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    1986 Granville on 1985 Toyota 22RE Auto 36K miles when purchased. SOLD 😢
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  1. That seems a long time to keep cycling after the water is turned off. Do you have your rig hooked up to the city water line? It creates a lot of pressure!
  2. When you turn on your water pump when all faucets are closed does it keep recycling or does it turn off?
  3. Hey Bomber! Nice trip to Key West Man. I was afraid to take Grannie there due to the very narrow roads and unreal traffic! Didn’t you get nervous driving there Lol? Been to Key West many times but not in an RV.
  4. Sue Awesome! I just sold my beloved 1985 Toyota Granville to Ben and Amy. Incredible build in the coach! Mine had the door in front. PM me with any questions you may have as I know this rig inside and out! Would love to see interior pictures. Best and Welcome!
  5. A lot of folks are gunna be real jealous! You could turn around and sell it for 3Xs that amount! Welcome and Good Luck!
  6. I never secured my pups while driving but it’s a good idea. They sat next to me while driving. One cool thing is they sell a doggie bowl for water that doesn’t spill while driving and the pups can drink while on the road!
  7. I bought the one listed on eBay and installed it on Grannie before I sold her to Ben. Expensive but Very Nice. Uses the snap in lens.
  8. Hi if yours is the Old Reflect-O-Light door handle you cannot find a replacement lens unfortunately. The ones they sell on eBay or Amazon will Not fit the older unit! Have to fabricate one.
  9. Super Nice! I know how hard you worked on that. Keep the pictures coming
  10. Welcome to the forum Ben! Ben bought My Granville “Grannie” on Monday! He’s a Cool Dude 😎
  11. So this sweet couple came all the way from Connecticut to take Grannie away today. I poured my heart and sole into her. Gave her a kiss and cried like a baby when she drove away! I invited Ben to join this forum and participate. Looking forward to his posts! Thanks Everyone for all the advice and I learned So Much!!
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