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  1. Linda, the gas vent line is the one at the top of the photo. Someone replaced it with a copper pipe that had a big downward bend in it. I cut out the bend and extended the rubber hose to make a more direct “downhill” line to the tank. The other line in the photo is a propane line that isn’t currently hooked up to anything. Would have taken me forever to figure out this solution without digging through these forums!
  2. Hey there! Me and my partner picked up an 86 Sunrader (21 footer) about a month ago up in Driggs, Idaho that had been gutted and partially rebuilt. We drove it down to Denver and realized that the transmission was having some issues so after about 2 weeks and lots of $ dumped into it, we got it down to Southern Colorado with a rebuilt transmission. We spent the last couple weeks doing some improvements on it and are finally going to hit the road tomorrow heading south through New Mexico to Texas for the next couple months. Here’s a few photos and a list of som
  3. Awesome, thanks for that info! Lookin like I probably won’t get around to that project any time soon but I’ll keep this in mind when I do.
  4. Hi wonderful Toyhome people, I recently picked up an 86 Sunrader with a 1 ton full float axle and have been doing a little work on it before hitting the road. I just ordered brake rotors, pads, bearings and seals from Rock Auto for the front end. As I was replacing the pads I realized I had messed up. The pads were too small and the rotors fit on fine but look like they are also too small for the pads. I ordered the 1/2 ton pads and rotors and realized I need the 1 ton ( I think). I found these parts on rock auto and just want to verify that they are the right parts bef
  5. Nice, thanks! Any idea what the material was called or how to find it on their website? I'm checking out their website and it is a little confusing.
  6. Hi JaySam, I recently picked up an 86 Sunrader that has been stripped and partially rebuilt. My girlfriend and I are doing some basic renovations before hitting the road for the next couple months. I was wondering what you used for ceiling panelling. We have cedar paneling installed on the majority of the ceiling but noticed that the area above the cabover isn't insulated like the rest of the ceiling is. The only thing I've thought of so far is to put furring strips across the ceiling, put in some insulation then nail more cedar planks to the furring strips but we would lose a dece
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