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  1. I neglected to mention that a tank cleaning and lining can be a DIY project. A bit too much for me. Google gas tank cleaning and lining, look on You Tube. Several companys sell kits.
  2. I ordered an aftermarket tank for my Toyota, when I went to install it I decided it was poor quality and did not use it. A local shop cleaned and lined my tank for $245, took 10 days to get it back.
  3. I stay away from scrap yards, too much small scrap waiting for a tire to puncture. Used to be when the highway truck scales were closed the scales were left on. The new computer ones in Florida are off when the stations are closed. I read what is posted on the forums and then do what Michelin posts! They also have a good blowout video.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkwOE1yKY5c&t=40s
  4. Over inflated is over the psi recommended in the load and inflation table for the weight. Now I see why I stopped posting about tire pressure!
  5. Riding on over inflated tires, referred to as riding on bowling balls can cause longer stopping distances, hydroplaning and tire damage as the tire cannot flex when hitting anything on road. Also can mask that one tire is flat or low on air, then you can continue on until the other tire blows!
  6. Internet myth . My rear axle scale weight is 4820 lbs, approximately 2400 lbs per side. A load range D tire inflated to 65 psi is rated at 1764 lbs dual and 1874 lbs single. No where near 2400 lbs, a 30% overload. Derick and I use to PM about this.
  7. Everyone seems to have an opinion on tire pressure. There is a company been making tires for over 100 years, has billions of miles of tire experience. Bus loads of tire engineers and truck loads of computers. They also have access to data from university's, governments and car manufactures. They made a video on how to weight and determine correct pressure for tires and are financially liable if the info is wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wb7W-nRAPrk&t=21s
  8. An AC unit that can quickly cool the unit is far too big to keep humidity down, start the generator and run the AC before you get to your destination. You tube cleaning RV AC coils, I have seen good AC units replaced because the coils were cruddy.
  9. Pull the radiator and have some room to work. While the radiator is out flush the block and flush and flush. I was amazed at the amount of crud that came out.
  10. Before I bought my Toy I spent a year on the Rialta site. Started to notice a couple things. First was people that bought them were getting rid of them far too often. Second was service complaints. The end for me was a couple that took a sabbatical from work and headed off across country. Got someplace in the midwest and the transmission failed. Had a difficult time finding someone to service it and when they did were told they could pick it up in 4 months at a ridiculous cost! No thanks. The Toy has a cornucopia of parts available, rarely hear of someone having an issue getting service. Tons of technical info, quite a few RV forums and several Toyota mechanical forums. No Toys available I would go right past the VW and into a Ford/Chevy class B or C.
  11. Something else to keep in mind on mpg some people who post mpg are delusional and honestly believe they are getting 20% better mileage than 100's of other similar rigs. Then their are those who in an effort to impress lie about their mpg. Musing on it, the front of a toy is ball park figure 60 sq ft, the frontal area of a roof air is about 3 sq ft or less than 2% of frontal area. If eliminating the AC equates to a 2% increase in mpg, I would much rather be cool when parked than have a 2% increase in mpg when driving. And I am very skeptical of a 2% increase and would guess it would be negligible. Also never saw any wind tunnel testing of an RV which would be interesting. Looks like a fun project, I do not have much to offer but will enjoy reading about your efforts and effects.
  12. Can sit with a computer and compare MM vs SAE sizes. Some are within a few thousandths of an inch and interchangeable. 15/16 and 22mm are not even close! I do not carry a lug wrench, prefer a socket, extension and breaker bar. I have no intention of changing my own tire, ERS is farmed out to the lowest bidder and do not trust them to show up with a 23 mm socket. Average mm socket set does not contain a 23mm socket.
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