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  1. I just received the aluminum stacker jacks tonight from Amazon. They are super lightweight and small enough to fit underneath the RV sofa. Perfect for what I'll be using them for. Now onto the next project of floor reinforcement and installing poly bushings in the rear leaf springs.
  2. Thanks Linda. I knew you would have an answer for us.
  3. I currently do the same exact thing. I've used boards to drive into for small adjustment but a few times when I've boondocked I've had an issue.
  4. Leveler ramps/blocks, scissor jacks, 4 ton hydraulic bottle jacks. Curious to what works best or what doesn't work well? What's your experience?
  5. Thanks for the reply. Thinking I'll do the same. Did you end up using everything included?
  6. I replaced my bushings with some Moog that I got from the auto store but they were never right and I had to cut down the overall length to make them fit. I've done poly in my 61 ford. Out of curiosity where did you find the poly and how much were they? Part number? Thanks Matt
  7. Sorry I haven't been on here in a bit. Glad you figured out the problem with the pump. Usually something easy but not always. I think I'd choose electrical over some of the other structural issues I've had with my warrior honestly. Water damage is a lot more work.
  8. If the fuses are testing ok then it must be between the fusebox and switch or switch and pump. I would check for voltage at the switch to chassis ground next. If 12v is there then keep chasing down to the pump. You can also disconnect the battery and test for continuity on the positive wire to ground to see if there is a short.
  9. You should take the meter and check for voltage on the wires that connect to the pump. The pump has to be turned on of course. If you want to just check the pump make sure there's no power to it with the voltmeter. You then disconnect one of the wires to the pump set the meter on Resistance mode and then see if there's any resistance in the motor of the pump. If none then the motor is probably not working. The reason that you still have lights etc when the breaker is turned on is because that is only used when on shore power 120V. The house battery powers everything else in the coach that uses
  10. Would anyone know what size butyl to use? I have 3/8" butyl tape and am thinking of using two strips side if needed. Is this the correct method or should a wider butyl be used?
  11. Thought I'd share my bumper repair that I finished today before it started raining in KC. The aluminum welds were damaged before I bought it 3 years ago. I removed it, cut the brackets and welds, and then made new brackets from steel stock. I used angle iron and 1/4" plate steel, a cut off wheel and drill press. No welding was required. I have also attached a swagman bike rack but have not tested the entire setup for strength yet. Debating on the strength of my frame and extensions but they appear to be very intact.
  12. Don, I'm curious if you had to strengthen your frame rails where they attach to the original Yoda frame. I know this post is from 2012.
  13. Last fall I redid my 92 warrior roof. Leaked bad and the ceiling was trashed. There were tons of pinholes, cracks, tears. I used flexseal tape for the cracks, silicone sealant for holes and then coated the entire thing with Henry tropi-cool 887HS which is 100% silicone roll on and available at the Depot. This stuff is supposed to last 50+ years or something. This saved me from having to rip off the entire metal roof. It's held up great although stored in a cave most of the time. It's a lot cooler inside too. I wanted to share this because I researched for a long time before deciding what exact
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