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  1. Hey y'all, I've got a 1977 Toyota Chinook that needs to pass emissions and am curious to hear y'alls .02 cents. I live in Denver, Colorado. It failed the emissions test today. The results are as follows.. HC PPM ... 1135.8 with a limit of 400 CO % ... 11.31 with a limit of 1.50 Sooooo not great. Fortunately, the vehicle just needs to pass at idle. Since Denver exists at altitude (5280 ft), I am going to check on the carburetor. It is likely running rich, especially if it has not been re-jetted. Past that, I will take a look at timing and the cat converter (which it may or may not have I plan on looking tomorrow) ... I am hoping it is the carbs! Do you all have any thoughts, reactions, etc?
  2. Hi all, I took a look at this chinook today https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/denver-toyota-chinook/7218177318.html and I am curious if y'all can point me to some things I should be cognizant of in making a decision to purchase. The good - starts easily and drives well! Some new changes: - the front tie rods were recently replaced - solenoid bypass for the engine (see video) - new ball joints Some big questions - the brakes do not work so good. It needs significant force to stop - rust on the bottom seems okay and only affecting the surface - pulls to the right while driving - coolant leak somewhere - gas leak at pump I would plan on doing most of the maintenance myself and feel confident in my ability to perform routine maintenance and MOST repairs PXL_20201101_204116513.mp4 PXL_20201101_204116513.mp4 PXL_20201101_202012685.mp4 PXL_20201101_204116513.mp4
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