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  1. Lucas is a UK electric supply company. The provide electrical systems for cars like Jaguar, MG and Range Rover. Their electrical systems always seem to have QC issues. They do not have a stellar reputation.
  2. One trick to use when remodeling is save the old panel or piece your removing and use as a template for the replacement piece. If that’s not possible, make a template with builders paper and transfer to the new work. Instructions can be found on YouTube or many box stores sell a do it yourself kit for vinyl floors. Same principle, just vertical rather than horizontal (for walls).
  3. Weight over the rear axle will determine if you can run singles. Rule of thumb is 4K pounds or less over rear half of the motorhome. More than that you’ll have to stay with duels. switching to singles in the rear will reduce the track width of the rear axle. Only you can decide if you like the look.
  4. The cast iron exhaust manifolds on both the 20R and22R are known for cracking between the #2&3 exhaust ports. This is caused by the factory heat shields installed on these engines. You may have to remove the shield to see the damage.
  5. You can buy new welting. Don’t think caulking will look that good. https://pantherrvproducts.com/hollow-bead-trailer-welt-molding-cabinet-trim-gimp-25-ft-light-brown/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjvHy4rry8gIVm_6zCh2CGAxpEAQYAyABEgKTC_D_BwE
  6. Toyota Motorhomes are based on a 2WD commercial cab and chassis. The early generation trucks were bare bones. No radio unless ordered at the time of purchase. The factory wiring for radio and speakers should still be accessible under the dash. The cab area is so small you could just wire in a new setup and forget the factory wiring.
  7. You’re right. Must have been a senior moment. 🙂
  8. The “E” denotes electronic ignition. The engine is a 22R.
  9. Crank oil seal. If you have the 20R or 22R this is a common fail item. The seal itself is inexpensive, but involves removing the crank pulley which can get involved.
  10. The third picture with the ID label is what you’ll need. Onan needs the model number and the serial number to ensure you get the correct part. One thing you can do is once you get the exact model carburetor you need from Onan, go into the search engine and see if you can find a secondary supplier with the same carburetor in stock. Your unit is old enough there may be some NOS units out there cheaper than the factory price.
  11. If it’s an onan it will have a metal ID plate attached to the main engine. If not there, it’s probably not an onan. Or someone removed it for whatever reason.🤔
  12. If it’s a microlite 2800 a new carb is around $250.00. If it’s onan there should be a metal tag riveted to the unit giving the model number and serial number of that unit. You will need that information to ensure you get the correct carburetor. Onan has many different carburetors for different models. Onan does not sell or recommend rebuilt carburetors. Some sellers on eBay are selling rebuild kits for these carbs. Where yours is missing a new carb is in order.
  13. If your clutch is properly adjusted you should not be able to move between gears while in motion without using the clutch. Luck for you there are no steep hills where you travel. You should have a clutch slave cylinder in line with the clutch fork. These can be adjusted to allow for proper engagement. It sounds like the slave rod is too far forward. There should be a slight gap between the rod and fork when at rest. It’s hard to diagnose shifting issues online.
  14. I’m confused. I’m guessing you have a standard transmission? How can you shift without the clutch? You need to provide more detailed information. Year of your Toyota and drivetrain components.
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