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  1. Solar

    Or buy a folding portable with 30 foot of cable...park in the shade and put panel in sun https://www.amazon.com/ECO-WORTHY-Monocrystalline-Portable-Foldable-Controller/dp/B01M4NH9ES/ref=sr_1_4?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1516898126&sr=1-4&keywords=120+watt+foldable+solar+panel
  2. Thought I would like some window awnings for my dinette and sofa windows to keep the evening sun out. But I looked and saw they would be about $500 for 2 4.5 foot awnings from Carefree thru camping world. Being cheap and having a 27 year old class C, I figured I could make one awning that I could put on whatever side the sun was shining on. Used 1 10 foot length of half inch EMT conduit, 1 yard of outdoor fabric from Walmart, a length of 1/2 inch PVC, 2 elbows, 4 rubber cane tips, 4 J hooks, 10 feet of paracord, 2 tent line tighteners.Cost about $25 for everything. Made two sets of side arms so I could adjust the awning higher or lower. It is stable in stiff wind, more so than I thought it would be. You guys with the fancy Sunraders may not want to attach brackets to the outside but for the rest of us this is an option!!
  3. Going to check this out next week....

    Check under the mattress for rot in the cabover...it looks like some paneling was added at the front.
  4. I'm looking at this exhaust and wondering if it will work on our rigs. I know I would have to add length to the pipe from the converter to the muffler and add a piece to the tailpipe to clear the side. Part I'm wondering most about is the tailpipe if it will clear the sway bar. What do you think? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bosal-286-217-Exhaust-Muffler/302440798753?epid=75363804&hash=item466ae05a21:g:zS4AAOSw8axaAcKc&vxp=mtr
  5. Can't be too bad. Many have gone over 100,000 miles and 26 odd years, and still going!!
  6. Throttle body for 1989

    Anyone know if a throttle body that fits 1990s and 1991s will fit a 1989??...cant find any on Ebay that say compatible with a 1989....I would guess so but don't know.
  7. Throttle body for 1989

    Wow...look at those prices!...thanks Linda for looking that up. Guess my chances of finding a good used one are very slim!......and Maineah, the reason I was looking for one is the auxilary air valve built into it is totally blocked up and cant get it opened up. Now my understanding is the valve is open when coolant is cold to increase the cold idle, and closes when warm. My warm idle is too high because the valve will not close when warm. So for now, since I dont use the RV when cold anyway, I will try blocking the air passage in the throttle body so it will allow the WARM idle to come down.
  8. That's it Linda...you da man!!...errrrr, woman!!...thanks....I couldn't find that anywhere.
  9. Hi...I'm getting stuff together to replace rear brakes and can't find a part number for the axle flange gasket....anyone know what the part number is ??
  10. Coleman TSR Rooftop AC issue

    I would change the capacitor first before I condemned the a/c unit!
  11. 87 DOLPHIN

    If it has no water damage and is not rusty underneath and runs good offer $6,000, or $5,500 if it needs tires...looks nice but check good for water damage. Tap with your knuckle around vents, ceiling by walls and top of walls, around windows...should hear sharp rap sound if good, dull thud if soft from water damage. Check floor for softness caused by water. Check the date on tires...they may have good thread still, but if over 7 years should be replaced anyway.
  12. Lug Nut Torque

    I use a 25" breaker bar and tighten till I go "uuugh"...never had a problem with them that way!
  13. Put in new carpet end of November and want to keep it clean as possible. So I found a boot tray that fit perfect in spot next to the step and cut pieces of left over carpet for the step and the tray. Have 6 pieces for each spot. If muddy, have piece of rubber mat for step and remove carpet piece from boot tray and take off shoes there.
  14. Hi Doug....I cut the carpet to fit....the hardest part was cutting out the old carpet and pulling out staples.
  15. CL Search Technique

    Scarlett...on google type in "all of craigslist"
  16. if antifreeze is toyota red, then replace with toyota red. Or flush real good first if you want to use green as they do not mix.
  17. I don't know how the 4 cyl works, but with the V6 the fuel pump does not come on till a switch in the air flow meter closes.
  18. I never liked the fabric on sofa and dinette, and sofa was too narrow to sit sideways (only 18" wide) and was not comfortable as a sofa. I took the sofa out, framed the walls to support plywood, new foam and new fabric (now 29" wide). Also did the dinette seats with new foam and fabric color more to my liking. Dinette seat foam was so soft it flattened down to nothing! Used new high density foam with ILD of 50 for dinette and ILD of 36 for lounger.
  19. When you try to light one of the stove burners you should be able to hear if gas is flowing...if no flow the regulator is probably the problem.
  20. Mercury explosion!

    And anyone here with silver fillings in your teeth...those fillings have mercury in them.
  21. Mercury explosion!

