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  1. I've been in the banking industry for 23 years and I do not know the answer to this question. I want to get a loan through the S Corp I own for tax purposes and I will be using the RV for business. Does anyone know companies that give these loans?
  2. aww, thank you so much Linda and Im so glad to hear from you. I am still in that lawsuit with my toyota. he claims that there was an electrical problem.
  3. I know this is a Toyota forum but when I had my Toyota it was the most helpful RV forum on the net. I am going with my uncle to pick up an RV that he bought (tomorrow morning). It is a 2014 Forest River Wildwood 28 ft pull behind with 1 slide and power stabilizers. The dealer assures us that everything will be in working order. But when we take it off of the lot there is no warranty. I have a lot of experience with RV’s so I am going with him to be sure that he doesn’t buy a lemon. Does anyone have advice on what to look for, and/or a checklist that I can use to assure that I don’t miss
  4. Well Don, I understand why you would need to know this so it is my mistake. I am pulling a 13k Lb 5th wheel across the country. I bought the truck at a dealership a year ago and they replaced the tranny with a Junk Yard tranny. almost 1 year later the throw out bearing went. 3 weeks ago myself and a friend put in a high performance clutch kit with a new throwout bearing and all. That throwout bearing went in 2 weeks. Friday night we ripped the tranny apart again and put in a new throwout bearing. None of these parts were OEM which may have been a mistake. 40 miles after putting the new
  5. My throw out bearing went in my 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 manual long bed 2 wheel drive. I had it replaced by a friend and that one went in the next 200 miles. I then replaced it with another and that one went in 40 miles. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? It is killing me financially!
  6. Thank you Bob. I have not tried these sites but I am going to look at them hard and utilize them often. Thank you so much for the info and god bless!
  7. I have traveled the country for the past 11 months and there was BLM land everywhere to camp for free. I'm in my home town in PA around the Poconos where there is massive amounts of woods everywhere but I cant find any public land to boondock. Does anyone know of any? To be more specific, I am in the area of Mountaintop PA and the zip code is 18707. I have a camp spot at a park for a month and it cost me 670.00! Its nice but that is freakin expensive! Any help with finding something cheaper would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Has anyone ever made this trip to Graceland to see the King's home? I am wondering where I can park, how to get there from my spot if driving isnt a good option and what it would cost. Im also wondering what to expect when I am in the area. I am currently in TX and heading there this weekend on my way to Nashville as another stop. Ive been traveling for 10 months and have become an official Texan today. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My rig is big so parking may be an issue. Pic attached.
  9. Yes the example that Derek up north gave is what I'm speaking of. I have heard that they are a must for a 33 footer. I know I'm in the Toyota forums so it may not be talked about much because there is no need. But from past experiences this group is a smart bunch.
  10. After reading through RV forums I see most are saying that a Surge Protector is an absolute must to have. What are your thoughts on this? Also, I am seeing pricing all over the place. I am seeing from 50.00 to 500.00. I dont know what kind to get. I have a 32 foot 5th wheel RV as you can see in the pic. Thanks!
  11. I can also get anyone in the Elks in Las Vegas. Dues are about 35.00 a piece per year. First year i think is 55.
  12. I didnt become an Elks Member until I was in Las Vegas from my home state in PA. I met an Elks member and they sponsored me. If you call a lodge and say you want to be a member often they will have a member sponsor you no problem. Their public events is a good way as well. If you happen to be coming to San Antonio I can help you become a member.
  13. I became an Elks and Moose lodge member because alot of them have RV hookups and it has saved me tons of money. I pay 12-15.00 per night and I have stayed at Elks and Moose lodges since I got my membership and nowhere else. I have been full timing since July 2014. They have full hookups in most cases. Dry camp is 5.00. I have never had a hard time finding a lodge with RV hookups as the list is endless. Here is a link to the Elks lodges with RV hookups. https://www.elks.org/lodges/LocalFacilities.cfm The Elks has more hookups than the Moose but its nice to have both. The other nice thin
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