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  1. How common was the above drive train in Sunraders? Nissan or Toyota? In hindsight sight, a manual transmission would have been a bonus for both the 4 cylinder and the 6 cylinders motors.
  2. Would a 1988 Sunrader shorty be prewired for an electric vent in the most posterior vent?
  3. EBay, tho I didn’t think that could be mentioned.
  4. A rare Nissan V6 Sunrader with an automatic transmission is listed on the auction site. Think I saw this one for sale on the toyotarvsforsale website recently.
  5. Some interior pics from just a bit ago. The seats and door upholstery are about a 9/10. They are the high back style. The seats are very comfortable at least in my limited time in them. 74K on the odometer.
  6. Was fiddling with the Toyota today so didn’t see the updates. I’ll get some better interior shots tomorrow and post them. They are high backed seats and quite comfortable I think it’s been mentioned in other thread but there is a much more leg room in the Nissan. I’m 6’1” and a bit cramped in the Toyota Cab. As mentioned, I’ve gotten the 22R to start and run pretty well but it seems to “race” when shifting, the rpms stay high for a second or two and then drop off. A friend recommended that it could be a bad vacuum line or lines. Didn’t see anything obvious today but did an inventory and will replace all of the vacuum lines. It certainly appears that the body work and painting should be pretty straightforward and I’ve done a fair amount tho a bit ago. Linda, you’re right on re the cabover mattress. It’s a redo w quite thin fabric and it’s worn thru in a few places. The mattress foam seems fine tho.
  7. Thanks for all the info. I’m leaning towards making this a project tho first making the interior useable and then the outside cosmetics. Re the velour interior, it looks much nicer in person as opposed to in pictures and has worn very well. The cab interior really looks quite spiffy. When I saw the interior pics on the net before I bought it, my thought was that the interior had some sort of mold problem, glad that wasn’t the case. I’ll get some better pics and maybe they will show that green velour in a better light.
  8. The body has a bit (just a bit) of surface rust and and the frame is pretty much rust free. Last two pics are the 1988 Nissan.
  9. Picked up a 1981 Toyota Sunrader 180RD w 74K at a bargain price. Did not run when I got it but did some basic things and it’s running strong now. As most would know, 22R and the 4 speed manual. CAb interior is quite nice, truck body has a few dings and fenders and hood have been brush painted. Camper interior needs some work but not too bad. Bought this because I needed some interior camper parts for my 1988 Nissan Sunrader. Ended up not needing much as I filled those needs w/o cannibalizing the 81. To get to the point, I don’t need another project. Should I just sell it as is, (running and useable tho a bit on the rough side ) or fix the cab body warts and paint, then sell. I can do the body work and paint myself. In other words how much would the paint job enhance the price and the salability of the camper? If the cosmetic updates won’t make much difference in salability/price I’ll just list it as is. Thanks for any input.
  10. Found the Nissan locally here in Fort Collins, third owner. Purchased new in Reno, previous owner bought it in Portland and moved to Fort Collins. They now have a Winnebago Navia so this one just sat. 3K in the last ten years. Needs some interior work but the outside is pretty great.
  11. Two vents, one in the bathroom, the other in the main area. If you were standing in front of the sink it would be above your head.
  12. Hi, I plan to install a Fantastic Fan replacing the vent in my 18’ Sunrader. There is no wiring there. How would I route it? thanks.
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