    When we were young, one of our favorite things was putting a pool of mercury in our hands and swirling it around...it would spill and hit the floor and blow into a thousand tiny balls...was never cleaned up and we did this a lot!!
  22. Here is a place that does the swap start to finish. If closer to me I think I would do it. This is their email reply if they knew of a place closer to Durango that did the swap. RE: 3.0L to 3.4L swap C cliff@toyonlyswaps.com Reply| Mon 1/30, 11:24 AM No sir I do not, however we have customers from all over the country as far away as South Carolina, you may consider transport a option, it could save you money in the long run, and could save some heart ache knowing your Toyota is in good hands. We can drop you off or pick you up at the Eugene Airport if needed, Thanks, Below is our quote sheet take a look and let me know what you think . 3.4 swap 88-95 3.0 V6 manual trans. Complete 3.4 swap/conversion, parts and labor including engine $4500 Base price If you are automatic add $500 in most cases. This is a start to finish 100% completed conversion ready for pickup, We have customers from all over the world, we can accept transport of your vehicle or arrange to drop you off/pick you up at the Airport/Train/bus station business hours. Engines are all fully tested and inspected to ensure they have been taken care of, come with a 90 day warranty, average mileage in the 120-150k range. Lower mileage engines can be found prices vary. We will select your engine and let you know exactly what year and mileage is available before we purchase your engine. We need 3 weeks or less to complete your conversion from the time you drop off your vehicle. A deposit of half down is due before we purchase your conversion, and hold your shop time. Ask about our lead times, we can have swaps booked out for 2 months at times. Factory systems Not all our customers have these options, and they require additional parts and labor to keep functioning. If you currently have these options and would like to keep them functional Auto locking hubs $100 "4x4s only" Cruise control $150 Air conditioning $150 "if your system is currently functioning and charged." Options, All parts are Factory Toyota, or Aisin OEM replacment. Often times the engines we source will have timing belt stickers or show signs of a recent timing belt and water pump. Front main, rear main, and cam seals are inspected and rarely show any signs of leaking. Below are commonly requested maintenance by our customers, if you have any other requests let us know. New Aisin water pump and Toyota timing belt $250 installed New Aisin belt tensioner and bearings add $150 installed New factory Toyota thermostat $25 New Bando Alternator, ac, Power steering belt $60 New factory Toyota spark plug wires and spark plugs $85 Rear main seal replacement with Factory Toyota Seal $100 installed Factory Toyota Front main seal replacement $50 Installed "if done at time of waterpump/TB" Factory Toyota Cam seals $60 "if done at time of water pump/timing belt/valve covers" New factory Toyota valve cover gaskets add $125 New OEM Toyota engine mounts $100 New Denso Front and rear 02 sensors $175 "highly recommended" Clutch We reuse your original 3.0 Clutch/flywheel standard, they hold up fine to the 3.4, but the 3.4 clutch is larger/stronger if you want to upgrade now is the time. 3.4 swap Toyota/Aisin OEM clutch kit $385 with new flywheel Cooling We reuse your original 3.0 Radiator as long as its in good shape, if not plan on a going new. New plastic aluminum radiator $150 "plastic tanks" New All aluminum HD Radiator $275 "best cooling one we have seen and proven reliable" New HD all copper radiator $275 "factory replacement" New Rad Shroud $75 "often customers have broken or missing fan shrouds" New late model fan blade $75 "we use late model 3.0 fan blades without the ring" Hood Clearance The 3.4 makes contact with the hood and clearance is needed. 88 trucks and 88-89 4unners will need a scoop or body lift. 89-95 trucks and 90-95 4runners will need a body lift or hood scoop 90% of the time, 10% of the time we can just cut the center supports out from the underside of the hood. If you already have a body lift than your good to go. 1 inch body lift installed $250 for trucks and $300 for 4runners. Hood scoop $150 Security Protect your investment from thieves by having a hidden kill switch added. This small toggle switch in a hidden location can be flipped to disable your vehicle insuring no one can start it without knowing its location. Cost $100 *Additional prices may apply if your vehicle has excessive aftermarket wiring, stereos, winch, lights, alarms ect... *88 3.0 Trucks and 88-89 3.0 4runners add $75 for engine mounts Let me know if you have any other questions, thanks. Cliff Vann cliff@toyonlyswaps.com 541-895-2020
  23. Powering an AC with an inverter/PV array.

    Get a 5000 btu window unit and harbor freight 800 watt genny ...200 $$$ for both and good to go...and ear plugs for genny noise!
  24. If you have a V6 and want a spare igniter, this guy has 6 of them. I gambled and got it today, put it in to try...fired right up. Since they want $480 for a new OEM one, I figured it was worth it to have a spare for when or if I get the dreaded "no spark" problem. At least I can put the spare in to cross the igniter off the list! My igniter # is 98621-30010, but it is replaced by 89621-12010. This is the ebay seller.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Toyota-Lexus-OEM-Factory-Igniter-Ignition-Module-Computer-89621-12010-/172393911486?hash=item28237a54be:g:hscAAOSwgZ1XvKiV&vxp=mtr