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  1. my huntsman has no instruction on lighting the furnace which seems to be close to the floor & below the fridge.
  2. So now I come to the point where I need to think of where to put our geological and fossil dig supplies. I have a few full size shovels, a 42" gold prospecting sluice, two 10gl portable water tanks,and various other supplies. From previous posts by members, I see that the back is to weak for mounting anything. I have seen these as a potential: http://www.etrailer.com/Specialty-Trailer-Hitches/Curt/13703.html?feed=pn But I would like input from other members please.
  3. I have decied to go with these (see below) . I cannot afford the 5 solid gold bars and bag of diamonds that the local suspension shop desires for payment. http://www.jcwhitney.com/loadpro-full-time-helper-spring-kits/p2005982.jcwx?filterid=b1135c11298d2183y1981f5j1
  4. as a retired truck driver my experience with air bags has been thorough enough to say I do not like them. they leak, and usually when you are far from civilization. I prefer reliability over comfort, so stiff springs and a hurt rear-end to me is more preferable. since the previous owner unfortunately welded the air bag brackets in place, my options are becoming expensive. I wish I could just find some helper leaf springs and be done with it.
  5. just wanted to know if anyone has ever done this or experienced putting the leaf springs on top of the axle.
  6. this was going to be experimental. I spoke with the owner and creator of these sumo springs. I liked the fact that you could stab them with a knife and nothing would happen.
  7. AHRGG!! I have checked my air bags and the mounts are welded on! this is the last straw. I have scheduled an appointment with a local suspension shop that is going to install a new and better leaf spring with a rough country shock set design for our trips to geological and fossil sites(dirt roads with rocks). no air bags for me ever, even if it costs me my kidneys
  8. after 8+ hours of searching for alternatives to air bags,plus great advice from forum members , I have contacted a manufacture of a super sumo spring that really is an air bag with no air. in a couple of weeks, after I send some images and specs, I will hopefully have a "leak-free" solution. http://www.supersprings.com/sumosprings_rear_overview_trucks-vans.asp what makes them nice is that I can use the existing air bag mounts because they just slide right in with a few bolts to hold em in place. (I don't own a saws-all)
  9. I have air bags, but they are not good for us since we will be taking the huntsman to fossil digs and gold prospecting where rocks can easily damage the bags or lines, is there a non-air bag solution?
  10. here's a similar product through jcwhitney: http://www.jcwhitney.com/ride-control-load-assisting-adjustable-air-springs/p2005933.jcwx?filterid=c11298d2183y1981j1
  11. http://www.strutmasters.com/Toyota-Pickup-Ride-Control-Kit-p/al-59502-tp.htm I have to replace my air bags, but these look way easier.
  12. I was wondering how much you paid to have your air bags installed? I think I may need new ones and don't have acce

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