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  1. Sunrader Truck Camper side seam leak issue

    I would clean the top edge of the strip then apply a thin bead of this stuff as a sealant "Lexel" http://www.sashco.com/products/lexel/ A little dab on the rivets and screws also. Then replace the molding strip with new. If you get Lexel on your fingers you can remove it with WD40. I have been using Lexel for years and love the stuff. When cutting off the end of the tube just cut a very small piece then you will have more control during the application.
  2. Water pump is a big job, any idea if and when the timing belt was replaced? Not saying the timing belt is the problem just that if you go for the water pump the belt, pulleys etc should also be replaced. Rare though that the impeller on a pump wears down enough, I have seen it though on fords with metal blade impellers. Curious if there is a way to measure flow rate in the cooling system.
  3. Well don't this really suck.

    Wow, definitely take it easy. Let it heal before you start doing stunts again!
  4. What about a thermostat that does not open all the way or a worn water pump impeller?
  5. 3500w inverter generator

    Who actually makes the Harbor Freight generator? And are they Calif legal?
  6. What is this waterline for?

    I second swamp cooler
  7. What is this waterline for?

    To the top of the closet then where from there? Roof?
  8. If you can get your hands on a compression tester it will tell you if you have a blown head gasket. But what would normal compression be?
  9. Buzzing noise in my TV

    Humming out of the speaker? That converter is a half wave diode rectified type power supply. With no filtering. The humming is probably AC voltage in the circuit. The two diodes are to the left of the transformer. A full wave rectified power supply will have 4 diodes. If you have a multi meter set it to AC then take a reading on your 12 volt circuit when plugged into shore power. If you get a AC voltage reading then that is bad for any 12 v DC electronics. Most 12 v DC electronic devices do not have the proper filtering to filter out the AC from a half wave rectified power supply and could eventually get smoked! Another problem with those converter / power supplies is the battery charger which will over charge the coach battery. That converter also disconnects the coach battery from the 12 v dc circuit and connects it to the battery to the charger when plugged into shore power via the relay to the right of the transformer. I have replaced my last two MH 6300's wit these http://www.parallaxpower.com/6345ru-replacement-upgrade-6345ru . Basically plug and play with no major retrofit modifications.
  10. Exterior Painting Question

    Silicon warning, unfortunately many think silicon caulk to be the choice of sealants. So it is possible you have some silicon contamination. Paint does not like silicon.
  11. Running lean will cause overheat. I assume these gen sets have points, sounds like timing or vacuum leak. Timing probably set with correct points gap. Vacuum leak could be because your head bolts were loose. My opinion, pull it out of the coach so you can really look it over. Continuing to run it in it's present condition could cause irreversible damage.
  12. Moved this topic from news and help to engines trans etc. Sorry, just did not belong in news and help!
  13. Just upgraded to version v4.2.1 Some new features so look around and see what you can find or see that is new or different.
  14. '87 Sunrader Rear Tail Light Replacement: LEDs

    You know what, your right, I got them mixed up with the gulfstream.
  15. Roadside Assistance services - recommendations?

    Used good sam for years. They will cover all your cars but if the vehicle has commercial plates your SOL. I canceled them after they would not tow my F350. Now with AAA for all my rides and RV.