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  1. I have read a good option for shipping is Greyhound. Never tried it but might want to look into it and report back.
  2. Sign material places have sheet aluminum in various sizes and thickness's. Need to find something close enough to pick up as shipping is expensive. If that is aluminum might want to consider the new aluminum welding products, that can be done with a propane torch. My neighbor has been experimenting with them and they are impressive!
  3. Can't remember details at the moment, there is an old and new Dometic shroud. Both look the same but one is a couple inch's taller!
  4. Holy bat poop Batman, TWENTY SIX DOLLARS! Go to the most expensive hardware store in your area and and buy the appropriate number of pan head 3/4 inch number 10 stainless steel screws and washers and install with them. Save about $22. Plus you can pick your own head style, philipps, torax, robertson. Can drill the holes to install or buy self tapping screws. Or you could buy zinc plated #10 X 3/4 truss head screws, these also come in self tapping. Cheaper but will rust over time. The larger head or washer is to keep the screw from working through the plastic over time.
  5. What a little gem! Toyota is working on a prototype camper, I cannot find the link. Toyzilla
  6. Add Zerk valves and give them a bit of grease on occasion.
  7. TR-544, may require bending which can be done with 2 small open end wrenchs.
  8. I have been messing around with RV's for 20 years. I have seen numerous posts where people have resealed front window and it still leaked so I looked for a video on resealing windows. There are thousands of articles on redoing windows and hundreds of videos. All well intentioned people trying to be helpful but don't have clue! ONE! One video showing bad glazing tape and replacing it. The rubber gasket is a lock not a seal, it does seal but the tape between the glass and the aluminum frame can be the issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4hyadt95yw Beware You Tube videos!! I removed the window and used a mobile home siding to cover, only available in white so need to paint.
  9. Bought the Specialty Recreation lens from Amazon, piece of crap, lasted less than a year parked in the shade! Made one out of perforated sheet metal.
  10. My floor was intact and not rotted in anyway. It did have some flex when walking on it. I looked all the options over and added a cross brace underneath in the middle of the flex area. Worked well.
  11. Cute little rigs. What I do not like about my Toy is the small holding tanks. Black tank is 26 gallons, grey is 17.5 and fresh was 20 gallons, I put in a 25 gallon fresh tank. I would like the option of larger tanks. Also the mini fridge is something I do not want to live with. I can put things in fridge that do not need refrigeration. If I were in the market for new, I would look elsewhere.
  12. Go to Amazon, Ebay or just a general Google search and type in air springs. You need bags that are the same shape, size and at least 2500 lb each weight rating. The difference between these and what you have may be air port, yours will be 1/4 inch and the bags will be 1/2 inch. Takes some fittings to adapt.
  13. Cute, lots of picturesque terms and pretty descriptions but does not mention holding tank size, I clicked on request a brochure and they want my personal info. 2.4 does not look like much power for the weight of it.
  14. I find this site hard to search. WME is spot on, except I would use minimum 1 1/2 inch tubing, The larger tubing is not needed for strength but for sealing area. I also wonder if an I beam would be better than tubing??
  15. Use to be could go to the store and buy some screws, now the array of types, heads, threads, coatings makes my head hurt. Even after due diligence I can argue for and against the screws I choose based on the information available on the net.
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