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  1. Thanks everyone. trying to figure out how to get all the photos added. might just add a final photo hehehe. The project is 90% percent done, im calling it 90% because now I just have the interior camper part to build (cabinets, bed, and all that good stuff) Reply to shibs question I would say a gutted pop top with out the roof weighs ~400-600lbs and the roof rebuilt with new wood and interior sheeting weighs ~150lbs.
  2. thanks everyone. Ya when I was trying to upload the limited 12 photos at a time due to file size, after uploading photos three times in post I tried a fourth and a little message says You have exceeded your allotted disk space for attachments just to clarify my question earlier... ill try adding all photos under files and photos.
  3. sorry for the long delay of photos and progress. been busy at the home front fixing the house. Back at the project now. Next step will be to build new internal frame in camper for rear drop down and new frame for front of camper that hangs over cab. Hope you enjoy the photos. Lots of progress on a limited budget!
  4. Sorry for the delay, long days and even longer nights in the shop. Thanks for all the post, jdemaris- awesome photos, helps get ideas of how i am going to build a new frame for the drop down floor in the back of the chinook and also make a metal structural frame over the front/ also where it bolts to back of cab. There was someone selling a original chinook chalet in billings on craigslist for 15k looked really sweet. linda s- you nailed my rig perfect!!! people useally look at me like im crazy trying to explain the model i got and how im excited because i get a blank canvas to work
  5. pulled roof off, very heavy, pushed truck in garage, rigged up a weird pully system to take camper off and push truck out. roof needs replacing so gutted it, and rebuilt with stronger wood frame glued, stapled and fiberglassed. next is wires, insulation, inside panel, fill outside holes and paint. sorry if photos were too big on previous post
  6. Hello everyone- Yes like maybe a lot of you I have always wanted to build a 4x4 chinook. Four years ago I rebuilt a 89 pop top jayco truck camper as a graduation gift to take a trip to the ocean. The project was fun and I learned a lot, but I sold the big ford diesel 7.3 and camper and down graded in life for a few years so I could finally start a 4x4 chinook build. I am trying really hard to document every little step of the way so maybe it will help someone else or just for a good read. Most of this build project will be done by myself and faithful sidekick Woodrow (dog). At times I need so
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