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  1. No offense taken! I know very little about solar. When I was asking if 68 watts would be enough, what I meant was will 68 watts charge the battery as fast as I'm drawing from it. I have it set up so that all camping electronics run off the coach battery (even the car stereo) so that I will never have to worry about having a dead truck battery. Although I do have a small docking station I can use if the car stereo is drawing too much power. I'm starting to think that I might just go with the portable solar panel since the only time I will need to use solar is when I'm stopped for several da
  2. Those look like the best bet but man they are pricey. I'm not sure it would be worth dipping into my travel funds that much for those. Would 68 watts even be that sufficient? I would be looking to run a 12V fan, the car stereo, a phone charger and maybe a laptop off of it (the laptop being the only significant power sucker I think) but 68 watts just doesn't seem like that much to me.
  3. Does anyone have any experience with solar panels on a pop top? I have a 76 chinook that I would like to put a couple small solar panels on but I'm concerned about the added weight causing issues with raising and lowering the roof. Any thoughts?
  4. I live in washington county, MD and I would be down. western MD and west virginia are really beautiful. Greenridge or Dolly Sods area maybe?
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