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  1. The following link is to a Sunrader I used to own. Not sure it is still for sale but at that price?? The seller though is missing some facts. I completely built a new exhaust system. Starting at the turbo I has a larger down tube manufactured. Not going to get that from Toyota and then 2.5 inch exhaust all the way. We sold it for 16K back when. http://www.toyotarvforsale.com/1986-sunrader-turbo-in-santa-cruz-ca/
  2. Could be the start stop switch went bad or a problem with the wires to and from the switch. I see some fuses there to the left of the switch.
  3. Bit the bullet and installed the newest version of the board. Should be some new features and obviously I need to do some tweaking.
  4. I have not gone further than the video on research. Just have no time. Maybe someone can research all the options with details. I know that some boondock rigs are also using diesel stoves. My big question is, are these diesel appliances more efficient than propane, less fuel volume and cost per gallon vs propane?
  5. I happened upon this guy camping out in the snow in his VW using a chinese diesel heater. Create your own opinions. https://youtu.be/l0-aq7PhUNQ
  6. Download Gimp https://www.gimp.org/ . It can resize images to what ever size you need. The system is set to 800x800 pixels max or less.
  7. I was under the belief that even the internal regulated alternators needed the exciter circuit of the isolator to be hot with ignition on. The alternator output wants to see 12v + to energize? I ask because my 90 had the 4 wire isolator. Not sure about the regulator. While cruising down the freeway the isolator shorted internally to ground. Took out my alternator and left it smoking. Luckily I was able to pull over next to an auto parts store, buy a new one, bolt it up and drive off. That little delay allowed us to see a spectacular sunset on the way to the coast!
  8. That sounds right. I believe I did read that it had a separate bell housing.
  9. The turbo trucks used the same trans that is behind the V6's with a locking converter. Ran it in overdrive all the time. If the trans was running hot out of overdrive you could engage OD and actually watch the trans temp drop rather quickly. I have a friend who has the same truck minus the sunrader coach. His though, manual trans and a hybrid turbo. His turbo spools up when cracking open the throttle. Huge advantage. Still though I would take the V6 over the turbo 4. Actually prefer a V8 for off roading. Just something about having torque.
  10. We owned a 86 Sunrader 4x4 turbo 4 IFS front. Main issue was weight. Reducing the interior coach weight could make a difference. We kept ours stock almost. Larger downtube from the turbo and 2 1/2 inch exhaust. Added extra leaf in the rear. When loaded for a week long trip it was heavy. Turbo with an automatic at high elevations? Sometimes could not get the turbo to spin up when in gear. Found that out by trying to back up onto a big rock to get level. Could not develop enough power to even try. First gear low was ok but reverse no way. I have to say though it did pretty well out on some sorta
  11. You may have bought a switching disconnect solenoid. Switching solenoids switch from off to on or on to off. They operate by using a momentary on push button switch that supplies power to the trigger terminal (ign) to trigger them from on to off or off to on. The momentary push button switch sends power temporarily to the solenoid, switching its direction. The solenoid locks itself on or off. Like a toggle switch.
  12. Some of those with two prongs on the front operate differently than a solenoid isolator. Like this one which is the wrong type. Notice that when power is applied it switches on or off. https://www.intellitec.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/53-00066-100.pdf And no matter what, the wiper wire should not have been cut like that. And your solenoid should have been getting 12v ignition from somewhere else, not the wiper circuit.
  13. Can you hear the solenoid click when you give it ignition power? If it does not click and you have 12v on the small terminal it is bad . If it does click and you only have 12 volts on one side of the large terminals it is bad. If it has 12 volts on both sides follow the wire testing as you go. I may have missed something but why did the previous owner cut the wire going to the windshield wiper motor. Were both add on white wires not connected to anything? Find any other wires that are not connected to anything?
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