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  1. That’s a neat setup. The axle looks plenty strong. I was expecting something like a half axle setup. I’m curious as to the function of the yellow shocks.
  2. Not necessarily. The later homes that came with the ff axle and 6 lug front wheels uses a different hub system. Made to accommodate the 6 lug wheel with the proper offset. The older 5 lug hubs leave little room for adjustment. Your wheel and tire need to fit completely inside the fender. I have 8 lug wheels on the back of my rig. I carry (1) 8 lug and (1) 5 lug for the front as spares. The 5 to 8 lug adapter pushes the wheel out too far, so useless to me. I would much rather carry just one spare for both axles but can’t do it in this case. You can try it with the adapters but if it d
  3. Be sure to check your fender clearance with the adapter in place. Most aluminum adapters add 2” to each front hub. Your 6 bolt spare may also have an unusual offset that could affect clearance. I carry two spares for this very reason. Not a lot of clearance on those front fenders. Adapters are usually non returnable. Could be an expensive exercise if it doesn’t work. Personally, keep the new tire as backup. Or if you have a 5 lug spare tire, mount it on the 5 lug rim.
  4. I kept as much original fabric as possible. Added silicone to inside channel then reinstalled the glass. You just want to be sure the glass stays in place when your rolling down the window.
  5. Happens all the time. They no longer make the fabric channel that the window bottom rests on. When new, it held the glass in the metal channel by friction. What I did with mine was to remove the entire window glass with metal channel (2 bolts) from the regulator assembly. Turn sideways, and remove through the door opening. You have to remove the outside rubber water barrier from the door opening to gain enough room for the glass to slide through as it’s slightly curved. When out, pull channel off of window glass. Be SURE TO NOTE the glass location in relation to the channel itself. The le
  6. Yep. New spring packs a must. But the tag axle looks plenty strong. Nice to finally see one in action.
  7. That’s pretty kool. The tag axle looks good. Plenty of weight carrying capacity. Weigh the entire rig, then the back half only. Post your findings.
  8. OK. Weight is the next thing. Judging from the picture I don’t think you’ll be able to get away with singles on the drive axle. The rear half of the home weight has to be less than 4K lbs to run singles. I’ve never seen how the tag axles were installed. Take some pictures of the tag axle and how it attaches to the frame. Your tag axle setup is fairly rare. Not a lot of information out there.
  9. Only problem with that is you now have 2 large empty holes where the original axle was installed. I also wonder if the frame would have the necessary notch to allow the new axle location to move freely.
  10. First thing to do is weigh the home on a commercial truck scale. Get the total weight and weight over the rear axle (rear half) of the home. This will help to determine what axle setup you can use. A picture of your rig will help.
  11. Tag axle can stay as is. This swap can get expensive depending on your mechanical skills. It requires welding and metal fabrication. You can keep your existing leaf springs.
  12. Ok. If you’re going to change to single wheels on your drive axle first thing to do is measure the width (track) of the foolie axle (outside tire to outside tire). If it’s 74-75” wide an early GM truck axle will work. Or any truck axle with the same width measurement. You want to have 4.10 gears (same as your current axle). The GM 14 bolt ff axle is geared at 4.10. This is what I used to replace my foolie axle with. You don’t really need a ff axle with the tag setup. But you want to try and find one with the 4.10 gears.
  13. Any fiberboard product will swell when exposed to long term moisture. Doesn’t matter if its high density or medium density. Composition is similar to that of particle board. If you’re sure your ceiling is leak free you’ll probably be ok. Personally, I wouldn’t take that chance.
  14. If you receive a pm from Stella Davis it is spam. Do not give out any personal info. Her contact # is area code 699. Area Code 699 has not been assigned for use by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator. Area Code 699 is designated as an Expansion Code which is reserved for future use if it becomes necessary to expand the current ten digit format. If you receive a phone call from area code 699 it is a spam call.
  15. Be careful if the panel has an MDF core (most do). MDF will swell it exposed to excess moisture.
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