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  1. Here is the latest amended list from NHTSA https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2020/RMISC-20E026-7892.pdf
  2. They are a big help when you are sitting with a new Denso fuel pump and someone posts that millions of Denso pumps have been recalled. 😂 Complete list Vechile manufacturerPart No.TOYOTA195140200TOYOTA195140201TOYOTA195140202TOYOTA195140204TOYOTA195140222TOYOTA195140248TOYOTA195140249TOYOTA195140255TOYOTAAF195140239TOYOTAAF195140246TOYOTA291100021TOYOTA291100042TOYOTA291100043TOYOTA291200100SUBARU291100112SUBARU291100113SUBARU291100119SUBARU291100166SUBARU291100170SUBARU291100190HONDA291100114HONDA291100127HONDA291100135HONDA291100136HONDA291100138HONDA291100156HONDA291
  3. I get around to taking my gas tank out and sending it out for cleaning and lining. $240 out the door with a 1 year warranty from a reputable shop. In the meantime I ordered parts including a new Denso fuel pump. I am all set to reinstall the tank and find out that there is a massive recall of Denso fuel pumps!! Not wanting to install a defective pump I scour the net looking for info, a 1000 articles on make, year model and class action law suits and not one part number! As best I can tell this is the list of part numbers of recalled pumps. Hope this helps someone
  4. If I had an RV with about the same HP as my lawn mower I would not be adding AC! I would be looking at running the house AC on generator and adding a circulating fan or 2 to force the house air through the cab. I did this after seeing what the cost of adding driver AC would cost on my bus conversion. Cannot imagine what a whole new system from scratch would cost, but would hazard a parts cost guess of $1400!
  5. There is a lady sitting in TX for 6 months that cannot find anyone to work on hers. People keep saying that parts and service are easy to find, yet she has posted on 2 forums that I know of and no one has recommended a mechanic to her! If you are a diesel mechanic that does not mind poking along in the slow lane and waiting for parts from Asia, would be a good buy.
  6. I have owned cars for long time. Mostly automatics and 3 or 4 sticks. I have replaced one clutch but never had an automatic transmission fail! That said one auto almost cost me $2800 at Sam Galloway Ford in Ft Myers FL. When they told me the transmission needed rebuilding. A second opinion at an independent shop gave an appraisal for $1900. My Friend Gerald Jenkinson diagnosed the problem over the phone from 2 states away as a vacuum leak. Repair cost me a $4 vacuum hose. Leads me to believe that an awful amount of transmissions are rebuilt that do not need i
  7. It is claimed that Startracks uses the Araldite, but cannot figure out which one?? https://www.startracks.org/
  8. I have been looking into this for an upcoming project. Starbond is the best and recommended by filon manufacturer. Over $300 gallon it does not get used by DIY'er often! Araldite, is often mentioned, they have so many products I cannot figure which one is used on filon??
  9. Ahhh Derek said he is not gone yet!
  10. There are some real misguided people posting about tire pressure on the forums. But if Willy Winnebago the Toy guru says to run your tires at 65 psi you better listen. Higher mpg with tires over inflated is very minimal. Longer braking distances and hydro planing and damaged tires and wheels are much more likely at higher pressures. Here is a video from Michlen, they have produced tires for over 100 years, have bus loads of engineers and truck loads of computers and billions of miles of experience to draw on. They also have access to gov and university data from all over th
  11. I recall a struggle getting a belt to fit, I was thinking someone had replaced the pulley on the PS pump. Think I found I was moving the pump in the wrong direction. Anyway this belt worked. NAPA Premium XL 25-9480
  12. I like to solder wherever practical and use heat shrink tubing. I do not recall ever having a soldered joint fail. Although I have heard of solder in circuit boards causing issues. Lots of You Tube videos on how to do it.
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