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  1. hey linda, i will see what i can do. i am not sure how many samples i may be able to get from the marilite people. do you have any specific or favorite ones from the brochure you would like to have ? i was thinking i could mail them to you . mail service is not the greatest now. let me know. happy to be of help. joe from dover.
  2. another way to achieve flexibility for materials such as plywood or mdf is to score cut the back side. for example if you have a quarter inch thick material, make score cuts typically one half the thickness. or 1/8 inch deep. the closer apart the score cuts are from each other, the more flexible the material will become. caution, if the score cuts are too close together, or too deep you may break the material while handleing, and or installing. i would encourage doing some trial or test pieces first. joe from dover
  3. hey linda. i live a half mile from the marlite plant here in dover. i may be able to secure some samples for you. joe from dover
  4. hey there stan. i generally do state park camping. a couple of favorites are, geneva and west branch. i have been to shawnee near portsmouth. don"t know where you are at, i am 30 minutes south of canton. would be fun to see another toyota motorhome camper. who knows , our paths may cross !! joe from dover.
  5. hey there stan . welcome from a fellow buckeye. nice looking rig. joe from dover.
  6. HEY THERE LINDA. i applied the "PRO" wax , then two years later i did the ZEP treatment. in my opinion, the ZEP was much more work, mostly the cleaning process that ZEP requires. it has been 3 years since i applied the ZEP, and it needs it again. not sure which product i will use next time. joe from dover.
  7. hey there, the brand name on the bottle is "PRO". you may want to google, "BAF" industries, (the manufacturer), this may direct you to where it can be purchased. good luck. joe from dover
  8. to quote from a grateful dead song, "what a long strange trip it's been". finally found an electronic speedo cluster. i had previously purchased the cable driven version, which was the wrong one. i am having the cluster installed this week by a mechanic skilled in these things. will be happy this "trip" is done. joe from dover.
  9. hey there, my 92 winnie has the gel coat filon sheet exterior. i found a product at an automotive paint and body supply store. the name on the label is "car beauty pro" the labeling on the quart bottle states: RV, BOAT & AIRCRAFT WAX. -- one step cleaner wax-----use on all painted, gel coat, fiberglass, chrome and aluminum surfaces---removes light scratches, oxidation, fallout, black streaks, marine and jet fuel build up, water spots, bird droppings, and more----carnauba wax and polymer sealers offer a long lasting, high gloss shine. the product is made by, BAF industries, 8010 dixie highway, florence, kentucky. i paid $17.00 for the quart bottle. INTERESTING SIDE NOTE: on one half of the bottle it is printed in english, on the other half, in french. possibly for our northern neighbors??? hope this helps. joe from dover.
  10. CONGRATZ. nice looking rig. i noticed the rear bumper is not what is usually found on most of "our" rv's. it has a a more "stylized" look. very cool. wondering if the drain hose for the sewage tank is stored within the bumper as i believe most bumpers are designed to accommodate ? good luck with your rig. joe from dover.
  11. the only "aluminum skin" on my warrior, was the roof. it was degraded and had many pin holes, which prompted the new roof. it is quite obvious filon was used for the "exterior skin". although the "spec sheet" as not specific as to location of the aluminum skin, i don't know of any other area it could be other than the roof area. joe from dover
  12. NOTICED the spec sheets list frame construction as steel with aluminum skin. i was told by the rv shop that replaced my roof in 2016 and replaced my cabover 3 months ago that my 92 warrior had metal framework. the spec sheet appears to substantiate what i was told. joe from dover
  13. great rebuild. not for the faint of heart. your work looks very good. i have a 92 winnie warrior. it also has the metal frame work. thanks for sharing your photos. best of luck, and many carefree miles for your future.joe from dover.
  14. hey there. i removed graphics on my 92 warrior a couple years ago. i used the eraser wheel with great results. follow the instructions as to the max rpm or you can damage the underlying surface. i paid about $12.00 for the eraser wheel. i used two or three wheels to complete my project. i posted some before and after pics at the time. wish you well. joe from dover.
  15. maybe some photos of your problem would help in offering suggestions. joe from dover
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