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  1. by the way, I forgot to say that this is in a 91 warrior
  2. I've removed my front window, re sealed it with butyl tape, and caulked around the glass, and I still have a small leak in hard rain. I'm tired of fighting with it. and I'm going to completely remove it. I was wondering if anyone has replaced the front window with filon. I could use some advice if anyone has done this.
  3. When I got my Warrior, The refrigerator vent was cracked, and had a hole the size of a baseball in it. I repaired it with fiberglass cloth, and resin. it's stronger than original, and looks like a new one.
  4. I'm thinking about the epoxy route. just don't know how deep to drill. does anyone know?
  5. I have the normal spongy floor in my 91 Warrior I removed the carped, and there doesn't seem to be any rot that is visible. I was wondering if anyone has had any success drilling holes in a 6 inch grid pattern and injecting epoxy . I have seen a couple of videos on you tube on this, but just not sure how successful this is. Thanks for any help
  6. while trying to figure out brake light problems on my 91 warrior, I discovered 2- 4 amp fuses under the dash. They appear to be from factory, and one fuse has a brown wire leading to it. The brown wire has a metal end that looks like it should plug into something. Does anybody have any idea what these fuses and the mystery wire are for? Sorry pic isn't more clear
  7. I replaced tail light relay. Still no lights. I've ordered all new marker lights, since covers are gone from half of them. I'm hoping the problem is in marker lights.
  8. I recently purchased a 91 warrior that had been sitting for a good while. Dash lights don't work, also Tail lights don't work neither do brake lights and clearance lights. I checked fuse panel, and I am getting voltage to everything. I replaced tail light fuse as a precaution, but still no lights Any suggestions???
  9. I Am a total newbie to this forum, and I need some advice. I recently purchased a 91 Warrior. The Roof shows no signs of leakage, but I want to seal it and re-caulk the vents, etc. Should I remove the old caulking around the vents, A/C, etc? I Also would like to know what kind of roof coating to use. It appears I can just scrub the roof and then apply the coating? I appreciate and help.
  10. I recently purchased a 92 Warrior that had been sitting and not started for several years. I drained old fuel and put in new fuel. Added a new battery, and it started right up. the problem is a dead miss on one of the cylinders. I haven't started pulling plug wires to find out which cylinder yet, bit I'm leaning toward a bad injector. It ran fine when it was parked. Any thoughts on this??
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