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  1. There is a rv stovetop that has a griddle on one side and 2 burners on the other side. That's my plan. https://flairdistribution.com/collections/appliances/products/greystone-rv-burner-grill-combo-flair-distribution?variant=35970172649631
  2. And a few years back I built an antenna platform which can be seen here in the "Communications and Electronics" Forum.
  3. Might also mention the rack your mounts are mounted on is actually a FM/TV antenna and not a cargo rack. Greg K7GPH
  4. https://www.diamondantenna.net/k9000lrm.html https://www.diamondantenna.net/k9000lrmo.html These work great for SUV's also.
  5. Balance! You need to make sure when it is on a trailer the weight forward and behind the axle is ok for a trailer. In the end you have to have a certain amount of tongue weight when it is loaded with cargo.
  6. Here is my ac In one of my vehicles. https://www.amazon.com/Prime-Products-06-0850-Heavy-Duty-Chrome/dp/B000AA4RVI/ref=pd_lpo_263_t_1/130-9168826-8388126?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B000AA4RVI&pd_rd_r=bd7eb70d-2658-4a61-ab39-ef0e104b1469&pd_rd_w=0vMXR&pd_rd_wg=3dZMK&pf_rd_p=16b28406-aa34-451d-8a2e-b3930ada000c&pf_rd_r=KW78K0HAN7NXBBC1MKKR&psc=1&refRID=KW78K0HAN7NXBBC1MKKR
  7. Good info. Verizon asks that you to register a repeater / signal booster with them if it is to be used on their network. More information regarding Verizon can be fount here https://www.verizon.com/solutions-and-services/accessories/register-signal-booster/
  8. Hi all. Getting ready to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. Been awhile since I installed a certificate. Nothing should really change if all goes well. The classifieds are presently hosted under ToyotaCampersForSale.com but will be moved to a sub folder here on ToyotaMotorhome.org in order to keep them in the HTTPS blanket. The board software needs an update installed to fix some bugs also. So stay tuned.
  9. The following link is to a Sunrader I used to own. Not sure it is still for sale but at that price?? The seller though is missing some facts. I completely built a new exhaust system. Starting at the turbo I has a larger down tube manufactured. Not going to get that from Toyota and then 2.5 inch exhaust all the way. We sold it for 16K back when. http://www.toyotarvforsale.com/1986-sunrader-turbo-in-santa-cruz-ca/
  10. Could be the start stop switch went bad or a problem with the wires to and from the switch. I see some fuses there to the left of the switch.
  11. Bit the bullet and installed the newest version of the board. Should be some new features and obviously I need to do some tweaking.
  12. I have not gone further than the video on research. Just have no time. Maybe someone can research all the options with details. I know that some boondock rigs are also using diesel stoves. My big question is, are these diesel appliances more efficient than propane, less fuel volume and cost per gallon vs propane?
  13. I happened upon this guy camping out in the snow in his VW using a chinese diesel heater. Create your own opinions. https://youtu.be/l0-aq7PhUNQ
  14. Download Gimp https://www.gimp.org/ . It can resize images to what ever size you need. The system is set to 800x800 pixels max or less.
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