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  1. jjrbus, Thanks for the information. I will try the bus conversion forum and see what is out there. jdemaris, I will also do a good check of the floor. Thanks for that tip. Where did you find the space for a portable "john". I know the wife would appreciate that! Will have to think about having someone else do the work. We had already started an interior refinish of our 76 Chinook and part way through the project the vehicle was stolen. Recovered it about 7 weeks after the theft to find most of the interior was trashed. Still working with the insurance company on that. Once again, than
  2. My wife and I recently purchased our third Toyota motorhome, so are now the owners of 2 Chinooks and one Sunrader, all running and in fair to good condition. We are interested in having someone install a new interior, in a 1977 Chinook. Currently there is nothing inside the motorhome. Walls and floor are carpeted, but that is about as far as the interior amenities go in the motorhome section. Has anyone ever worked with a business that does this type of work? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We understand this could be a bit expensive but would still like to pursue this.
  3. After spending only one night in Grand Rapids we drove on to Chicago where we left the Chinook at O'Hare airport as we had to fly up to Alaska to work for a week. We flew back to O’Hare a week later, picked up the Chinook, and spent a few days with family in northern Indiana. While visiting with the family in Indiana we installed a brass shut-off valve in one of the heater hoses in order to shut off the flow of hot water into the heater core. This made a huge difference in our future travels as we no longer had hot air blowing onto our feet at all times, which was great until we hit the col
  4. As you can tell I was not very good at keeping up with the progress of our trip. I will therefore write out the trip (obviously after the fact) and update postings as they are finished. After working on our 1976 Chinook for about 6 months after we purchased it, we finally started our road trip from Dallas TX to Key West Florida and then on to Prudhoe Bay Alaska before ending in Anchorage. We decided we should go from as far south as possible to as far north as possible. We left from Dallas on April 30, one day before our 38th wedding anniversary. We made it to Key West Florida on May 3 whe
  5. I purchased a full set of Hankook RA08 from Sears for ~ $112 per tire. The Sears store I purchased the tires from mounted, balanced and installed all tires. This was on a 1976 Chinook. Have put approximately 15,000 miles on them in the last six months and they still look brand new. Have driven them in some pretty much off-road situations and found them to handle the mud and dirt very well. The stiffer sidewalls improved the handling noticeably. Am very happy with the tires and will probably put a set on our 1982 Sunrader. Might consider purchasing them from Walmart as the price seems to
  6. My wife and I just started a road trip in our 1976 Chinook from Dallas Texas to Key West Florida and then on to Prudhoe Bay Alaska. Will post updates as we get them written!!!
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