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  1. I was in Local Walmart two days ago for something and stopped and talked to a sales person about Deep Cycle batteries. this Walmart is in Troutdale, Oregon a suburb of Portland. They had many different sizes of EverStart batteries in this store including Deep Cycle batteries. I was looking for AH rating but did not find it anywhere. The sales person was clueless about this. Any recommendations for good AH rating for house batteries. I have two house batteries in my rig, they are Interstate from Costco. I believe they are just regular car batteries. I am not a heavy electricity user
  2. Recently I ran into a interesting situation and want your expert opinion: I wanted to replace Fuel Filter in my rig and went to Toyota dealer near my house house. Buying parts I have got to know this fellow. He said, " in these Toyota trucks Fuel Filter does not need replacement". Just use their Fuel Filter cleaner. Sold me a bottle for $18 which is still sitting in my garage. It did not sit well and want to hear from the experienced members. Background: My rig now has around 65 K, I have driven it over 12 K in three years that I have owned it. In the beginning it used to sort
  3. I had similar gas smell issue with my rig I purchased three years ago. It turned out the Gas Filler hose was leaking at the clamp where the hose connected to the gas tank. It was all a learning experience. I removed and replaced Gas Filler hose and the Vent hose, sealed all and no more gas smell since. You might want to check that first. On my rig I did not have to remove the gas tank. Mind you there was not enough room to put hands or even fingers in to remove and install new hoses and clamps. With right hoses and tools from Harbour Freight and bit of swearing and cursing got it d
  4. I replaced the fuel filler hose on my Seabreeze couple of years ago. It was a learning process but got it done. I did not have to lower the tank. I purchased a tool from Harbour Frieght. to access the existing clamp. My first attempt: I took the old hose to ORielys and purchased Fuel Hose. Existing hose had S curve and after trying for fit for some time I realized this hose I purchased was not flexible to make the curve needed to fit. Second Attempt: Then found a flexible fuel hose from GATES # PE 10200 Fuel filler Hose at $1.19/inch. They recommended using T-BOLT Clams, Part # 327
  5. There are ways you do not add to landfill. I use a 20 years old 5 Gallon Coleman jug and couple of Gallon Juice containers which my grand-kids emptied out. I have been using them over and over depending on the length of the outing. I have a filtration system in my house and fill up these containers. It is little extra work but has worked well for me so far. As I said before I also have a PUR filter which attaches to the faucet but it was in the way and have not used it for a while.
  6. I installed a PUR filter at the Kitchen faucet, purchased from Walmart for about $25. Used it for some time and had to remove it to fix a leak at this faucet. I have not put it back since. It is sort of bulky and in the way. But does work well. Otherwise used bottled water for cooking and stored water for miscellaneous.
  7. Maineah You are correct Microlite does have a low oil and low fuel shut off. I checked both. I wonder if there is any reset swtich. The interesting part is that it worked fine before I replaced the Tune-up parts. Hi Scottiv I am not aware of any choke in this unit but I will check. I plan to contact local Cummings outfit, I understand they they provide technical information on Onan products.
  8. Linda You are correct, Month of August I spent on the road from Portland, Oregon to Santa Barbara, California where I lived earlier. Camping, Hiking, Backpacking in the Sierra Mountains from 9800' elevation along the way, a 2540 mile trip. Traveling in Toyota movable Airbnb was great fun and the right way to travel in this Pandemic scare. Easy to keep distance, not using any public facilities and still enjoy Byways through small towns, Lakes, National Parks, State Park campgrounds and the great America outdoors. Interesting to note however, I Met few people along the way who did not know
  9. This is the Generator is my rig. I have the rig for about three years and put in over 10,000 miles. Oil looked dark and air filter was nasty looking. Not knowing when the tune-up was done. That is the reason why: I replaced tune up parts, with all original Onan parts: Air Filter, Fuel Filter, oil and Spark plug. After a frustrating day of removing and installing parts the generator would not run. It starts but shuts off as soon as I take my hand of the start switch. Then checked the Fuel gage it had just above 1/4 tank of gas. Added two gallons of fuel. Now there is about 1/
  10. I removed my spare Tire from the back of my rig. Now I need to repair the holes and cracks in the fiberglass. I am looking for the right product and methods. Attached photo of where Spare Tire was: This is what it looks after cleaned up
  11. Hi WME Thank you for your recommendation. I contacted the seller to make sure this part will fit my rig and below is his reply : " I don't see where you'd mount it. If the chassis is the same as the pickup you should be fine. If the chassis is modified, which is likely, than it may require modification to be used." In addition I have been searching few other sites for this Spare tire Carrier. In order to start the part search I need to plug in the Year, Engine, and Cab size. I would think it would be Long bed. is there any special designation for the Motor Home cha
  12. HI Tstokma I am impressed by all you did. I do not know how different 22R engine is from my V6 engine layout, I was able to replace all three belts by removing only the battery. Loosening Alternator and Power Steering Pump was relatively easy. Loosening Idler Pulley took some time but I was able to work from above. This is where Linda"s link helped me to understand how to loosen and tighten it. I agree however there is not enough room to put your hand in and access parts. I was able to do it. I am sure more room you have easier the access. I can see removing so many parts and
  13. Hi

    Thank you for the photos of your spare Tire solution. Trying to understand I have Few questions:

    1. The metal frame you designed, is welded to the chassis ??

    2. How do you maneuver heavy tire up and down as it is quite heavy.


    Thank you.



    1. jjrbus


      I do not want to be welding under the RV so is bolted in.  There is a lip on the front cross member that it sits on and is bolted.  The thickness of the material on the rear cross piece is fairly thin so definitely do not want to weld on that.


      In the driveway I maneuver the tire with some wood and a floor jack.  I am looking for something to attach that one side of the tire can be set on and then lift the other end.  Or some simple lift or lever. Keeping in mind I have not had to use a spare tire in years so not way up on the priority's list.


        In the meantime I have ERS so will let someone younger than me do the heavy lifting. 

    2. V6 Seabreeze 92

      V6 Seabreeze 92

      Thank you for the explanation.


      I was also looking to copy my 86 VW Westfalia camper Spare tire set up. it is hindged on one side latches on the opposite side as you push it up.



  14. The photo was taken from an angle, in fact exhaust pipe is quite free, not touching Leaf Spring shackle or any other part. . It appears the exhaust is newer than the rig, possibly redone by the previous owner. I checked the clear space and in order for spare tire to fit Exhaust pipe and Waste lines will need to be rerouted. Like JJRBus said "It was easier to cobble a spare tire carrier together than move things to utilize the original spare location." but not sure what !! I am not so handy as many forum members are. They do amazing things. I am definitely inspired.
  15. This is what it looks underneath my Rig. Currently Exhaust Pipe and Waste line are in the way if spare tire gadget fits to the frame. Perhaps this will have to wait for the future project. How about in the mean time use combination of few pieces from ebay. See below: Anyone experienced using these or any similar Spare tire carrier devices. Good, Bad and Ugly of them please.
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