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    Playing and performing,Celtic, Mountain, English Country and Folk Music, painting, gardening, rock hounding, building marionettes, planning parties, Cooking East Indian cuisine, being a wife and mom, imported beer, and my '81 Sunrader, Sadie.

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    1981 Sunrader- sporting handpainted Indian Blanket flowers. I call her Sadie the Princess of the Prairie. She's my little Prairie Gypsy. I often drive her to the office. It's a freeing thing knowing my "sanctuary" is just outside. She travels with me to festivals, out of town performances, rock hunting and camping trips.
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    Shawnee, Oklahoma

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  1. When my girls were younger, we would bring a cassette tape recorder, blank tapes and lots of batteries on long trips. The kids had a blast recording their own radio shows...These included fashion, cooking, travel, music, poetry, and whatever other topics they thought of. They interviewed each other and me. They also practiced different accents. Gil, our oldest daughter created an extremely funny Australian accent, and I remember Jen's Valley Girl Fashion Hour being exceptionally hysterical. When they were 9 and 11, I taught them a few chords on the guitar, and eventually other instruments, then new and amazing road trips insued. They'd write songs, and practice songs they'd learned off the internet, and sing. The miles would fly by. Since then, we always travel with either an upacked guitar, mandolin, ukulele, along with a flute or djembi. The girls jam while I drive.....however, now they've grown and moved out, our traveling together is not as frequent. Great memories.
  2. It's Spring!!! Sadie gets a new alternator and battery this week. I've been driving her daily as my main mode of transportation. I love my little toy. Someday, we will run away together. Just sayin.

    1. Totem


      did you get the powermaster alternator? if so I am drooling...

    2. shandamac


      Nah, nothin' so fancy. O'Reilly's house brand..."Ultima" has made Sadie very happy. This weekend we perform at the Norman Medeival Fest.(I perform. Sadie hangs out.) She's ready to go!

  3. Omg I love sadie, and i love her paint job , I want to do something like that with my NEWW toyota motorhome i JUST bought(omg I'm so excited) my name is Cathy and I'm 52 and love going to Vancouver Island music fest every year for the last 16 years is there anyway you could send me a picture of your sadie so i could keep it in mind when i paint. chattycat@shaw.ca thanks Cathy

  4. This will be Sadie's first time to attend the Walnut Valley Music Festival in Winfield KS in Sept. We are so excited! Hopefully, the weather accomdates us this year. No Tornados!

    1. Chattycat52


      wish you were comin to the Vancouver Island toy in in June would love to meet ya

  5. Wilson, Welcome to the forum! You're in for the experience of a lifetime in remodeling your little toyhome. Trust me. It will thank you!!! Make sure you post updates. Peace.
  6. Hi Lisa, 8K seems high to me too. Do you know if it has the beefed up 1 ton rear end? That is key. shanda
  7. Earth day celebration at Turtle Rock farm this Friday. We'll play for a contra dance, help with the alpaca shearing, dedicate the new strawbale hermitage and jam on Irish and old-time tunes in the interim. Fun, Fun!

    1. Chattycat52


      Omg I love sadie, and i love her paint job , I want to do something like that with my NEWW toyota motorhome i JUST bought(omg I'm so excited) my name is Cathy and I'm 52 and love going to Vancouver Island music fest every year for the last 16 years is there anyway you could send me a picture of your sadie so i could keep it in mind when i paint. chattycat@shaw.ca thanks Cathy

    2. shandamac


      Sadie is my best little friend. She's actually more than a motorhome. I call her my "Rolling Sanctuary". I drive her to work. I drive her to gigs. I take her on rock hunts. I use her to practice my accordion (when I don't want to be a bother), and in a few weeks she'll go with me to an overnight silversmithing class. I know you're going to love your new little toy, and you're going to have so much fun paiting and making her your own "happy place". Have y...

