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  1. I am sad to be moving on from my camper adventuring days, but optimistic that this gem can get in the hands of someone else that can enjoy it to its fullest!The "Ponty" is a 1977 Pontiex Pont-X SR-2. The model is somewhat similar to the slightly more common Toyota Chinook. It is very rare and unique and I have only found four other ones in my extensive internet research. The camper company would buy truck cabs from Toyota, build out the campers and then resell them. Its total length is 16.5 feet. Which means you can have what feels like a pretty spacious living area and still fit into a normal
  2. Hello everyone, Ive recently purchased a 78’ Sunrader knowing nothing about them really. I’ve only owned Toyota’s so I’m familiar with the truck. My plans include: 4x4 conversion, motor swap, pull the camper and deal with any rust before I start the interior remodel. I have gutted it due to a leaky roof and water damage which will need some attention. I’ve done some research now and have seen quite a few different models. The short short ones like mine that I’ve seen all have the door in the far back with the flip up panel. And I believe they don’t have a shower.. Does anyone have
  3. So, hey guys.New to the forum,but not new. been lurking for a while to get ideas. My lady and I got a stock 78 toyota chinook (early) Newport, and drove the s*** out of it, down through mexico, and the mountains of CO. The engine died on us a year after her resurrected glory (re-did the interior and put a weber on, rear seals, etc, etc) Anyway, since it is now dead, instead of spending 3k on a rebuilt 20r, I have found a rolled 91 extra cab (SR5). Runs great, very well maintained for $900. I am now in the process of taking the cab and bed off in the hopes to put the whole 78 s
  4. I found this photo with a custom toyota FJ Cruiser Chinook. Someone has done a wonderful job with this build in my opinion. It looks to me like a 78 Chinook cabin attached somehow to a Toyota FJ Cruiser. I think that it is absolutely awesome! I would love to see more of it.
  5. Ok guys. I need tires for my chinook Newport. It has 14 inch rims in front, and 15s in the rear. Currently on the front is a oddball size- 27x8.50R14 Rears are 235/75/15 He has load range D all terrain goodyears on the back right now. I can't seem to find a load range D anywhere online. Only light truck tires with 108 load rating. The fronts I can't find load range D at all! Will 185r14 fit in front? Do you think the all terrain tires that are on it now are slowing me down a noticeable amo
  6. I just bought a '75 Toyota Chinook, and I'm about to embark on a cross-country trip, taking it from San Francisco back home to Maryland. I'm looking to connect with others who can give advice and practical tips for my journey! And..... recommendations for awesome Toyota mechanics along my trip in case anything goes down. The truck is in great condition, with lots of work to the engine over the last 2 drivers (and records for past 10 years). I have some super basic maintenance skills. Knowing that this is a 40year-old truck, and knowing that I haven't owned it that long, I'm predicting I'm
  7. Hello; the journey continues. Bought an old Chinook. Love the thing but it's been through the wringer. It needs a new fuel tank throat. It looks like someone lost the key to the original and used a pry bar or something to get the cap off. So the entire throat is torn to shreds and currently they're using a wad of heavy-duty paper towel as a "cap." Top on my list of things to fix. Does anyone know of any sources for something like that, or does anyone have a non-functioning Chinook they'd be willing to sell the fuel tank throat and cap from? I have a feeling this is going to be hard to fi
  8. Hey everyone. I purchased a Chinook a few months back which wasn't in the greatest shape. Nevertheless it's a dream come true, as I've always wanted one, and don't mind the project. Anyways, I've been under the impression it's a 1976, and all the paperwork I have says it's a 1976. In CA where I live, 1975 is the cutoff for smog. I took this thing in to get it smogged and the tech told me he couldn't do it because the VIN on my paperwork doesn't match the vehicle. But it does. However, it appears to have two dates of manufacture? Below is a picture of the VIN plate in the door jamb. Wh
  9. I currently have a 78' Toyota chassis that used to have a camper shell on her, but the previous owner tore it off. Looking to buy a new camper shell for her now that the restoration process is almost complete. Please contact me if you can help me out. Thanks a lot
  10. I have a 1976 chinook. Well two actually. The first was removed from the original pickup and mated to a 1996 land cruiser. The 2nd has been sitting for awhile but will eventually be mated to a newer drivertrain. I have been trying to restore the windows and other parts. Does anyone no the trim part numbers for the window seals, gaskets, etc.? Do you also know if the rear brake light gasket is available?
  11. So yes. Im thinking to buy my first Toyota camper and I want a Chinook. I found one not far from me, didnt go down to take look at it yet. Owner has replaced 20r engine with 22re. Saying that it will have more power now. I wonder how much more power will it have and what is the MPG going to be. Also what I should be looking at when I will be checking it out? Special rust spots,leaks, cracks?? This will be my First camper and oldest car I have ever driven. Owner told me it is rust free and it is 1983 And I thought that last one was produced in 1978 or so.
