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  1. You actually have 2 hoses. The fuel fill hose (2” ID) and a (7/16” ID) vent hose. These measurements are normal for your year truck. Definitely remove the old hoses first to double-check before buying new. Fuel fill hose is specifically designed for this application. It’s very expensive to buy but the only thing to use. It’s sold by the running foot and only comes in straight lengths. It can be challenging to install. Making bends (even slight) can be difficult. If you’re mechanically inclined and have sufficient tools you can try to do it on your own. A garage with a lift would be my recommendation.
  2. Try a heat gun or hairdryer. You might be able to soften up the adhesive enough to scrap the old plywood off.
  3. There are many older Toyota’s in Mexico. Maybe see if someone there might have the part you need.
  4. Sounds like your rebuild is going well. Check your steel brake lines. If replacing all the flex lines, might as well make it 100% and replace those at the same time. I went with all stainless steel. Pricey, but never have to do them again.
  5. Many times the catalytic converters have a sheet metal heat shield around them. The metal holding tabs rust out causing the heat shield to drop on top of the converter creating a rattling sound. Check the area around the converter for any loose metal pieces.
  6. So far you’ve done fine. Too many cooks can spoil a recipe. I’m removing myself from this thread. Feel free to pm me if you want. Fred
  7. Just a suggestion. With everything brand new you might want to consider DOT 5 silicone brake fluid. It’s pricey, but resists moisture absorption and is very durable. This is the same fluid the military uses in its vehicles. I’ve always used it and have had great luck. If you go this route be sure to place a a warning near the master cylinder stating you have DOT 5 installed. If any other fluid is added it will destroy the DOT 5.
  8. My apologies. I saw your before picture and thought it was your finished product. The before picture was really scary. Your setup looks similar to mine.
  9. Screenshot from FB. Unable to post link.
  10. Well you obviously have limited knowledge of frame and suspension components. I normally don’t criticize other members posts. I don’t know the extent of your mechanical background but I will say your shackle extension as shown in your photo is an accident waiting to happen. You don’t need to take my word. Show that picture (your shackle setup) to any mechanic that works on drivetrains. You’ve effectively transferred all linear and compression forces onto a single shackle eye bolt. Shackles need to be as close to the spring eye as possible to work as intended. Extended shackles should have a mid position reinforcement to avoid unnecessary flexing. Using a bunch of stacked washers is not a good thing.
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