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  1. $85,000 ??? ... for that price you would think he would have put in a 3.4 V6
  2. wow, I really thought it WAS mold looking at the cab pics...LOL .. glad for you it isn't.
  3. The inside does look nice, but the cabover and ceiling by the door has water damage. Check how bad it is and check under the mattress.
  4. AUCTION RESULT Winning Bid USD $28,250 by RBDP Auction Ended Friday, February 19 at 4:09pm Bids 47 21,810 views |
  5. Everything I read says to advance your timing at high altitude. Here is one article. http://rmrclc.com/WaltsWorkBench/10-2000 Attitudes about altitude.html#:~:text=Your ignition timing is probably,about 8 to 10 degrees.
  6. I have a switch like that by my sink and it is for the water heater........now yours may be something different.
  7. Take a look at this site....all years and all models of toyota rvs are there...you can see the insides of most. http://www.toyotarvforsale.com
  8. Your post got me looking for a front window covering and I saw this..... would look good I think. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mountain-Scene-4-River-and-Trees-Truck-Tailgate-Vinyl-Graphic-Decal-Wrap/332334509763?hash=item4d60ae2ec3:m:mRg0QKNQc-dfNlnHZ7SWZVg
  9. Try this....remove the two hoses going to the heater and join them together.....then pressurize the cooling system and see if it holds pressure.If pressure holds its a good chance it IS just a leaking heater core. I'm thinking the radiator cap should have opened and blown off steam before the heater core gave if the core was still in good shape.
  10. I had a heater core that just started leaking from corrosion in one of my past cars...yours is 35 years old so it is possible.
  11. Do you use a pressure regulator to lower the city water pressure?...really don't need more than 40# and city water is usually a lot higher than that.
  12. Go to and join this site...https://www.yotatech.com/forums/f116/ ...lots of gearheads there...the same motors that our RVs have...join and type in what you posted here.
  13. If you are getting 15.5 to 17.3 MPG, you are doing WAY better than most!....I have the 6 cylinder and get 11 to 13.
  14. If I were you, I would pay someone to check it out for you...mechanical and body wise. A "small" leak can cause lots of rot.
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