not repair it. Bad news was the valve was no longer manufactured. Took a couple of days but I was able to find one for about $195. Not all valves are alike. so double check for the correct one.
  5. I have always upgraded to the quietest one you can buy. They have a smaller flow rate though. But having that pump sound be almost quiet is really nice. I might also note that I always replace my shower head with one of those dish rinse off sprayers for residential kitchen sinks.
  6. Here are some 1990 Gulfstream specs. 21 foot. Aluminum framing. Extra table in front of couch about 3 foot long 1 foot wide fits on poles that insert into floor. Microwave over stove. large storage bay on drivers side. exterior water faucet spicket on outside passenger side near rear. Large closet in bathroom. Step in shower no tub. 6 gal water heater, I think the holding tanks are 16 gallons each. Fresh water 16 gallons. Roof air conditioner. Bathroom roof vent. Living area roof vent. Fold out couch big enough for a 6 ft person located on drivers side. Dinette makes into bed but only about 5 ft. Cab over bed is a full mattress size. Small pantry over refrigerator. 8 gallon propane tank. Coach battery located under couch and accessible from inside. Other notes: When we purchased it had water damage in cab over. Because it has aluminum framing it was an easier fix than if it had wood framing. I just had to re-skin the upper bunk area. The rear springs from the factory were or had become too weak and the rear of the coach would drag when going into or out of gas stations etc. I installed rear air bags and Gabriel air shocks, no more dragging and it took the corners like a sports car (almost). Can't think of anything else but will add if I do.
  7. You all should be able to turn on or off what email / notifications you want via your settings in your profile "manage followed content" and the follow button at the top right.
  8. OK folks I have several themes installed. Select themes at bottom of page. Question for everyone is what theme are you using and why.
  9. It is still available but not sure if it is working correctly. At the top there is a "Follow" button and there you should be able to select how to be notified. If the email out in the system is not working then I may have something misconfigured. I will follow this thread with email notification and see if it is working.
  10. Sorry for the delay. Getting our house ready to sell and moving to Oregon at the same time. Thanks! Everyone OK with replacing the existing Axle Facts with Derek's?
  11. The key is a solid level (concrete) floor