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  1. I’ve noticed no ones listing in the NEW classified listing I’m in Los Angeles but want reach more of Toyota market is this still the best place to post?
  2. 1984 Sunrader I have 1985 shop manual that recommends to check relay that is for taillights,license plate light and parking lights, but doesn’t show where it’s located ? Any one know.
  3. Checked all fuses all good this photo is of the fuse box on the right wheel well (question ) ) thepurpose of two black routers I think that’s what there called the inside one is for the emission system, what is the one closest to the fender for I noticed when I turn the lights on I hear a ping coming from it but when I take it out the lights still work except the red taillights?
  4. Just realized all running lights and tail lights are out, everything else okay turn signal,emergency flashers,headlights and backup. checked all fuses in driver side of cab, okay all running lights and tail have been rewired and replaced with LED lights any suggestions were to look next?
  5. I carry a small propane tank on the rear bumper box with a hole to run hose thru the power cord hole to a propane heater by the kitchen stove to vent out the hood keeps everything good in a 21 ft Sunrader.
  6. Installed new Sony stereo in dash with remote to control from living area,my question is when turning on with ignition With key I have three settings 1 starting 2 ACC and 3 radio only all three operate radio the question is if I turn the radio off with the remote on the third setting will I still be drawing juice from the battery?
  7. My 84 Sunrader is greatly appreciated over he last ten years has been my home and transport around the country,there’s something special about them that keeps us putting our money in them that keep them going! best bet for the dollar!!
  8. I can’t be the only one who has had this problem?

    I talked to a mechanic about

    converting to the new coolant

    was told not enough room to convert,has anyone solved

    this problem!

  9. Traveling fron los Angeles to Astoria,OR on Auguste 28 Via 101 and on to Yellowstone NP and Back to L A my search is to locate a service shop that can still use R12 to charge my 1984 Sunrader cab air conditioner willing to go off my route for service. thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks for the route , about the snow might have to leave sooner when do you recommend to avoid snow and crowds will barnstorm back to L A At end on 395 , Question would it be better for weather timing and scenic to revers the route?
  11. leaving Late September searching for most scenic route between Astoria,O R and Tacoma W A trying to avoid busy highways when possible thought I'd follow Columbia river from Astoria and make my way thru Grand Teton N P and Tacoma to Alta,WY Traveling the coast from L A to Astoria or Tacoma. ??
  12. Wondering if any one has added power steering to a 22r engine In a 21’ Sunrader and what it involved, cost etc and would it put to much of a load on the engine?
  13. Any one found a touch up spray paint match for the Fiberglas on a the house body of the 1984 Sunrader
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