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  1. Thanks, so it sounds like maybe $700 or so, I wonder if there are any electric heaters for RVs, and especially one you can use in a little Toyota? I also wonder if there is a diesel/oil powered unit. Now that would be fun-
  2. Thanks-you guys add information and a dose of reality, I saw this today and of course it looks like a 1987 (1986) vehicle, water heater not working, the cab air conditioner doesn't blow any cool air, and there are spongy spots at the lower corners of the over cab window, and also next to the shower near the floor. But-the underneath is rusty (northeast style) but solid, the floor and walls seem solid, the engine has no rattles when it starts, and the cab looks like almost new. One more thing, it has new tires, but they are 185/75 "lionhart" 8 ply, but not marked LT. Have you ever heard of them? I thought the word was 195/75 LT 8 ply. I'd really like to know about the tires, along with the other issues the tire cost may make me walk away from this little one, thoughts? Thanks-
  3. Thanks Linda, we are trying to see it tomorrow, the pictures do look cute. it has 90,.000 some miles, 22re engine which has an exhaust leak near the manifold (being checked out), it also has no coach AC and the water heater unit is not working. Assuming everything else is ok, any thoughts on what it might be worth? Thanks!
  4. Does anyone know what a water heater unit would cost to replace, either new or a rebuilt one, or if used ones are okay a used one? It would be for a 1987 Minnie Winnie, thanks!
  5. I hope I can get opinions from the group, we are going to look at a 1987 Minnie Winnie, never seen one up close, and don't want to make a mistake out of ignorance. Can anyone tell me about it? Definitely things like how many storage tanks, what is their capacity, any quirks, special places to look for deterioration, that sort of thing. How long is this? From the inside (it only has the cafe table and 2 small seats, no couch) it looks smaller than 22 ft. Any thoughts would be appeweciated, thanks!
  6. Thanks everybody, like they say, charity, and maybe looking for a toyota begins at home...
  7. I haven't been following the site for awhile, trying to focus on finding an rv, may finally have one. It seemed a good idea to start fresh on this, I could find only a few commets on this, old ones. Does anyone have a recommendation for a trucking service to take a class C rv from Pasadena California area to upstate New York? I'm going to be all in on this if I buy it, so I need to have a company with insurance so any damages on the way would be covered. Any thoughts would be welcomed, since time is tight on this, please email me if you can at farinacci1982@gmail.com, thanks!
  8. I just looked at two Sunland Expresses, and one had a single pack of rear springs and no rear anti-sway bar (didn't think to look for a front one), and the other Sunland had both exra springs below the rear spring set and a rear anti-roll bar. Was the setup without the extra springs and without the anti way bar "standard" and these two items usually optional? If optional how important are they until I can afford them (the "standard" one has a much better coach, but needs a lot of other work). Thanks-
  9. In our search for a Toy which is close to home, we found two Sunland Expresses within a few hundred miles of each other. I had never heard of these, let along seen one. This is turning into the children's story about the three bears: The first one had a bad coach, but pretty good chassis (for the Northeast anyway), the second had a really great coach, but bad chassis, bad even for the Northeast. So the queston is, how crazy is it to even consider taking the best parts of both by putting good coach and good chassis together, which would be JUST RIGHT! Thanks-
  10. Thanks, while I was searching for this I've come across a number of Derek's posts, info. and wisdom-
  11. Thanks, it would just be good to know what needed to be done when (timing belt, water pump, valve adjustment etc., so that you could check against the schedule to see if any of it has been done, otherwise it's a complete go through of everything (might as well look at a new sunrader, and a mortgage on the house)...For the mechanicals I guess I can go to the manual, stay safe-
  12. I did try to search for this, and figure I must have missed it, where can I find a maintenance schedule for the mechanicals, chassis, engine, transmission, etc? It would be great to find that for the entire rv, but the truck part would be a good start. I think this would be great to have in hand when looking over a possible purchase, to check against the work done. Thanks-
  13. VERY interesting! And a diesel, in the Northeast diesel is almost the same price as regular gas, so this would be easy to fill up, congratulations!
  14. As a beginner I have asked a lot of questions, and Derek was quick to answer all of them, even the dumb ones. I'm sorry I'll never get to meet him, Thanks Derek.
  15. Thanks for this info., and the referral, I actually didn't look at these because it looked like they would need too much work, I'm hoping to find one that is good to travel that I can afford, but it is true that the coach may be bad but the drivetrain could be fine. I'll keep looking-stay safe-
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