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  1. Where do the wires continue on to, aside from behind the medicine cabinet? To the converter/rear fuse box area? Just thinking about other access points to test on. It'd be super cool to get these going before replacing the taillight housings with led housings (etrailer slightly shorter replacements and filling the gap with abs panels) and moving onto the stereo/speaker replacement and rear camera.
  2. Hm.. So I have to try to find where it's going into them somehow. I'd super prefer not to remove the ceiling panel, but I will have to in order to install a solar panel at some point I guess. Maybe this project waits till then.
  3. Hey Linda, What parameters did you use for that search on their site to locate the Dolphin? Thanks again a million.
  4. Worth a try on both accounts, and I super appreciate it. Hate to trim out the fiberglass, but it doesn’t seem like it would take too awfully much work. Just some commitment perhaps. thanks so much!!
  5. Howdy y’all! I replaced a few cracked Bargman amber covers over the cab of our ‘87 Sunrader, but since buying a few months back, they haven’t lit up. I read that they are all tied in the same line that runs down the whole truck to the rear, but I haven’t really put a meter on anything. I guess I was wondering which order of operations I should take to investigate. I definitely don’t want to bother re-sealing around the markers until they’re all lighting up. Thanks!
  6. Looking into finding a replacement door for the outside vented fridge hitch. Looks discontinued on Dometic: https://www.dometic.com/en-us/outdoor/food-and-beverage/refrigerators/accessories/dometic-refrigerator-vent-47050 Mine is cracked and screwed to stay tight. 1987 18’ Sunrader. Anyone have any clues? Thanks!!!
  7. Awesome! Now just to read the threads about where it’s safe to sit on roof and how to work on the hard to reach spots haha!
  8. Thanks! Is this the product? The gel coat on ours was refinished n the sides but not the top, and it’s got a little of the white streaking on the windows after it rains. https://www.homedepot.com/p/ZEP-1-Gal-High-Traffic-Floor-Polish-ZUHTFF128/202860171
  9. Interested in recommendations as well.
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