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  1. Thanks, while I was searching for this I've come across a number of Derek's posts, info. and wisdom-
  2. Thanks, it would just be good to know what needed to be done when (timing belt, water pump, valve adjustment etc., so that you could check against the schedule to see if any of it has been done, otherwise it's a complete go through of everything (might as well look at a new sunrader, and a mortgage on the house)...For the mechanicals I guess I can go to the manual, stay safe-
  3. I did try to search for this, and figure I must have missed it, where can I find a maintenance schedule for the mechanicals, chassis, engine, transmission, etc? It would be great to find that for the entire rv, but the truck part would be a good start. I think this would be great to have in hand when looking over a possible purchase, to check against the work done. Thanks-
  4. VERY interesting! And a diesel, in the Northeast diesel is almost the same price as regular gas, so this would be easy to fill up, congratulations!
  5. As a beginner I have asked a lot of questions, and Derek was quick to answer all of them, even the dumb ones. I'm sorry I'll never get to meet him, Thanks Derek.
  6. Thanks for this info., and the referral, I actually didn't look at these because it looked like they would need too much work, I'm hoping to find one that is good to travel that I can afford, but it is true that the coach may be bad but the drivetrain could be fine. I'll keep looking-stay safe-
  7. I guess I wasn't paying enough attention to this topic, reading about all of the great deals people are finding in 2019 I stopped following it, based on the recent prices in toyotarvsforsale I was ready to throw in the towel for awhile. But seeing posts here from 2020 with very doable prices, I feel much better! Any chance some of you recent owners can tell me where you found such gems? As I said, Toyotarvsforsale is a bit rich for my blood these days. Thanks-
  8. Thanks! I just wish I could find the toyota was want, still looking. Hope this is over soon, so everybody can get out again, take care-
  9. Thanks, it almost seemed a little too active and interested in geting folks to join, at first I got a lot of emails, but after a month or so they died down to almost nothing. I may keep connected and see what happens. Take care and be safe-
  10. Hello Allan, yes, it's one V, RVillage, Thanks!
  11. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the group "RV village", I was looking at their site, they actually have a toyota group with a small number of members, but are open to all types. They have a not expensive membership cost, but I don't mind that if it's a good source of information and contacts. Can anyone comment on it? Thanks...
  12. Hi-one, maybe final thing to consider. Sometimes when a starter gets too hot it will just refuse to work, maybe it's increased resistence in the starter or the cables due to the heat, maybe something else, either way if the starter gets hot and won't start but in an hour or so when it cools a bit will start, check to see if there is any heat getting to the starter from someplace else, if so try to put some sheet metal shielding between the starter and the source of heat (exhaust etc.), maybe not totally original and correct, but if it gets you down the road-
  13. Thanks, still looking for an rv has got me finding similarities everywhere (and still not the right rv). Stay safe-
  14. I'd like to ask you Dolphin and New Horizon owners about your family trees, I just noticed a Dolhin for sale in wisconsin, and the picture of the interior back area has a roof section with a clock which seems identical to the one in a Nova Star I saw recently. Were Dolphins and Nova Stars (or New Horizons) somehow connected? The Dolphin had a rear dinette, but also had a bathroom with a separate shower pan, very nice-
  15. This is useful and sensible advice. What jack do you recommend, and are different jacks used with different makes? Still looking for the rv, may as well know if I can expect that it should come with it's own, specific jack. Thanks.
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