  8. Hi all! Sadie and I had the most wonderful time meeting up with our rock club at Oklahoma's Great Salt Plains Reserve this weekend to hunt for hourglass selenite crystals (our State crystal). First of all, Sadie is amazing. Yes, she's slow. Yes, she's small. Yes, she's not too crazy about headwinds, but.....she is so much fun to drive. (We always tack on an extra hour to our eta for every 150 mile we have to travel, and take our own sweet time.) The West wind on Friday was brutal for our trip up (gusts of 50 mph), speed in the 45-50 range. We pretended like we were a box kite. Just toodling out in the wind. (Just a little hairy over the bridges.), but by Saturday morning the winds had calmed to create a perfect day for crystal hunting. Since Saturday was also the opening day for the local "Crystal and Bird Festival", the reserve had just opened a new digging area. There were also lots and lots of birds to watch in around the salt plains area and the camping areas. It was a beautiful day! Lots of crystals and camaradarie. People from Oklahoma, Arkanasas, Kansas and Texas met to punch through the white salt to the red earth beneath, to lie on the ground and play in the mud. Splashing water up the walls of the holes released the crystals; glassy blades and sandy clusters. All morning and afternoon, we played, until the ground warmed and we found ourselves in a sleepy euphoric bliss. Caked in salt and mud, we headed back to the campgrounds to clean up. We made our grand finale at the campgrounds with a Rock Club Cook-out! The prez grilled bratwurst and hamburgers, while the rest played music, shared rockhunting stories, and dappled in wool spinning (my contribution ;-) ). About 9:30pm, there was an impromtu star gazing session with a local star hound who had brought out the most amazing, high powered, computerized telescope. We saw Saturn, the twin stars Castor AB and several star clusters. A South wind lightly rocked us on our return home Sunday morning, but Sadie made that trip a little faster. All in all, it was a wonderful adventure, and we're looking forward to making the Great Salt Plains an annual field trip destination.
  9. Hope you're doing well. I see you haven't posted in a while. Have you been playing lots of music? (or maybe you've been busy like I have.) I decided to downsize my commitments this year and only play in 2 bands. My gigs and practices are currently intersperced with rock hunts. Totally having fun!!! Now, if I could win the lottery. My plans are still at some poi...

  10. Getting excited about our trip to the Great Salt Plains of Oklahoma to hunt for hourglass selenite crystals this weekend!

  11. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this forum? The Toy Gurus here continually provide a wealth of knowledge, experience and inspiration. It's a joy to read the posts and comments. It's also a joy to own a toyota motorhome. No matter which toy you choose, it requires regular doses of loving care and attention. You become obsessed. Like a Traveler's Wagon or Roma Vardo, your toy will become your expression of freedom and desire to experience everything. It might even suprise you that with it, you may find "the meaning of life".
  12. Ha! Yes you, and that's exactly what I mean. It amazes me at how many "while we're at its" I can add to a "To Do" list.
  13. Woah Nelly! I've been out of touch! Look at all the new toy owners!!!! Welcome, welcome!!!!! So cool to get on the groove and see what's been going on in toyland! (Curious about the toyotamotorhomes.com decal though. I missed the memo. Do we have one yet?) Sadie, my 81 Sunrader has become a talisman. With her, I have found balance, freedom, and sanity...(yes, especially with painted flowers.) Not only do I include her on roadtrips and out of town gigs, but lately, she's begun to visit the office with me and help run errands. We've been having a ball!! This weekend she will stand in as an oasis/green room at the Medeival Fair in Norman for The Merry Sisters of Mayhem, as we join our friends in performing really, really, really old tunes while dressed in really, really, really odd costumes. 3 full days of wonderful music and wind. (Ah the joys of living in Oklahoma). Speaking of wind: 2 weeks ago, Sadie and I traveled up I-35 through Wichita on our way to Lawrence KS for a sheapshearing event. (Very cool!) We drove against the wind almost the whole way...45-50mph...avg about 13mpg. The 6 hour trip took almost 9 hours. We just toodled along, basking in the openness of the plains, and experiencing things that the faster drivers missed....(like seeing the hawk drinking from a rain ditch along the highway, or driving neck in neck with the train near Cassaday). The sheepshearing was amazing! Even more amazing was that the shearer used solar electricity. Konza.com came to the farm to demonstrate it's new robotic solar panel system. (The panels moved automatically with the light). Sadie told me she wants a robotic solar panel too. (Maybe when I win the lottery.) Anyway, as expected, the wind shifted from the South for our trip home, and once again we headed out against it. Same mph, same mpg, except 3/4 of the way out, we saw the most wonderful sunset. Windows open, the smell of fresh turned river bottom dirt, the glimmer of early evening stars. I really love driving that little 4 cyl stick. It's going to be an interesting year. Not too many official travel plans planned, but every chance we get, Sadie and I will be doing something, even it it's going to Wally world to paruse the camping section. I hope to get in a few good days of motorhome maintenance projects though. New screw cover trim installed, remove the water cooler and install a solar fan, shore up a cabinet that's trying come loose (Sadie's house really needs to be completely redone at some point, but ...well...you know.), and replace old propane hook up lines. What's the phrase Derek? "One Project Leads to Another"...something like that. Hoping everyone has a blessed and prosperous year!!!!!! But most of all, I hope it's FUN!!!!! Embracing Cosmosity, Shanda and Sadie the Prairie Princess
  14. Sadie sported a new master cylindar to her first ever sheepshearing in Lawrence KS. We had a ball!!!

  15. Lots of Snow for Oklahoma!!!! Waiting for warmer weather to fix Sadie's propane line (around the tank). First trip for 2011 will be a Sheep Shearing in Kansas. Can't wait!!!!

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