  12. Hello! new to the board but I've been searching for the right Chinook for some time now. this one came up yesterday, it's a 5 hour drive for me, but they don't come up often in my area so I'm willing to go the distance. Was just curious on any thoughts and advice anybody might have before I go and purchase it. $2000 usd = $2600 cad (which is what I'm paying ) less than 100,000 miles , everything works, no smoke, no oil leaks, no water leaks
  13. My lovely neighbors have side swiped both sides of my Chinook knocking all the glass out of my side view mirrors. I found a place that will cut replacement glass, but i would like to replace the whole mirror. I haven't been able to find anything online. Any suggestions?
  14. My wife and I recently purchased our third Toyota motorhome, so are now the owners of 2 Chinooks and one Sunrader, all running and in fair to good condition. We are interested in having someone install a new interior, in a 1977 Chinook. Currently there is nothing inside the motorhome. Walls and floor are carpeted, but that is about as far as the interior amenities go in the motorhome section. Has anyone ever worked with a business that does this type of work? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We understand this could be a bit expensive but would still like to pursue this.
  15. Hi all! So excited and happy that this forum exists, I have been all over the web to find resources about Chinooks to self-educate. I'm a 30-yr-old lady who just bought a Newport model. Are there any other active RV/Chinook/motorhome forums that you like? I wanted some advice: After doing all that reading, I'm worried about my back axle breaking. Should I be worried? It's the original 5-lug. according the the title she weighs in at 3,450 lbs. Do you have any advice for me as a new owner? Anything I should watch out for, rip out right away, absolutely leave alone etc? The inside is in pretty go
  16. Hello everyone- Yes like maybe a lot of you I have always wanted to build a 4x4 chinook. Four years ago I rebuilt a 89 pop top jayco truck camper as a graduation gift to take a trip to the ocean. The project was fun and I learned a lot, but I sold the big ford diesel 7.3 and camper and down graded in life for a few years so I could finally start a 4x4 chinook build. I am trying really hard to document every little step of the way so maybe it will help someone else or just for a good read. Most of this build project will be done by myself and faithful sidekick Woodrow (dog). At times I need so
  17. Hi! We have a '75 Chinook and were wanting to tow a 300lb motorcycle ('68 Honda CD175) behind it but can't tell if it's a good idea or not so smart... Any advice on if it can be hitched on the rear, towed, or neither without modification? And, if it would need to be modified, what might that entail? Have seen some threads on Toys needing welding and substantial reinforcing to the hitch and not sure if that applies. Ours has a ball hitch already, but we're not sure if that's an after market addition or original. There's no sticker stating or indication of what it can pull and it's not in the ow
  18. My wife and I just started a road trip in our 1976 Chinook from Dallas Texas to Key West Florida and then on to Prudhoe Bay Alaska. Will post updates as we get them written!!!
  19. Well, I might have to change my username. Because after a year of obsessive searching, I finally purchased a 1977 Chinook pop top!! Actually a friend of mine on the west coast purchased it for me in April, and in about 3 weeks I’m going to go pick it up and drive it 2,400 miles back from California to Georgia. My friend has test driven the vehicle, and the word from him and the guy I bought it from is that the Chinook is in great mechanical shape except for idling way too high. (My friend reported he had to ride the brakes a lot, and that after a couple hours of city driving the engine was on
  20. Does anyone have any experience with solar panels on a pop top? I have a 76 chinook that I would like to put a couple small solar panels on but I'm concerned about the added weight causing issues with raising and lowering the roof. Any thoughts?
  21. Hey everybody, I've been using this forum as a resource a lot so I figured I would start a thread on my project in the hopes that you folks have some suggestions and maybe it will help somebody else out down the road. I bought this 1976 Chinook about a month ago from the third owner. Body is straight, looks to be well taken care of and claims to have a rebuilt engine. Odometer says 880000. Trucks running great so aside from some regular maintenance I'm gonna jump right into remodeling the cab. The cabin is water tight aside from a small leak under the cabover windows and where the seal betw
  22. Hi all! I have a 77 Chinook with external latches for the pop top roof. The piece attached to the roof was mounted on wood which has become rotted. I found this out the hard way while driving on the highway yesterday. The latch pulled free from the mounting piece and the front end of my roof lifted about a foot at 60mph! I pulled over immediately but it was too late. Of course its can't be just a matter of fixing the latch because I now have two bent arms (one on each side) on the scissor spring hinges that push the roof up. It is the arm mounted in the front leading back to the roof slider th
  23. I am looking for detailed pics of Toyota chinook bunkbed option (side pull out cots) and overhead extension for sleeping two kids above the cab. My 1978 has neither of these options but I would like to fabricate them myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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