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  1. Thank you Linda !! Another tires related question: what kind of Tire Valve Stem are you using on the inside tire. ?? Short stems are so hard to get to. Any photo/ dimensions will be helpful.
  2. I am looking to purchase tires for my rig, below is from Walmart. Could someone confirm if what I am looking at is the right tires to order for 21 foot Seabreeze. Thank you. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Nexen-Roadian-CT8-HL-185R14C-8-102-100T-Tire/845193737
  3. This is Onan Microlite in my rig. I have been able to order parts from CUMMINGS, they are nationwide. My contact in Portland Oregon area is 503 289 0900. They did ask me for the Model Number when I ordered tuneup parts. They were all original Onan parts. Not expensive in my case. Hope this will help.
  4. Attached are couple of photos of my canopy. Sun beating on it has faded the canopy fabric. Is there a way to bring it back to looking good again. Faded part is only the end part, rest of the canopy color is fine when it in open position. Was there supposed to be any lighting in these old canopies, mine does not have any lighting. I also do not see any sign that there was any lighting. It would be nice to have a strip of LED. Any ideas for how to run one. I would love to see some photos if someone has added a LED strip.
  5. Thank you Linda Now you know how much I know of this roof stuff. You are correct, I was removing the sealant around one of the vents. Later I did try using heat gun and it was much easier. Still not sure what I am doing but willing to try. So let me ask you couple of more questions: 1. Would you recommend Eternabond tape or Decor self leveling sealant for roof joints and around vents and other penetrations ? 2. For metal roof is Henry's Tropical Silicone white roof coating a good option ? I love this forum, it is a wonderful source of information. Thanks to all of you.
  6. I am having heck of a time removing old Butyl tape from around the roof vents, is there any easier way to remove this stuff. Please help.
  7. Hi Friends I am gearing myself to refinish the roof and can use some advice. Over sometime I have read few posts related to roof issues. I remember one post a while ago where this member systematically wrote the whole process listing materials used. I searched for this post again but I cannot find it. This is my first time doing resurfacing roof. Roof of my rig is metal, sagged in few places but in general it still drains reasonably well. I see the roof finish, white, is peeling and cracking at places and there is a small drip over the bed and over the hand sink areas. My rig remains covered with a oversized tarp In the raining season, which is 3/4 of the year in around Portland, Oregon area. But that was not the case with the previous owner as I have noticed wood rot in some areas. The notes I have taken in the past call for Dicor Lap Sealants Self leveling and non Sag, Butyl Seal Tape, Mineral spirit or Accetone for cleaning, Henrys Tropical Silicon coating. I also read somewhere use of Eternabond tape for sealing around penetrations and vents and such. As you can tell I have not done this before, I would appreciate learning from your experience. Thank you.
  8. Starbucks breakfast blend, Mr.Coffee 5 cup maker, no paper filter, I get only two cups out of it. First cup is to GO and second with breakfast. It works every time. :-)
  9. I was in Local Walmart two days ago for something and stopped and talked to a sales person about Deep Cycle batteries. this Walmart is in Troutdale, Oregon a suburb of Portland. They had many different sizes of EverStart batteries in this store including Deep Cycle batteries. I was looking for AH rating but did not find it anywhere. The sales person was clueless about this. Any recommendations for good AH rating for house batteries. I have two house batteries in my rig, they are Interstate from Costco. I believe they are just regular car batteries. I am not a heavy electricity user though.
  10. Recently I ran into a interesting situation and want your expert opinion: I wanted to replace Fuel Filter in my rig and went to Toyota dealer near my house house. Buying parts I have got to know this fellow. He said, " in these Toyota trucks Fuel Filter does not need replacement". Just use their Fuel Filter cleaner. Sold me a bottle for $18 which is still sitting in my garage. It did not sit well and want to hear from the experienced members. Background: My rig now has around 65 K, I have driven it over 12 K in three years that I have owned it. In the beginning it used to sort of jerk every so often while driving. I used Lucas Fuel injector cleaners couple of times and that went away. No issues anymore.
  11. I had similar gas smell issue with my rig I purchased three years ago. It turned out the Gas Filler hose was leaking at the clamp where the hose connected to the gas tank. It was all a learning experience. I removed and replaced Gas Filler hose and the Vent hose, sealed all and no more gas smell since. You might want to check that first. On my rig I did not have to remove the gas tank. Mind you there was not enough room to put hands or even fingers in to remove and install new hoses and clamps. With right hoses and tools from Harbour Freight and bit of swearing and cursing got it done. I also remember there was a similar post not too long ago where this topic was discussed and they were talking about removing or dropping the gas tank.
  12. I replaced the fuel filler hose on my Seabreeze couple of years ago. It was a learning process but got it done. I did not have to lower the tank. I purchased a tool from Harbour Frieght. to access the existing clamp. My first attempt: I took the old hose to ORielys and purchased Fuel Hose. Existing hose had S curve and after trying for fit for some time I realized this hose I purchased was not flexible to make the curve needed to fit. Second Attempt: Then found a flexible fuel hose from GATES # PE 10200 Fuel filler Hose at $1.19/inch. They recommended using T-BOLT Clams, Part # 32757. After bunch of yelling and screaming and a bit of cursing I got it done. There is no space to put hands in, Thanks to Harbour Frieght for this tool.
  13. There are ways you do not add to landfill. I use a 20 years old 5 Gallon Coleman jug and couple of Gallon Juice containers which my grand-kids emptied out. I have been using them over and over depending on the length of the outing. I have a filtration system in my house and fill up these containers. It is little extra work but has worked well for me so far. As I said before I also have a PUR filter which attaches to the faucet but it was in the way and have not used it for a while.
  14. I installed a PUR filter at the Kitchen faucet, purchased from Walmart for about $25. Used it for some time and had to remove it to fix a leak at this faucet. I have not put it back since. It is sort of bulky and in the way. But does work well. Otherwise used bottled water for cooking and stored water for miscellaneous.
  15. Maineah You are correct Microlite does have a low oil and low fuel shut off. I checked both. I wonder if there is any reset swtich. The interesting part is that it worked fine before I replaced the Tune-up parts. Hi Scottiv I am not aware of any choke in this unit but I will check. I plan to contact local Cummings outfit, I understand they they provide technical information on Onan products.
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