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  1. I did unhook everything cus I'm chicken .. .... when it comes to LP, even tho the tanks not in it right now I didn't know if there would be residual gas in the lines. After what I found earlier today was tempted to stick a rocket up it's tailpipe ! Was getting ready to take out stove & just happened to open cabinets above stove & sink & both have water damage where wall meets ceiling in back of cabinet! Wasn't there last fall. I covered this thing with const grade plastic & a huge tarp for the winter as I didn't get caulking done before winter. So I climbed up ladder to c
  2. Hi! State parks in IL - if you have a disabled veterans card class A & B campsites are only $10/day utility fee, no camping fee charged any day of week, class C & D campsites (rough camping) no fee charged. IL Natural Resources site. Most states have reduced or no fee for vets, there's a site that lists info on fees for most states, sorry couldn't get it to paste here. Also there is a discount pass for national parks that it stated you could get thru VA dept. Google national camping fees for disabled veterans & the site explains it. Thank you for your service & sacrifices y
  3. The main LP line comes up in water heater compartment under stove and then water heater, furnace & stove/oven all 3 T off of there. Got the water heater out easy, its line wasn't even screwed on very tight & had no sealer at all on it, looks like the other 2 fittings have the white tape like you use for water lines, didn't get to them today. Going to try tomorrow before gets too hot out! Thx for the help! TerrieO
  4. Hi,Need help! Floor is bad down side of coach under water heater, stove, furnace & sink, also big hole punched in floor under sink in electric cord compartment from blowout last year, hole looks bigger from inside than when looking underneath from outside. LP tank removed last yr as anchors broken & not fixed yet so, Do I need to also unhook engine battery along with elec & coach battery to prevent any sparks if any gas remaining in LP lines? And any suggestions on easiest way to remove all these things would be greatly appreciated. Thx Much TerrieO
  5. Davidadro, Hi!, That's the way I want to go also, I have 90 Dolphin, do you use the 110v Power Pak Plus & will it work to heat kitchen sink & shower or do you need to get the separate shower heater? Thx, TerrieO
  6. I noticed this also, on way to rally last fall (was only 2nd time I had driven it very far), had a throw rug folded over the hump between seats & my small dog likes to sit there next to me, when we stopped a few hours later noticed rug & hump was really hot, we moved rug & pup, still seemed warm at times but not nearly as hot as at first. Wondered what ran under there, or if it was from a small manifold leak mechanic could hear before engine warmed up but told me could wait until returned from trip as it was sealing itself when engine warmed up & with the solid fire wall we did
  7. Hi John, May sound like a stupid question but as I noticed under your shower/closet pole entry you stated you use the shower, if not using your lp water heater what are you using for hot water for shower etc? I need to take mine out to repair flooring under it. Thx, TerrieO
  8. Thx John for all the good info is much appreciated! Terrie
  9. Hi John, Sorry was replying & got kicked out to another pg & wouldnt let me back in for awhile! I learned a few yrs ago to cover a persons upper body with garbage bag, then use that brown packing tape you have to wet to make stick likes on boxes, to make a sewing mold specific to that persons shape, so I took foil taped it to pass side panel, smoothed out into all grooves etc, then wet & glued a couple layers of that brown packing tape over the foil leaving it pliable enough to take off rv, layed out on long table & used dowel rods the correct size to invert the grooves &
  10. Hey guys, will this work for a mold of the missing piece? If so, does it need to be laminated or covered with slick tape or something so the fiberglass stuff won't stick to it? TerrieO
  11. Thanks guys, may be back for more info, didn't check it yet as got side tracked making a mold of the rear skirt pc I'm missing, think it will work, will upload pictures under the fix-up section if Bryan thinks will work. terrieo
  12. Hi Dan, My propane was disconnected when went to IN rally last year & elec on my dometic not working, so I just put big cake pan in bottom of fridge with couple frozen gallon jugs of water & several frozen small bottles, had meat, cheeses, drinks in it & it stayed perfectly cold for 4-5 days, kept fridge themometer in it to be sure, didn't have too add any bagged ice until last 2 days on way home, just had to dump cake pan a few times as bagged ice started to melt, used melting jugs for cold drinking water. Thats what I'll continue to do while driving until get mine fixed. For l
  13. My water pump pamphlet diagram shows a Check Valve connected to incoming cold water line near where it goes into the water heater, but there wasn't one on it when I took the old pipes off the water heater they just had those about 3" long straight plastic connectors that are just to stabilize the connection. Is it necessary to have it at the water heater if you have a check valve on your water hose connection to the incoming city water hookup port? Plumbing requirements in pump booklet just state "Main lines must be 1/2" in diameter & any check valves used in system must be a free flow d
  14. Hi! I have a Carefree Freedom awning manual with parts #s, if they are still in business the phone # listed on it is (303) 469-3324, if the part you need is the Gear Assembly (part #P in blowup diagram) parts #'s are for 8'-12'awning part # 060262-001, for 14'-19.5' awning is part #060264-001. If you want to email me your adress I'll mail you a copy of this manual, my scanners on the fritz so I can't upload it. Hope helps! TerrieO
  15. I have all the appliance manuals that came with my 91 Dolphin if anyone needs copies just let me know I'd be glad to help: National RV owners manual Dolphin Micro-Mini Motorhome **(has wiring diagrams) Freedom crank out Awning 8'-19.5' owners manual with parts list hydro flame corps Everest Star furnace 79/80 series models FA-7920, 7916, 7912 & HF-8012 operation, maintenance & svc ctr list Emerson Quiet Kool roof moun A/C Model #EKQ700 installation & parts manual, use/care guide, service centers booklet Dometic LP/Elec Fridge Models #RM2401 & RM2501 spare parts list & wi
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