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  1. Not any riskier than some of the stuff I have done. I do not like the possibility of losing both tires at once. I use a 4 sensor system on the rear tires, utilizing a high quality stainless steel extension on the inner dual. PS. A high quality stainless steel extension is stainless steel braiding over poor quality, cheap, made in China rubber hose😂. But when it fails the sensor will notify me.
  2. Deciding that pro rated replacements are a rip off and warranty's not what they were, plus having an issue with a Wal Mart battery failure. I go to the local battery distributor and look for blems. Now have a Marine start battery in my Toy for $50. My favorite brand now are Blems.
  3. Our issue is that people have become conditioned to having the gov fix things. If most people would reply to such scams and waste their time they would go away.
  4. Bought a $30 set, cheap plastic, needed to replace them in about 2 years. Sealed the seems with caulk on the 2nd set and several coats of clear spray. They are holding up better but are not going to be in use in 5 years.
  5. Face book feed can be very interesting.
  6. We read the stories and some talk about a little damage needing repair and some inconvenience. Here is the all time winner as far as I am concerned. I do not think of tires as a one time expense but a yearly maintenance cost. A set of tires should last 6 years so they are $XX amount of dollars a year.
  7. I get 23 mpg in my V6! I keep it extremely clean, roof and underneath, dirt causes friction and kills mpg. I am also a superior mechanic and can do far better tuneups compared to most. I keep tire inflated to the load and inflation tables which is proven to improve mpg. Then of course anticipating traffic, red lights etc. This gives me a constant 10 in the city and 15 on the highway 10+13=23 😁
  8. I have not used these but it is claimed they are the right metric size and can be bent to proper angle, using 2 small box end wench's..
  9. I have heard anecdotal statements of increased mpg with over inflated tires. I have not seen one controlled study showing anything other than insignificant increases in mpg. Had new tires put on and they filled them to 65 psi, thought I was going to jar my teeth out on the ride home.
  10. Need to look more for tires, available all over the net. https://www.prioritytire.com/by-size/185r14-tires/?fbclid=IwAR2OrIsL21ayTxeXDBr0hoIYGp5tjk0uPkf3P1rckEOr9wYRiKdEqzZGl3c
  11. Know nothing about it, saw the picture on social media and thought some might enjoy it! uniqe.html
  12. When I took my tank out I reached in an took a bit of what was laying on the bottom out, There was likely enough to fill a 16 oz can in the bottom of the tank, also quite a bit trapped in the fuel sump.
  13. Yup, and old filter was full of crud. I checked into this, seems that manufacturers are not maintaining equipment and threads and such are not right. I measured and the inside threads in the filter were out of wack enough that the flare would not seat. Not to worry dying in a fiery explosion is a great way to go. Even write songs about it! A real mechanic might have asked where all the crud in the filter came from. In my case it was the gas tank, it was a mess inside and I ended up replacing the fuel pump on a trip. In hindsight the in tank filter, sock. Might have been
  14. Here is the latest amended list from NHTSA https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2020/RMISC-20E026-7892.pdf
  15. They are a big help when you are sitting with a new Denso fuel pump and someone posts that millions of Denso pumps have been recalled. 😂 Complete list Vechile manufacturerPart No.TOYOTA195140200TOYOTA195140201TOYOTA195140202TOYOTA195140204TOYOTA195140222TOYOTA195140248TOYOTA195140249TOYOTA195140255TOYOTAAF195140239TOYOTAAF195140246TOYOTA291100021TOYOTA291100042TOYOTA291100043TOYOTA291200100SUBARU291100112SUBARU291100113SUBARU291100119SUBARU291100166SUBARU291100170SUBARU291100190HONDA291100114HONDA291100127HONDA291100135HONDA291100136HONDA291100138HONDA291100156HONDA291
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