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  1. Well here is an update 3 years later! Where we lived in CA (Boulder Creek) every home in our old neighborhood except our old house burned to the ground last summer.
  2. Here is a shower mod to conserve water. Replace your old style shower head and hose with one of these. https://www.homedepot.com/p/American-Standard-Sidespray-and-Hose-for-Kitchen-Faucet-Black-M953670-0170A/205512767 It is a bit tricky to adapt it to your existing valve but it provides a very high pressure spray that greatly reduces the amount of water needed for a shower.
  3. For those big leggo blocks get some cheap floor matts from Walmart. Put them under the blocks if the blocks want to slide.
  4. For rear springs I installed a add a spring. Can't remember but I think it had power brakes. Handling and brakes were never a problem. I could easily cruise at 65 plus and it felt completely stable. An emergency maneuver though might have been a different story. Being turbo charged with an automatic tranny was great on the freeways but sadly at high elevations I found one day that I could not get enough power to pull up on some leveling blocks in reverse low. I could pull forward onto the blocks but not reverse. Just could not get enough rpm to spin up the turbo. Poor turbo engineering on Toyotas part. There were several issues with those turbo 22r engines. Some of the turbo guys have installed different turbos that start to spin as soon as you crack the throttle. Only mods I did was to install a larger diameter down tube and 3 inch exhaust. Never got to test it though at high elevations. I believe Roadmaster has some spring kits for the toyotas. I am running a Roadmaster kit on my 4x4 F150 work truck. The truck is a crew cab with a metal heavy rear work top and a lot of tools. Huge difference.
  5. Lets not forget that a 4x4 is raised making the center of gravity higher which greatly affects drivability. Dual rears help greatly but add stiffer rear springs and good gas shocks. I say dual rears because singles have too much sidewall flex which adds to the "it drives like a boat" scenario. Weight distribution is also key. Pack with most of the weight just in front of the rear axle as low as possible.
  6. Having owned a Sunrader 4x4 I think the fiberglass shell weighs a lot. More than one would expect and more than a typical panel type construction. It would be interesting to know how much just a 18 ft sunrader shell weighs. We weighed ours loaded for a 1 week trip and I was amazed at the number. It was no where near 10K but close to 7k! Good suspension is the key to happiness.
  7. There is a rv stovetop that has a griddle on one side and 2 burners on the other side. That's my plan. https://flairdistribution.com/collections/appliances/products/greystone-rv-burner-grill-combo-flair-distribution?variant=35970172649631
  8. And a few years back I built an antenna platform which can be seen here in the "Communications and Electronics" Forum.
  9. Might also mention the rack your mounts are mounted on is actually a FM/TV antenna and not a cargo rack. Greg K7GPH
  10. https://www.diamondantenna.net/k9000lrm.html https://www.diamondantenna.net/k9000lrmo.html These work great for SUV's also.
  11. Balance! You need to make sure when it is on a trailer the weight forward and behind the axle is ok for a trailer. In the end you have to have a certain amount of tongue weight when it is loaded with cargo.
  12. Here is my ac In one of my vehicles. https://www.amazon.com/Prime-Products-06-0850-Heavy-Duty-Chrome/dp/B000AA4RVI/ref=pd_lpo_263_t_1/130-9168826-8388126?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B000AA4RVI&pd_rd_r=bd7eb70d-2658-4a61-ab39-ef0e104b1469&pd_rd_w=0vMXR&pd_rd_wg=3dZMK&pf_rd_p=16b28406-aa34-451d-8a2e-b3930ada000c&pf_rd_r=KW78K0HAN7NXBBC1MKKR&psc=1&refRID=KW78K0HAN7NXBBC1MKKR
  13. Good info. Verizon asks that you to register a repeater / signal booster with them if it is to be used on their network. More information regarding Verizon can be fount here https://www.verizon.com/solutions-and-services/accessories/register-signal-booster/
  14. Hi all. Getting ready to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. Been awhile since I installed a certificate. Nothing should really change if all goes well. The classifieds are presently hosted under ToyotaCampersForSale.com but will be moved to a sub folder here on ToyotaMotorhome.org in order to keep them in the HTTPS blanket. The board software needs an update installed to fix some bugs also. So stay tuned.
  15. The following link is to a Sunrader I used to own. Not sure it is still for sale but at that price?? The seller though is missing some facts. I completely built a new exhaust system. Starting at the turbo I has a larger down tube manufactured. Not going to get that from Toyota and then 2.5 inch exhaust all the way. We sold it for 16K back when. http://www.toyotarvforsale.com/1986-sunrader-turbo-in-santa-cruz-ca/
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