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  1. Its called a mini mirage and it was made in Casta Mesa California, I will put some pictures up soon , it has been redone on the camper part, new ceiling and floors

  2. Welcome. I'm curious about your Mini-Mirage and where it was built. I don't have any manuals, but I'll be happy to share what i might know.

  3. The first time I plugged in my Toy, I used two extension cords and all was well. Today I used just one and keep immediately blowing the trip switch on the wall socket . Out of frustration, I put the other cord back in the series;And everything worked fine. I come to find that the second cord doesn't have a ground plug(broken off). What are my risks to using an ungrounded cord and what might the fix be?
  4. A weekend Idaho get-together would be fun - Balanced Rock County Park near Buhl? Hazard Lake? Sagehen Reservoir? Last Chance Campground? There are lots of pretty spots around!

  5. Not likely this time. Got big Northwest trip in July. We need to organize some local(2-4 hour away) camping and invite the others to "Discover Idaho". LOL

  6. Emmett, ID???

    Are you going to join us in Nanaimo on June 24? My wife and I in our Toy Winnebago and my brother and his wife in their Toy SeaBreeze are leaving Boise June 18 and will get into Nanaimo June 24, leaving Nanaimo for home June 27. It should be a fun Toy In!

  7. dirty jet. used brake cleaner and cleaned the port.

  8. no not gone do that just got new frige hope your furece get going just went to mts here good trip

  9. did you sell?

    Got my fridge running, next is my furnace

  10. yes, it's an instamatic gasmatic

  11. Yes it's an instamatic gasimatic fridge

  12. Is that frigean instamatic gasmatic

  13. I just returned from my first major trip in my 78 Mini-Max. I had some newbie questions regarding refrigerator operation. 1) How long is it OK to run refer off 12 volt with engine stopped? I drained engine battery twice while camping(once overnight and second time for two hours). Seemed that coach battery was not connecting to system. I had a slow blow fuse, so I couldn't tell if it was good. I replaced, but I have to diagnose now that I'm home. 2) Can't get steady flame from propane operation. Holding blue button gets me a flame, but it won't stay lit no matter how long it's depressed; once i
  14. Just returned from my 1300 mile trek to Vegas and back. Loaded rig, both tanks full, water topped off, and 5 lug axle. Performed like a champ. 15-18 MPG. Only passed one other toy. I love my Mini-Max!

  15. Got cut off. Hope to chat with you again. If you ever tire of your Max, let me know

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